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          英語?英語 日語?日語 韓語?韓語 法語?法語 德語?德語 西班牙語?西班牙語 意大利語?意大利語 阿拉伯語?阿拉伯語 葡萄牙語?葡萄牙語 越南語?越南語 俄語?俄語 芬蘭語?芬蘭語 泰語?泰語 泰語?丹麥語 泰語?對外漢語
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          SBS朗文國際英語教程 練習冊 1

             由上海外語教育出版社從朗文出版社引進后改編出版的這套這用于中學英語教學的《朗文國際英語教程》(Side by Side)是比較成功的一個例子。在這套教材的四冊書中,每一課都有一個語法中心點,以及需要頻繁使用該語法項的交際情景,于是學生則學到的語法知識立即就能用到語言交流中去。




          • Side by Side 練習冊1-1 [01:04.78]1.My address is five Main Street. [01:10.66]2.My address is seven Main Street. [01:16.83]3.My address is two Main Street. [01:22.60]4.My address is six Main Street. [01:28.95]5.My address is one Main Street. [01:35.01]6.My address is three
          • Side by Side 練習冊1-2 [00:07.18]Listen and put a check under the correct picture. [00:13.35]1.A.Where's the book? [00:18.08]B.It's on the desk. [00:21.45]2.A.Where's the dictionary? [00:26.31]B.It's on the chair. [00:29.75]3.A.Where's the ruler? [00:34.40]B.It's on the de
          • Side by Side 練習冊1-3a [00:07.60]Listen and put a check under the correct picture. [00:13.56]1.He's eating lunch. [00:18.60]2.We're drinking milk. [00:23.46]3.I'm playing the guitar. [00:28.63]4.She's playing the piano. [00:33.99]5.We're cooking breakfast. [00:39.13]6.It's
          • Side by Side 練習冊1-3b D.Listen and write the letter or number you hear. [00:14.39]A.What's your first name? [00:19.96]B.Mark. [00:22.60]A.How do you spell that? [00:25.97]B.M-A-R-K. [00:40.20]1.A.What's your last name? [00:45.17]B.Carter. [00:47.91]A.How do you spell that
          • Side by Side 練習冊1-4 [00:07.39]Listen and circle the word you hear. [00:12.36]1.We're cleaning our room. [00:17.61]2.He's doing his homework. [00:22.75]3.She's washing her hair. [00:28.03]4.They're fixing their car. [00:33.38]5.You're fixing your TV. [00:38.71]6.I'm feed
          • Side by Side 練習冊1-5 [00:11.49]1.Sally's brother is very tall. [00:17.74]2.Their dog is very heavy. [00:23.30]3.The questions in my English book are very easy. [00:30.15]4.My friend George is single. [00:35.71]5.Mary's cat is very ugly! [00:41.95]6.This book is very chea
          • Side by Side 練習冊1-6 6 B.Listen and put a check under the correct picture. [00:12.30]1.In this photograph,my sister is skateboarding in the park. [00:19.96]2.In this photograph,my son is acting in a play. [00:27.40]3.In this photograph,my friends are dancing at my weddin
          • Side by Side 練習冊1-7 C.Listen to the sentences about the buildings on the map. [00:12.30]After each sentence,Write the name on the correct building. [00:18.86]1.There's a bakery between the barber shop and the bank. [00:26.23]2.There's a school next to the church. [00:31
          • Side by Side 練習冊1-8 D.Listne and circle the word you hear. [00:11.60]1.umbrella umbrellas [00:15.96]2.blouse blouses [00:20.40]3.coat coats [00:24.84]4.computer computers [00:29.07]5.shoe shoes [00:33.72]6.exercise exercises [00:38.48]7.dress dresses [00:42.92]8.restaur
          • Side by Side 練習冊1-9 B.Listen and choose the correct response. [00:12.20]1.What's your name? [00:16.85]2.What language do you speak? [00:22.20]3.What do they do every day? [00:27.48]4.Where do you live? [00:32.34]5.What language do you speak? [00:37.69]6.What do you do e
          • SidebySide 練習冊1-10 10.D.Listen and choose the correct response. [00:11.60]1.What kind of food do you like? [00:17.24]2.Do they paint houses? [00:22.10]3.Why does he go to that restaurant? [00:27.87]4.When does Mrs.miller cook dinner? [00:33.83]5.Do you work in a bank?
          • Side by Side 練習冊1-11 11.C.LISTENING:Listen and put a check under the correct picture. [00:12.90]1.How often do you read them? [00:18.26]2.I call her every day. [00:23.54]3.I don't like him. [00:28.68]4.I wash it every weekend. [00:34.56]5.He calls us all the time. [00:40
          • Side by Side 練習冊1-12 C.GRAMMARRAP:I Smile When I'm Happy [00:10.68]Listen.Then clap and practice. [00:15.96]A.I smile when I'm happy. [00:25.10]I frown when I'm sad. [00:29.86]I blush when I'm embarrassed. [00:34.51]And Ishout when I'm mad. [00:39.05]B.Are you smiling? [
          • Side by Side 練習冊1-13 13 D.LISTENING [00:07.60]Listen and circle the word you hear. [00:12.46]1.Our teacher can speak French. [00:18.02]2.I can't play the piano. [00:23.30]3.He can paint houses. [00:28.45]4.My sister can play soccer. [00:33.78]5.They can't sing. [00:38.74
          • Side by Side 練習冊1-14 D.GRAMMARRAP:What Are You Going to Do? [00:10.89]Listen.Then clap and practice. [00:16.46]All.What are you going to do tomorrow morning? [00:24.61]How about tomorrow afternoon? [00:29.78]What are you going to do tomorrow evening? [00:35.34]What are y
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