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          英語?英語 日語?日語 韓語?韓語 法語?法語 德語?德語 西班牙語?西班牙語 意大利語?意大利語 阿拉伯語?阿拉伯語 葡萄牙語?葡萄牙語 越南語?越南語 俄語?俄語 芬蘭語?芬蘭語 泰語?泰語 泰語?丹麥語 泰語?對外漢語
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          SBS朗文國際英語教程 練習冊 2

             由上海外語教育出版社從朗文出版社引進后改編出版的這套這用于中學英語教學的《朗文國際英語教程》(Side by Side)是比較成功的一個例子。在這套教材的四冊書中,每一課都有一個語法中心點,以及需要頻繁使用該語法項的交際情景,于是學生則學到的語法知識立即就能用到語言交流中去。




          • Side by Side 練習冊2-1 1 B.LISTENING [00:05.15]Listen and choose the correct response. [00:09.17]1.What do your friends like to do on the weekend? [00:14.11]2.What does your sister like to do on the weekend? [00:20.19]3.What does your brother like to do on the weekend? [00
          • Side by Side 練習冊2-2 2 C.LISTENING:Listen and choose the correct response. [00:12.30]1.Where's the tea? [00:17.16]2.Where are the oranges? [00:22.52]3.Where's the fish? [00:27.38]4.Where are the cookies? [00:32.71]5.Where's the cake? [00:37.96]6.Where's the rice? [00:43.
          • Side by Side 練習冊2-3 3.C.LISTENING: [00:07.60]Listen to the conversations.Put a check under the foods you hear. [00:15.75]1.A.Do we need anything from the supermarket? [00:22.52]B.Yes.We need a pound of apples,a bunch of bananas,and a head of lettuce. [00:31.16]2.A.What
          • Side by Side 練習冊2-4 4.D.LISTENING:Listen and circle the words you hear. [00:12.80]1.I wnat to have the chocolate ice cream. [00:19.46]2.They won't fax the letter this morning. [00:26.41]3.I want to recommend the fish today. [00:33.18]4.Peter and William won't go home th
          • SidebySide 練習冊2-5 5.F.LISTENING: [00:07.78]Listen and choose the correct words to complete the sentences. [00:15.05]1.A.Yesterday was cool. [00:20.51]B.I know.But today is... [00:25.18]2.A.Ronald is tall. [00:31.14]B.You're right.But his son Jim is... [00:36.60]3.A.Th
          • Side by Side 練習冊2-6 6.D.Grammarrap:What Do You Think About...? [00:10.50]Listen.Then clap and practice. [00:16.07]A.What do you think about Kirk? [00:27.32]B.He's the friendliest person at work! [00:32.65]A.What do you think about Flo? [00:37.80]B.She's the most patient
          • Side by Side 練習冊2-7 7.D.LISTENING: [00:07.89]Look at the map on page 62.Listen and choose the corrct answer. [00:17.14]1.Linda was at the hotel on Ninth Avenue. [00:24.40]She walked along Ninth Avenue to Elm Street and turned right. [00:31.06]She walked up Elm Street to
          • Side by Side 練習冊2-8 8.C.LISTENING: [00:08.80]Listen and circle the correct word to complete the sentence. [00:16.35]1.He's a good worker,but he's... [00:23.30]2.She's an excellent violinist.She plays the violin... [00:33.04]3.I don't think he's an honest card player. [0
          • Side by Side 練習冊2-9 9.C.Grammarrap:Standing Around [00:12.09]Listen.Then clap and practice. [00:18.29]We were singing and dancing and standing around, [00:27.12]Laughing and talking and standing around. [00:32.89]Susan was sing.Danny was dancing. [00:41.53]Stella and St
          • Side by Side 練習冊2-10 B.Grammarrap:They Couldn't [00:10.00]Listen.Then clap and prctice. [00:15.65]A.She tried on the skirt,but she couldn't zip it up. [00:27.01]B.Was it too small? [00:30.85]A.Much too small. [00:34.72]A.She tried on teh shoes,but she couldn't keep them
          • Side by Side 練習冊2-11 11.D.Grammarrap:Diet Dilemma [00:10.68]Listen.Then clap and practice. [00:16.25]Candy,cookies,ice cream,cake!Eat less candy!Fewer cookies! Eat less cake! [00:36.31]Candy,cookies,ice cream,cake!Carrots,beans,grapefruit,greens! [00:55.95]Eat more carro
          • Side by Side 練習冊2-12 12.C.Grammarrap:What Do You Think? [00:10.68]Listen.Then clap and practice. [00:16.46]A.What do you think you'll be doing next spring? [00:28.21]B.I'll probably be doing the same old thing. [00:33.85]A.What do you think he'll be doing this fall? [00:
          • Side by Side 練習冊2-13
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