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          • 舌尖上的中國第1季 第1期:自然的饋贈-松茸(1) China has a large population and the richest and most varied natural landscapes in the world. 中國擁有眾多的人口也擁有世界上最豐富多元的自然景觀。 Plateaus, forests, lakes, coastlines, These various geographical features and
          • 舌尖上的中國第1季 第2期:自然的饋贈(2) Zhuoma and her mother will hike to the ancient forest 20 kilometers away. 穿過村莊,母女倆要步行走進20公里之外的原始森林。 Even to the villagers familiar with the forest, to find matsutake is completely by luck. 即使對于熟悉
          • 舌尖上的中國第1季 第3期:自然的饋贈(3) Over the past day, Zhuoma and her mother walked for 11 hours in the mountain, but earned very little. 剛剛過去的一天,卓瑪和媽媽走了11個小時的山路,但是換回的錢很少。 After the rainy season, all the matsutake will be go
          • 舌尖上的中國第1季 第4期:自然的饋贈-竹筍 In China, many people rely on bamboo forests.They are also bamboo shoot experts. 在中國,有很多人依靠竹林生活。他們也是了解竹筍的高手。 Mao Bamboo needs to be planted away from mulberries and pines, 毛竹最好就是要干凈
          • 舌尖上的中國第1季 第5期:自然的饋贈-酸筍 Sour Bamboo Shoot is made under the guidance of an ancestral recipe. 這是祖傳的絕招來密造這個酸筍。 I'm the eldest grandson, so I've inherited the cooking skill. 我是大長孫,他那個絕招全部遺傳給我。 Braised yellow cro
          • 舌尖上的中國第1季 第6期:自然的饋贈-天然的鹽井 In Nuodeng Mountain area in northern Dali. 在云南大理北部的諾鄧山區。 The eye-catching red sandstones are the home to many natural salt wells. 醒目的紅色砂巖中間散布著不少天然的鹽井。 The salt is indispensable for mak
          • 舌尖上的中國第1季 第7期:自然的饋贈-諾鄧火腿(1) As the temperature rises at mid-day more salt exudes from the earth surrounding the well, attracting the animals nearby. 中午氣溫升高,鹽井邊上的土層里析出的鹽分增多,吸引著附近的牲口。 Shujiang has been cooking for 4
          • 舌尖上的中國第1季 第8期:自然的饋贈-諾鄧火腿(2) Shujiang has 10 years of ham-making experience. 樹江已經做了十年的火腿。 But he is still less skilled than his father. 但是手藝遠不如父親。 Yes, do it like this.Salt it evenly. Press hard. Put more salt on. 對就這么腌。都擦
          • 舌尖上的中國第1季 第9期:自然的饋贈-蓮藕(1) It needs patience and skill to dig up a complete lotus root. 挖藕要有耐心和技巧才能取出完整的一段藕。 Locate it first and figure out its length, and then clear away the silt around it, bit by bit. 摸清楚整根藕的走勢和長度
          • 舌尖上的中國第1季 第10期:自然的饋贈-蓮藕(2) Before last Spring Festival, the price of lotus root shot up, attracting more workers to Jiayu. 去年春節前,蓮藕的價格不錯,這吸引了大批的職業挖藕人來到嘉魚。 My waist hurts, one of my arms aches, and one of my legs is
          • 舌尖上的中國第1季 第11期:自然的饋贈-查干湖冬捕(1) Several months later, thousands of miles away, on Chagan Lake of Jilin Province, a group of professional fishermen start their work season. 幾個月后,數千公里之外的吉林查干湖另一批職業捕撈者等到了工作季節的開始。 D
          • 舌尖上的中國第1季 第12期:自然的饋贈-查干湖冬捕(2) It's a sunny day. Oxygen in the water increases and the fish crowd together. 今天陽光明媚。冰下的含氧量提高,魚群的密度會很大。 A 2,000-meter fish net quickly sinks to the bottom. 長達兩千米的漁網很快沉入水底。
          • 舌尖上的中國第1季 第13期:自然的饋贈-查干湖冬捕(3) The breathtaking moment arrives.Under the icy surface, the fish net moves slowly. 驚人的一幕開始了。漁網在透明的冰面下緩緩地移動。 The scene indicates that the sunshine is moderate and the thickness of ice is proper. 能夠看到
          • 舌尖上的中國第1季 第14期:自然的饋贈-全魚宴 We must do it every year. We must abide by the long-lasting tradition. 一年一次必須得搞的。這是古代傳下來的那不能差。 It represents a wish for an annual surplus.Let's take all the fish home today. 這不是年年有余嗎。今兒
          • 舌尖上的中國第1季 第15期:自然的饋贈-高蹺捕魚 On the three islands of Guangxi inhabited by Jing ethnic groups the fishermen used to fish on stilts. 廣西京族三島上的漁民曾經用高蹺捕魚的方式得到淺海的魚蝦。 Fish usually swarm in the morning and evening when the southwes
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