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          • 商業(yè)周刊:工會(huì )組織力量虛弱, 雇員自發(fā)組織罷工(1) Traditional unions may be stymied,but workers and activists are finding new ways to organize By Janet Paskin 傳統工會(huì )組織的力量也許受到阻礙,但雇員和積極分子們正在尋求新途徑組織罷工 珍妮特帕斯金報道 Accordi
          • 商業(yè)周刊:工會(huì )組織力量虛弱, 雇員自發(fā)組織罷工(2) Kochan and his colleagues put the question to almost 4,000 workers in 2017. 科尚和同事們在2017年向近4000名員工調查有關(guān)加入工會(huì )的問(wèn)題。 The results: Almost 2 out of 3 said they had less of a voice than they felt they deserved,
          • 商業(yè)周刊:工會(huì )組織力量虛弱, 雇員自發(fā)組織罷工(3) The internet allows individual workers to go public with experiences that trigger public outcry. 互聯(lián)網(wǎng)使員工個(gè)人可以將引發(fā)公眾譴責的經(jīng)歷公之于眾。 The results can be swift and, often, far more severe than they might be for c
          • 商業(yè)周刊:工會(huì )組織力量虛弱, 雇員自發(fā)組織罷工(4) Beyond the growing number of union alternatives, demonstrations by employees are part of a rise in political activity overall. 除參與工會(huì )活動(dòng)外衍生出的越來(lái)越多的其它途徑,員工發(fā)起的示威運動(dòng)也是政治活動(dòng)激增的表現
          • 商業(yè)周刊:工會(huì )組織力量虛弱, 雇員自發(fā)組織罷工(5) Unions continue to make the case for their relevanceand have been reinvigorated by all the nontraditional labor activism. 工會(huì )繼續為自身爭取權益,并經(jīng)由所有非傳統勞工活躍主義者的助力而重振活力。 At least 18 states
          • 商業(yè)周刊:臉書(shū)真的在泄露公眾隱私嗎?(1) Facebook's Real Privacy Problem Is Facebook 臉書(shū)真正的隱私問(wèn)題源自臉書(shū)自己 Recent scandals show that limiting ad partners' access to your data isn't enough to protect it 近期發(fā)生的各種丑聞表明,限制廣告合作伙伴對數據
          • 商業(yè)周刊:臉書(shū)真的在泄露公眾隱私嗎?(2) A current plan involves merging the background messaging functions of the other apps it owns (Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger) so people can send chats among services. 臉書(shū)當前的計劃涉及合并其擁有的其他應用(Instagram,
          • 商業(yè)周刊:臉書(shū)真的在泄露公眾隱私嗎?(3) As the company updates and polices its own privacy rules, it runs afoul of others'. On Jan. 29 Facebook admitted to paying teens to monitor their phone activity. 隨著(zhù)臉書(shū)更新和監管自己的隱私規定,它也與其他公司發(fā)生了沖突。
          • 商業(yè)周刊:為無(wú)家可歸者尋找安睡之地(1) An App Tries to Find Beds for The Homeless 為無(wú)家可歸者尋找安睡之地的應用 The epicenter of innovation is turning to software to help the most vulnerable get off the streets 創(chuàng )新之地美國正在研發(fā)軟件,幫助無(wú)家可歸者告別
          • 商業(yè)周刊:為無(wú)家可歸者尋找安睡之地(2) The $5 million, 50-employee pilot effort kicked off in August, seeking to assess more than 2,000 people in 90 days. 這項試點(diǎn)工作從8月開(kāi)始進(jìn)行,投入資金500萬(wàn)美元,共有50名員工參與運行,該工作旨在用90天的時(shí)間對
          • 商業(yè)周刊:為無(wú)家可歸者尋找安睡之地(3) For Los Angeles, a municipality sprawling across 88 individual cities with a total homeless population of about 60,000, 洛杉磯縣擁有高達88個(gè)城市,無(wú)家可歸者總數約為6萬(wàn)人, the sheer scope of the problem makes San Francisco's a
          • 商業(yè)周刊:美聯(lián)儲兩位主席的奇案 The Strange Case of Dr. Yellen and Chairman Jay 耶倫博士和杰羅姆主席的奇案 The two Fed chiefs have turned out to be remarkably similar policymakers 事實(shí)證明,美聯(lián)儲的兩位領(lǐng)導人是非常相似的決策者。 Federal Reserve
          • 商業(yè)周刊:阻止自殺的藥物(1) A Drug to Stop Suicide 阻止自殺的藥物 Amid a national epidemic, there may be hope: A fast-acting new drug based on ketamine 一種含有氯胺酮的速效新藥,有望治療自殺這種在全美蔓延的健康問(wèn)題 By Cynthia Koons and Robe
          • 商業(yè)周刊:阻止自殺的藥物(2) The reasons it isn't aren't strictly medical. 這種藥物尚未獲批,并非完全出于醫療方面的原因。 Over the past three decades, pharmaceutical companies have conducted hundreds of trials for at least 10 antidepressants to treat sever
          • 商業(yè)周刊:阻止自殺的藥物(3) In the 1990s he was a psychiatry professor, mentoring then associate professor John Krystal at Yale and trying to figure out how a deficit of serotonin played into depression. 在20世紀90年代,丹尼斯查尼是一名精神病學(xué)教授,指導耶
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