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          • 《天才少女》精講 01瑪麗不想上學 Hey! Come on. Let's move! 喂 快點 No! 不 Let me see. No! 讓我看看 不 Come on, I made you a special breakfast 快點 我給你做了特別的早餐 You can't cook 你不會做飯 Hey, Mary, open up! 喂 瑪麗 開門 You look beautiful 你真漂
          • 《天才少女》精講 02盡量跟別的孩子一樣 This is gonna be fun 會很開心的 You're gonna meet kids today, you can borrow money from the rest of your life 你今天會結識新同學 一輩子都可以跟他們借錢花 Come on 去吧 You're gonna be great 你會做得很好的 You know ju
          • 《天才少女》精講 03瑪麗上課 Two nights ago she told me that even if Germany bails out the euro, there could still be a worldwide depression 前天晚上 她對我說 即使德國脫歐 還是有可能發生全球經濟衰退 I was staring at the ceiling for three hours 我盯著天
          • 《天才少女》精講 04瑪麗的天才表現 Nobody in this classroom speaks unless they are called upon 需要被老師點到名才可以說話 Okay? Is everybody clear on that? 好嗎 大家都知道了嗎 Yes, ma'am 是 老師 Good, Mary, can you stand up please? 好的 瑪麗 請你站起來
          • 《天才少女》精講 05瑪麗反抗校長 I have a very strange kid 我班上有個奇怪的學生 I have 27 strange kids 我有27個奇怪的學生呢 Good morning 早上好 Good morning 早上好 That's great guys but take your seats, okay? 很好 同學們 去座位上坐下 Oh, God. See
          • 《天才少女》精講 06弗蘭克與邦妮溝通 Excuse me? Hi 等一下 你好 Oh. Look, it's my teacher 是我老師 Probably wants to remind me what one plus one is 可能是想問我1加1等于幾 Go to the car, okay? 你到車上去 Hi. Hi 你好 你好 Sorry to yell at you and then chase you
          • 《天才少女》精講 07弗蘭克與瑪麗溝通 For the record, I didn't wanna go to the stupid school in the first place 我要說明 我本來就不想上那個破學校 And the boy in the next row acts inappropriately for someone who's a child 我后排的男生行為不檢點 沒個孩子樣 I
          • 《天才少女》精講 08瑪麗重回學校 Fred's not a killer 弗雷德不殺小動物 He's a lover 它有愛心 Would my mom have wanted me to go to this school? 媽媽會希望我上這學校嗎 I can only guess 我說不好 But I'll tell you what, she would have wanted you to have friends
          • 《天才少女》精講 09瑪麗的學校生活 For my Show and Tell I have the most awesome cat in the history of time 我展示和講述的內容是一只特別棒的貓 Not only is his name Fred but 它不光名字叫弗雷德 而且 He has just one eye 它只有一只眼 Go ahead and count, bu
          • 《天才少女》精講 10瑪麗的身份 Do you know who I am? 你知道我是誰嗎 Hey! Mary's teacher 嗨 瑪麗的老師 Bonnie 邦妮 You lied to me 你對我撒了謊 Okay 好吧 Can you narrow it down? 你能具體些嗎 I'd like to know the truth about Mary my student your niece 我想
          • 《天才少女》精講 11瑪麗的家庭 And no grandparents? 沒有外祖父母嗎 Dad died when I was eight. My mom 我爸在我8歲時去世 我媽 Short version is she turned her back on Diane when she got pregnant 簡單的說 在黛安懷孕后 她就不管她了 Why? 為什么 Didn't
          • 《天才少女》精講 12不需要強化她的與眾不同感 Hey, you okay? 喂 你沒事吧 You good? All right 沒事吧 好 How do we resolve this? 這事怎么解決 You know, she could be expelled 她夠被開除了 God, I hope not 天啊 希望不要開除 But if every other firsttime offender was expell
          • 《天才少女》精講 13弗蘭克的請求 Trust me she knows. So, I think Mary, I think she's gotta be here 相信我 她有這感覺 所以 我覺得瑪麗必須留在這學校 Today's a bad ending. You can't hit people. But a 12-year-old bullies a seven year old and she stands up? 今天的事
          • 《天才少女》精講 14瑪麗道歉 Are you sure you know what you're doing? 你覺得這么做真的好嗎 No 不知道 Okay, Mary, I think you have something you'd like to say to the class 好了 瑪麗 你是不是有話要對同學們說 You wanna hop up and say it? 你上臺來說吧
          • 《天才少女》精講 15瑪麗見外婆 An Apple? Whoa 蘋果 哇 It's a MacBook, darling 是個蘋果筆記本電腦 孩子 Top of the line with the Retina Display 是最先進的 有視網膜顯示屏 Hey, you know who else has a Retina Display? 你知道誰也有視網膜顯示屏嗎 Fr
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