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          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-丑陋事實 01 [00:03.00]You change your mind [00:06.05]Like a girl changes clothes [00:09.87]Yeah, you PMS [00:13.27]Like a bitch [00:15.19]I would know [00:17.28]And you over-think [00:20.78]Always speak cryptically [00:24.29]I should know [00:26.26]That you're n
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-丑陋事實 02 [00:02.30]But you gotta get me some numbers. 不過你得給我一些數字 [00:04.70]l got two daughters in college and a son in beauty school. 我兩個女兒念大學,兒子學美發 [00:07.58]l don't know how much you know about Vidal Sassoon, bu
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-丑陋事實 03 [00:01.02]So you're saying that men are incapable of love? 你是說男人沒有愛的能力? [00:05.74]What? Come on. 怎樣?拜托 [00:07.78]The only thing you burst is your credibility. 你唯一戳破的是你的可信度 [00:11.14]Men are comple
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-丑陋事實 04 [00:01.10]Oh, you want to thank your pussy for me, then? 你想要我感謝你的咪咪? [00:07.26]Larry, Georgia, listen to me. l want you to skewer him. 賴瑞、喬雅你們聽我說 我要你們搞死他 [00:10.54]l want Mike Chadway to go down i
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-丑陋事實 05 [00:03.70]This guy's a lightning rod. 這家伙是炸子雞 [00:07.54]They liked him? 觀眾喜歡他? [00:09.34]Liked him? They loved him. Ninety-three percent positive. 他們愛死他了, 百分之九十三都說贊 [00:11.74]-How is that possible
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-丑陋事實 06 [00:07.06]Yeah. 好耶 [00:08.86]Well, l guess lll get going, then. 我想我該走了 [00:12.70]Yeah. 好 [00:16.34]Yeah. 好 [00:17.50]Yeah. 好 [00:24.46]-Thanks again for saving my life. -Anytime. - 再度感謝你救了我一命 - 不用客氣 [
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-丑陋事實 07 [00:06.26]Low pressure systems are moving up, so expect a cold front. 低氣壓上移 冷鋒即將到來 [00:13.30]Watch Mike Chadway on Sacramento A.M... 早上記得收看查麥克 [00:17.10]...giving us The Ugly Truth each and every day... 每天九
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-丑陋事實 08 [00:01.22]...then youll quit giving me shit and work with me. 你就不能再給我苦頭,跟我合作 [00:05.90]You know as well as l do that we could make this show huge. 你知我知,我們可以搞大這節目 [00:09.26]And if it doesnt work? Wha
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-丑陋事實 09 [00:02.42]Running your finger down there. Over me. 手到處亂摸,在我身上 [00:07.06]Why? ls it turning you on? 怎樣?有反應啊? [00:09.74]Maybe. 也許吧 [00:11.26]lt's weird, l think l kind of like it. 怪了,我好像還滿喜歡的 [00:
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-丑陋事實 10 [00:01.00]Yeah, l've got an adult male bonobo monkey in my pants. 我褲襠里有只公猩猩在蠢動 [00:04.33]l'd like to see that. 放出來讓我瞧瞧吧 [00:07.24]Hey. What are you doing here? 你來這干嘛? [00:08.84]l told you no watching
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-丑陋事實 11 [00:04.00]No, dude, l'm the talent. 不是,我是藝人 [00:07.04]No, l do The Ugly Truth. 不是,我負責《真相挖挖哇》 [00:07.88]So you're an anchor, then? 那你是主播羅 [00:11.56]-Hasn't he ever seen our show? -Come on, Stuart. - 他沒
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-丑陋事實 12 [00:03.76]There are many layers in between. 兩者之間有許多層面 [00:05.76]And it's your job, gentlemen, to peel back those layers... 男人有責任揭開層層面紗 [00:10.24]...and figure out exactly what type of woman you're dealing with.
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-丑陋事實 13 [00:04.72]...is Mike Chadway, everybody. Mike Chadway. 就是查麥克,大家歡迎 [00:07.36]Mike, Mike, Mike. 麥克! [00:10.16]Come on up. 請上臺來 [00:13.36]Hey, how are you, folks? 各位,你們好 [00:13.60]All right, Mike, welcome. 好,歡迎
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-丑陋事實 14 [00:02.32]He quit to go to one of our local competitors? 他辭職跑去本地對手臺? [00:06.96]Halfwit troglodytes are a dime a dozen. 半調子的山頂洞人到處都是 [00:10.44]You'd better be right. 你最好沒說錯 [00:12.48]Because you
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-丑陋事實 15 [00:03.72]For you men who fit the criteria... 符合條件的男人們 [00:05.08]...don't kid yourselves, they're not sleeping with you. 別傻了 因為她們不是跟你睡 [00:07.56]They're sleeping with a carefully calculated set of venal choices
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