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          • 英語聽力--聽電影學英語-二見鐘情 01 [00:02.88]- Well, I wanted to. - I haven't even gotten to my shopping yet. 我想要 [00:03.32]我還沒去買禮物呢 [00:06.80]Hey, Pop. Could I give that bottle of Blue Nun you got... 送瓶酒給我的假釋官好嗎 [00:08.72]from Cousin Ornell
          • 英語聽力--聽電影學英語-二見鐘情 02 [00:02.16]- No, no, you, you don't understand. - Are you family? - No. 你不能進去 你不了解 [00:03.24]只準親人探病 你不了解 [00:03.36]- Family only. - No, you don't understand, 'cause I was-- 你是親人嗎 不是 [00:05.76]You wai
          • 英語聽力--聽電影學英語-二見鐘情 03 [00:17.40]Bryan Lynch. Mr. Bryan Lynch, [00:18.56]please call Amber Lynch at 2617. [00:26.92]Oh, my God. [00:34.48]Bye. 再見 [00:37.56]- Lucy! - Oh! - Hi. - We didn't know you were here. 露西,我們不知道你在這兒 [00:40.56]- Hi. - Hi. We
          • 英語聽力--聽電影學英語-二見鐘情 04 [00:01.44]You know, being a godfather is very important to Catholics. 當教父對天主教徒而言很重要 [00:04.72]It means you're practically part of the family. 它表示你就是家庭的一員 [00:07.96]Well, you're lucky. It's really import
          • 英語聽力--聽電影學英語-二見鐘情 05 [00:14.48]Hmm. [00:15.00]Very clean. 很干凈 [00:21.76]Kitty? 貓咪 [00:26.52]Kitty? Rich kitty? 貓咪,好命的貓咪 [00:28.48]Come here, mealtime. 吃飯了 [00:33.28]Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty. Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty. 貓咪 [00:34.20]貓
          • 英語聽力--聽電影學英語-二見鐘情 06 [00:05.28]- No way. - Way. 不可能 [00:05.44]一個月前,出了場意外 [00:05.72]About a month ago there was an accident... 當然可能 [00:07.12]and he was playing basketball and his friend had a pencil in his back pocket. 他打籃球時朋友
          • 英語聽力--聽電影學英語-二見鐘情 07 [00:03.02]Aaah! 檢查停車碼表的時間 [00:05.18]Hey, check the meter. See what time it is. 六點,他們可以停整晚 [00:06.78]Um, it's 6:00. [00:07.18]They can pretty much stay here all night if they wanted to. [00:10.58]All night, huh? 整
          • 英語聽力--聽電影學英語-二見鐘情 08 [00:10.54]All right, Lucy, it's either me or him. 露西,要我還是要他 [00:15.34]Him. 他 [00:19.30]You don't have to answer right away. 你不必馬上回答 [00:44.38]I'm having an affair. I like Jack. 我有外遇,我喜歡杰克 [00:47.6
          • 英語聽力--聽電影學英語-二見鐘情 09 [00:12.26]Regular fare. 普通票 [00:19.22]- One token, please. - Oh, my God! Mary! What are you doing here? 一個代幣 [00:19.62]瑪莉,你在這里干什么 [00:22.90]Hi. Do you guys wanna-- you wanna come through? [00:25.78]- We can? - Yeah,
          • 英語聽力--聽電影學英語-二見鐘情 10 [00:01.34]Uh, this whole evening did not work out well at all, and, uh-- 今天晚上一切都不對勁 [00:05.78]Oh, and I'm supposed to share some responsibility in that? 我該分擔一部份責任嗎 [00:07.60]No. Now-- Would you slow down a litt
          • 英語聽力--聽電影學英語-二見鐘情 11 [00:02.06]Wh-Who are you? 你是誰 [00:07.86]My God. 我的天 [00:12.98]He's got amnesia. 他患了失憶癥 [00:18.34]Lacunar amnesia is a condition in which memory loss... 暫時失憶癥是 [00:23.02]is localized and patchy... 記憶會有部份喪
          • 英語聽力--聽電影學英語-二見鐘情 12 [00:12.46]Jack, is that you? 杰克,是你嗎 [00:13.78]Hey, Pop. 老爸,我替你買甜甜圈來了 [00:18.34]- Brought you some doughnuts. - You're a savior. 你真是救星 [00:20.54]Your mother's got me eatin' these fat-free bran muffins. 你媽
          • 英語聽力--聽電影學英語-二見鐘情 13 [00:07.70]Uh, before she comes, take a little time and think about... 她來之前你好好想想 [00:10.10]what an old putz just told ya. 這老傻瓜告訴你的話,好嗎 [00:13.74]All right? [00:16.74]You know, if I was 40 years younger, I'd ma
          • 英語聽力--聽電影學英語-二見鐘情 14 [00:02.86]I don't have to know now. I don't have to know tomorrow. 現在或明天我不必知道 [00:03.22]I, I don't have to know in a year or ten years. 一年內或十年內都不必知道 [00:09.22]I don't-- I don't have to-- I don't have to hav
          • 英語聽力--聽電影學英語-二見鐘情 15 [00:01.14]Jack, what the hell did you do? 杰克,你做了什么 [00:04.86]He didn't do anything. He didn't do anything. 他什么也沒做,他沒做 [00:06.34]It was me. It was all me. 全都是我,全是我的錯 [00:09.62]Um, Elsie, how you
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