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          • 聽電影學英語-風雨哈佛路 01 [01:07.18]I loved my mother so much 我愛我的母親 [01:15.38]She was a drug addict 她是個癮君子 [01:17.38]She was an alcoholic 她是個酒鬼 [01:18.10]She was legally blind 而且基本失明 [01:23.38]She was a schizophrenic 患有精神分
          • 聽電影學英語-風雨哈佛路 02 [00:01.86](Father) (Father) Who's Noel Coward [00:05.50]See they fixed the light for a change. 我看他們得把燈換一個. [00:06.66]not easy to break them again 沒被砸碎就算幸運的了 [00:08.66]No, No, No. She's ok, see the water runs do
          • 聽電影學英語-風雨哈佛路 03 [00:11.46](monologue) and I itched from *** and it burned between my legs. My teachers were always telling not to finch it. 虱子讓我身上奇癢,而且在我兩腿間亂跳。老師叫我不要去撓 [00:16.26](monologue) and my underwear. I di
          • 聽電影學英語-風雨哈佛路 04 [00:05.34]I ain't go to school. I ran away too young. Don't you ever run away from home. 我沒上過學,我很小時就離家了。你千萬不能離家出走啊 [00:14.22]I won't 我不會的 [00:20.02]Liz, I'll always be here for you. 麗思,我
          • 聽電影學英語-風雨哈佛路 05 [00:08.58](monologue) buzzed in, locked in. It was like visiting my mother. only I was in the crazy house now. 門鈴聲,反鎖聲,就像去探望我的媽咪。只是現在是我在瘋人院 [00:57.10](monologue) and I didn't get out in 24 hours
          • 聽電影學英語-風雨哈佛路 06 [00:13.62]What about my stuff? 那我的東西呢? [00:14.86]got thrown out 被扔掉了 [00:16.54]all of it, even my encyclopedias? 所有的,包括我的百科全書? [00:21.22]Look, pumpkin, I'm really sorry, you know, they boardered the who
          • 聽電影學英語-風雨哈佛路 07 [00:05.70]You don't believe me? 你不相信我? [00:09.62]Yeah, I do. 沒有,我相信 [00:12.50]No, you don't. 不,你不信 [00:20.38](music) (music) Ha Ha Ha check it out. [01:08.06]Don't throw it out before me 在我之前你還扔了誰?
          • 聽電影學英語-風雨哈佛路 08 [00:02.26]What's your grandfather gonna say? 你爺爺怎么說? [00:05.98]He won't know. I will. We'll work it out so I never see you. 他不會知道的,我們會想辦法不讓他發現 [00:09.82]He won't get up until late from work. He's like
          • 聽電影學英語-風雨哈佛路 09 [00:02.98]Where did you go? 你去哪了??? [00:08.26]I've ... I've been staying with friends. 我和朋友們呆在一起 [00:13.14]I miss you. 我想你 [00:21.34]pops... he hated me and I couldn't stay here. 爺爺,他討厭我,我沒能呆在
          • 聽電影學英語-風雨哈佛路 10 [00:02.54](monologue) No, she was gone. 不,她離開了 [00:05.74]come on. let's go. 來,我們走 [00:05.82]no wait a minute. there should be a service. there should be a priest what's supposed to happen. 不,等一下,應該有個儀式,應
          • 聽電影學英語-風雨哈佛路 11 [00:24.90](monologue) She lived in my heart. but I lived no where. I was all alone in the world. 她活在我的心中,我卻沒有地方去。我在這世界上很孤獨 [00:36.50](monologue) you're 16 years old with 8th grade education, 16歲接受
          • 聽電影學英語-風雨哈佛路 12 [00:02.42]why now? 為什么是現在? [00:07.02]My mother died of AIDS. she died a couple of months ago. 我的母親死于艾滋,她幾個月前死了 [00:13.62]It was real slap on the face. 就像幾個巴掌打在我臉上 [00:20.54]I guess I
          • 聽電影學英語-風雨哈佛路 13 [00:01.70]all right. Oh, they give tokens to you? 哦,他們給你零用錢嗎? [00:04.02]No I gotta a job 不是,我找了份工作 [00:06.26]Yeah, I remember when you were a kid you used to beg grossories down the *** road and put the food in
          • 聽電影學英語-風雨哈佛路 14 [00:02.94]hey new girl 嗨 新來的 [00:04.10]you let me in but you don't remember my name 你讓我入學卻不知道我的名字 [00:07.02]Oh I remember your name. I just like the others gaining up your side. 我記得你的名字,我只是讓其他
          • 聽電影學英語-風雨哈佛路 15 [00:01.34]you get the best grade in this whole place 你是班上成績最好的 [00:05.54]so what? you going to Boston? 那有怎樣?去波士頓? [00:06.70]expenses paid. 旅費已付 [00:10.18]how long? 5 days 多長時間? 5天 [00:19.90]yo
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