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          • 聽電影學英語-功夫熊貓 01 [00:03.80]Legend tells of a legendary warrior... 傳說中有位傳奇大俠 [00:05.80]...whose kung fu skills were the stuff of legend. 他武藝高強 一身傳奇功夫 [00:11.04]He traveled the land in search of worthy foes. 他云游四方尋找實
          • 聽電影學英語-功夫熊貓 02 [00:01.24]No! We all have our place in this world. 不! 各司其職 各歸其位才是 [00:06.12]Mine is here,and yours is... 我屬于這兒 而你呢... [00:07.68]l know,is here. 我知道 我也屬于這 [00:09.88]No,it's at tables 2,5,7,and 12 不
          • 聽電影學英語-功夫熊貓 03 [00:08.48]No. l'll bring me back a souvenir. 不 我給你們帶還差不多 [00:16.32]lt is an historic day. 今天意義非凡 [00:19.16]lsn't it,Master Oogway? 是不是 烏龜大師? [00:20.52]Yes,and one l feared l would not live to see. 是啊 我
          • 聽電影學英語-功夫熊貓 04 [00:04.04]Where...? 這是哪兒? [00:08.72]What are you pointing...? 干嘛指著我? [00:10.92]OK. Sorry. 噢 好吧 對不起 [00:13.20]l just wanted to see who the Dragon Warrior was. 我就是想看看誰是神龍大俠 [00:17.36]How interesting
          • 聽電影學英語-功夫熊貓 05 [00:04.60]The Sword of Heroes! 勇者大刀 [00:06.60]Said to be so sharp you can cut yourself just by looking. 聽說絕對鋒利 看一眼就會被割傷 噢 [00:11.76]The lnvisible Trident of Destiny! 這是隱形天命三叉戟 [00:17.08]l've onl
          • 聽電影學英語-功夫熊貓 06 [00:08.00]Why don't you try again? A little harder. 再試一下 打重點 [00:15.36]How's that? 怎么樣? 哇 [00:27.52]That hurts. 好疼 [00:34.56]This will be easier than l thought. 要趕走他好像并不難 [00:37.48]I'm feeling a little naus
          • 聽電影學英語-功夫熊貓 07 [00:04.52]l'm glad Shifu sent you. 很高興師父派你來 [00:10.20]l was beginning to think l'd been forgotten. 我還以為他們把我忘了 [00:12.80]Fly back there and tell them... 你飛回去告訴他們 [00:15.20]...the real Dragon Warrior
          • 聽電影學英語-功夫熊貓 08 [00:03.12]Shifu found him as a cub... 他剛生下來就被師父撿到了 [00:09.00]...and he raised him as his son. 師父扶養他 把他當兒子 [00:15.20]And when the boy showed talent in kung fu... 發現了他的功夫天份之后 [00:19.88].
          • 聽電影學英語-功夫熊貓 09 [00:05.00]- That was scary. - Yeah,so I'm like... Fine,you may be a wolf, - 我是說 是呀 老狼 算你狠 [00:09.68]you may be the scariest bandit in Haijin Province... 算你是人見人怕的大惡霸 [00:13.76]...but you're a lousy tipper.'' 可
          • 聽電影學英語-功夫熊貓 10 [00:13.64]This is what you trained me for. 苦練就是為了這一刻 [00:20.88]Tigress! 嬌虎 [00:26.84]Don't try and stop me. 誰都別想攔我 [00:30.00]We're not trying to stop you. 我們不是想攔你 [00:33.40]What? 什么? [00:34.64]We're
          • 聽電影學英語-功夫熊貓 11 [00:05.68]Monkey! 金猴 [00:06.96]Go! 快去 [00:08.56]What was I thinking? 我這是何苦呢? [00:22.00]Mantis! 螳螂 [00:26.08]Now! 快上 [01:14.48]Shifu taught you well. 師父教的不錯 [01:20.56]But he didn't teach you everything. 可他沒全
          • 聽電影學英語-功夫熊貓 12 [00:05.48]...Oogway was just a crazy old turtle after all. 烏龜八成是個老瘋子 [00:11.36]Oh,come on! Face it,he picked me by accident. 哦 現實點吧 他選中我 純屬意外 [00:15.92]Of course l'm not the Dragon Warrior. Who am l kidding
          • 聽電影學英語-功夫熊貓 13 [00:06.60]l rotted in jail for 20 years because of your weakness! 我在大牢里受了二十年的罪 就是因為你太軟弱 [00:10.16]Obeying your master is not weakness! 徒弟服從師父不是軟弱 [00:13.92]You knew l was the Dragon Warrior.
          • 聽電影學英語-功夫熊貓 14 [00:07.36]Yes! 兒子! [00:10.84]Thanks,Dad. 謝謝 爸爸 [00:21.20]Hey,guys. 兄弟們 [00:27.36]Master. 大師 [00:27.76]Master. 大師 [00:32.72]Master? 大師? [00:34.04]Master Shifu! 我找師父去 [00:50.12]Master! 大師 [00:50.64]Shifu,are
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