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                《海上鋼琴師》,意大利電影,導演是意大利著名導演朱塞佩·托納托雷,此片是他的“三部曲”之一。 電影是由亞歷山卓·巴利科1994年的劇場文本《1900:獨白》所改編而成。




          • 聽電影學英語-海上鋼琴師 01 [00:00.18]I still ask myself if I did the right thing 我還在問自已是否做的對 [00:03.31]when I abandoned his floating city 當我離開了他漂泊的城市 [00:06.73]And I don't mean only for the work 我指的不僅是工作 [00:10.94]fac
          • 聽電影學英語-海上鋼琴師 02 [00:03.96]It was teady. The john, I mean 我的意思是 廁所是不動的 [00:07.17]But you'd keep bobbing like an idiot 你卻像個白癡一樣不停的晃 [00:11.17]You can get off a ship all right But off the ocean 你可以安然無恙的離開船
          • 聽電影學英語-海上鋼琴師 03 [00:07.24]Can't lose no watch 就不能丟塊手表 [00:09.20]not even a beat-up Elgin or a sorry-ass cufflink 或是舊的大理石或手鏈 [00:12.53]What am I talking about? Not even a fake fucking ring 我在說什么 連假戒指都沒有 [00:17
          • 聽電影學英語-海上鋼琴師 04 [00:03.51]Danny, why are you laughing so much 丹尼, 你為什么覺的這么好笑 [00:06.26]Because these are names of horses Don't that make you laugh? 因為這些是馬的名字 你不覺的好笑嘛 [00:09.14]Im just crazy about these horses'
          • 聽電影學英語-海上鋼琴師 05 [00:03.03]he had never even been born 但是官方卻沒有他出生的紀錄 [00:24.68]No Entry 禁止通行 [01:38.66]Captain. Captain, wake up 船長 船長 醒醒 [02:29.00]What's his name? 他叫什么名字 [02:30.46]Nineteen Hundred 1900 [02:3
          • 聽電影學英語-海上鋼琴師 06 [00:14.96]Slow down not so fast with that pulley 慢點 別那么快 [00:18.09]Easy up there, easy 小心一點 [00:20.13]Watch that! These aren't bananas, you know 小心點 這可不是香蕉 [00:47.66]-Where are you from? -Liverpool -你從哪來
          • 聽電影學英語-海上鋼琴師 07 [00:14.82]Tell me something do you have children? 告訴我 你有小孩嗎 [00:18.86]They'll lock you up 這種天氣 [00:20.36]in the orphanage one of these days 小孩會被鎖在孤兒院的 [00:21.87]He's nuts 他瘋了 [00:29.21]Oh, mama 媽呀
          • 聽電影學英語-海上鋼琴師 08 [00:10.34]How we doing? 知道要干什么嗎 [00:12.30]We're supposed to blow it up 我們要拆了這東西 [00:14.89]not wait for it to be eaten by the fishes 不要讓魚先把它給吃了 [00:18.35]You're not going to blow up a goddamn thing 你們
          • 聽電影學英語-海上鋼琴師 09 [00:35.72]America 美國 [01:00.54]Why the hell don't you get off? 你為什么不下去 [01:02.87]Just once? One time? 就一次 一次而已 [01:06.42]See the world for yourself 用自己的眼睛 [01:09.09]with your own eyes? 去看看世界 [01:1
          • 聽電影學英語-海上鋼琴師 10 [00:04.93]Maybe you can't understand but 也許你不能理解 [00:08.51]I understand perfectly 我完全能理解 [00:13.06]I know someone 我知道有人 [00:14.79]who went through something very similar 也有這樣的經歷 [00:16.52]And one fine
          • 聽電影學英語-海上鋼琴師 11 [00:03.83]Listen to his music 聽聽他的 [00:07.16]His head bursts with memories 他腦中充斥著回憶 [00:08.93]and there's nothing he can do about it 卻無能為力 [00:16.38]And look at that one there 再看那個 [00:18.96]She looks like a
          • 聽電影學英語-海上鋼琴師 12 [00:02.12]You bet he's talking about you 反正他正在談論你 [00:04.33]He say, Hey, Jelly 他說 嘿 杰里 [00:06.63]Someone plays better piano than you 有人彈得比你更好 [00:11.88]So I say to myself, Self how can this cat play so well 所
          • 聽電影學英語-海上鋼琴師 13 1[00:14.20]Bravo! 好極了 [00:39.39]Your turn, sailor 輪到你了 水手 [00:57.03]Come on 加油 [01:24.22]What's he doing? 他在做什么 [01:30.81]Silent Night? 《平安夜》? [01:32.82]Isn't that a Christmas carol? 那不是耶誕頌歌嗎
          • 聽電影學英語-海上鋼琴師 14 [00:11.56]Come on you can do better than that 加油啊 你可以比他彈得更好的 [00:18.23]Jelly, show them how to sink a ship 杰里 讓他們知道船是怎么沉的 [00:27.41]You stick this up your ass 你給我好好聽著 [01:26.75]Hey, Ma
          • 聽電影學英語-海上鋼琴師 15 [00:23.51]You smoke it 你抽吧 [00:25.18]I don't know how 我可抽不來 [01:18.81]Jelly Roll Morton spend the rest of that trip locked in his cabin 杰里羅莫頓在剩下的航行時間里把自己鎖在船艙內 [01:23.11]When we got to Southa
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