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          • 聽電影學英語-簡愛1 [00:43.58]font color=#FAAC58簡愛/font [03:39.94]我要死了 [03:42.98]I will die. 我要死了 [04:10.58]St. John? 哥哥 [04:14.06]I found her at the door. 我在門口發現她的 [04:16.38]Shes white as death. 她臉色煞白 [04:20.94]Hannah,
          • 聽電影學英語-簡愛2 [00:01.58]They know how you hate me and wish me dead. They can see. 他們知道你恨我 巴不得我早點死 [00:03.58]They see everything you do and they will judge you, Mrs. Reed. 里德夫人 你的惡行 他們全 看在眼里 你不會被寬恕
          • 聽電影學英語-簡愛3 [00:23.18]Mr. Rivers? I wondered if you had yet heard of any work I could do. 里維斯先生 您可以幫我找到活干嗎? [00:28.82]I found you a situation some time ago, 前段時間找到一個 [00:29.74]but Ive delayed telling you because the
          • 聽電影學英語-簡愛4 [00:04.86]It tenants the carcasses of beasts, 寄身于各種動物的尸體 [00:05.46]possesses horses, wolves, great dogs. 馬 狼 巨犬都可被其控制 [00:10.26]You know it only by its eyes, 全靠它幽靈一般的攝魂眼 [00:10.66]which bu
          • 聽電影學英語-簡愛5 [00:03.06]Hes very abrupt and changeful. 他還真是喜怒無常 陰晴不定 [00:03.38]By the river! 在河邊! [00:07.78]What manner of man is he? 他是什么樣的人? [00:09.82]Hes a good master. 他是個好主人 [00:12.06]Hes fine company, t
          • 聽電影學英語-簡愛6 [00:17.60]Say nothing about this. Youre no talking fool. 別跟其他人說 別多嘴 [00:23.58]Say nothing. 什么都別說 [00:24.06]But... Ill account for this state of affairs. - 但... - 我會跟大家解釋的 [00:27.94]Yes, sir. 是的 先生
          • 聽電影學英語-簡愛7 [00:03.38]From Spanish Town, Jamaica. 從牙買加的西班牙城來 [00:05.66]And indeed I think he does come from some hot place 他確實來自那個炎熱的地方 [00:07.90]because he wont take off his coat. 因為他不肯脫下外套 [00:09.74
          • 聽電影學英語-簡愛8 [00:00.48]You look ridiculous. 你看起來傻透了 [00:02.96]This game is ridiculous. 是這個游戲傻透了 [00:10.00]Excuse me, sir. 先生 打擾一下 [00:20.12]Does that creeping creature want you? 這個可憎的下人找你干什么? [00:2
          • 聽電影學英語-簡愛9 [00:01.44]Do you doubt me? 不相信我的誠意? [00:03.16]Entirely! 完全不信! [00:04.64]Your bride is Miss Ingram. - 你要娶的是英格拉姆小姐 - 英格拉姆小姐? [00:06.44]Miss Ingram? [00:07.12]She is the machine without feelings. 她
          • 聽電影學英語-簡愛10 [00:06.44]I need some water. Of course. - 我需要水 - 好的 [00:11.80]Jane. 簡 [01:10.04]How are you now? 現在感覺如何? [01:11.64]I will be well again soon. 過一會就沒事了 [01:25.56]I know you. Youre thinking. 我了解你 你在思考
          • 聽電影學英語-簡愛11 [00:02.76]I knew a Jane Elliott. 我認識一個叫簡艾略特 [00:06.04]This paper resolved my suspicion into certainty. 這張紙讓我心生疑慮 [00:10.60]And so, I wrote to him. 所以 我寫了信給他 [00:12.96]He told the story of a young
          • 聽電影學英語-簡愛12 [00:22.36]Jane Eyre. 簡愛 [00:26.04]I thought gypsies were come. 還以為是流浪漢呢 [00:29.32]And then I saw you, and I thought, it cannot be, 然后看到了你 還在想不可能啊 [00:32.88]you are a ghost. 你不是真的吧 [00:36.04]No
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