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          • 聽電影學英語-羅馬假日 01 [00:23.84]片名:羅馬假日 [00:56.96]全片在意大利羅馬攝制 [00:58.00]以及錄音 [01:31.04]新聞快訊 [01:34.64]Paramount News brings you special coverage 派拉蒙新聞為大家特別報導 [01:35.52]of Princess Ann's visit to London
          • 聽電影學英語-羅馬假日 02 [00:03.48]Good evening. 晚上好 [00:09.60]Senhor e senhora Joao de Camoes. 祖昆先生、夫人 [00:14.52]Good evening. 晚上好 [00:18.76]Hassan El Din Pasha. 甸帕沙大人 [00:23.36]How do you do? 幸會 [02:10.92]I hate this nightgown. 我討厭
          • 聽電影學英語-羅馬假日 03 [00:03.56]- I'll get Doctor Bannochhoven. - It's no use. 我去找班諾醫生 沒用的 [00:07.92]I'll be dead before he gets here. 他來之前,我已經死掉了 [00:19.00]- She's asleep. - She was in hysterics 3 minutes ago. 她睡著了 剛才她
          • 聽電影學英語-羅馬假日 04 [01:53.40]- Bet five hundred. - Five hundred. How many? 賭五百 我跟,多少張牌? [01:56.40]One. 一張 [02:02.56]- I'll take one. - Three. 我要一張 三張 [02:05.44]Four. 四張 [02:11.68]Two for Papa. 莊家要兩張 [02:15.36]- 500 mo
          • 聽電影學英語-羅馬假日 05 [00:12.72]Yeah, I couldn't agree with you more, but... 這個我絕對同意,但是 [00:27.12]Get yourself some coffee, you'll be all right. 你快喝點咖啡提神吧 [00:53.00]Look, you take the cab. 你搭這部的士 [01:01.40]Come on, climb i
          • 聽電影學英語-羅馬假日 06 [00:20.68]I ought to have my head examined. 我該去驗腦 [00:24.52]Is this the elevator? 這是升降機嗎? [00:28.44]It's my room! 這是我的房間 [00:32.60]I'm terribly sorry to mention it, but the dizziness is getting worse. 別見怪,但
          • 聽電影學英語-羅馬假日 07 [00:05.56]- So happy. - The pleasure's mine. 真開心 是我的榮幸 [00:15.28]Screwball! 臭丫頭! [00:26.36](大使館發布最新消息) [00:30.40](指安公主突然抱恙) [01:02.00]Holy smoke, the princess's interview! 糟了!公主
          • 聽電影學英語-羅馬假日 08 [00:02.56]Here it is, Mr Bradley, all over the front page of every paper in Rome. 你看!羅馬每份報紙的頭條 [00:07.36]All right, I overslept. It can happen to anybody. 我睡過頭,人誰無過? [00:10.92]If you ever got up and read a
          • 聽電影學英語-羅馬假日 09 [00:30.48]- Signor Bradley. - Everything OK, Giovanni? 布利先生 一切無恙? [00:32.28]Si Signor Joe. Nobody come, nobody go. 一切無恙,無人進出你的房間 [00:37.88]- Absolutely nobody. - Swell, thanks a lot. 絕對妥當 真好,謝
          • 聽電影學英語-羅馬假日 10 [00:04.08]He was? 是嗎? [00:12.12]It was wonderful. 感覺真好 [00:47.64]Good morning. 早安 [00:52.88]- Where's Dr Bannochhoven? - I'm afraid I don't know him. 班諾醫生呢? 我不認識他 [00:56.52]- Wasn't I talking to him just now? -
          • 聽電影學英語-羅馬假日 11 [00:01.52]Irving! Why don't you answer? 艾榮!為何遲遲不接電話? [00:03.68]It's Joe. Can you get here in five minutes? 是阿祖,可否馬上趕來? [00:05.44]No, I can't come now, Joe, I'm busy. 不行,現在我正忙著 [00:10.16]
          • 聽電影學英語-羅馬假日 12 [00:04.60]Oh no, no. 不行 [00:08.63]Off! 剪短! [00:29.45]That's a nice camera you have there. Nice... 你這個照相機挺不錯 [00:34.93]You don't mind if I borrow it? 可否借我一用? [00:38.46]- Miss Webber. - Just for two minutes. 韋老
          • 聽電影學英語-羅馬假日 13 [00:03.04]Why? 為什么? [00:06.04]- Trouble with the teacher? - No, nothing like that. 對老師有不滿? 不是 [00:08.08]You wouldn't run away for nothing. 但你不會無故偷走出來 [00:12.08]It was only meant to be for a few hours. 我只
          • 聽電影學英語-羅馬假日 14 [00:03.44]I'm sorry about that. Sit down, that's a good fellow. 不好意思,坐下來,好朋友 [00:08.64]That's the boy. 這就對了 [00:11.52]You're... You're twisting my arm, you know. 你一直在戲弄我 [00:15.00]Just be a little more ca
          • 聽電影學英語-羅馬假日 15 [01:24.32]Hey, stop, come back. 別走,快回來 [02:56.04](美國新報) [03:21.00]I'm going straight from now on. 從今天起我會循規蹈矩 [03:22.68]I'm going straight from now on. [03:26.16]News Service? What did he mean? 記者?他是
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