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          • 聽電影學英語-諾丁山1 [00:02.38](Shouting) [00:05.54](Shouting, Whistling) [00:21.30](Man ) So stay with us, because later this afternoon... 不要離開,因為稍后... [00:23.86]were lucky enough to be talking to Anna Scott, 我們將有幸請到安娜-斯科特-- [00:2
          • 聽電影學英語-諾丁山2 [00:01.86]but I once saw Ringo Starr. 有次我見過林戈-斯達(著名音樂人) [00:04.82]-Where was that? -Kensington High Street. -在哪? -肯辛頓大道 [00:07.90]At least I think it was Ringo. It might have been that man from Fiddler on the
          • 聽電影學英語-諾丁山3 [00:01.10]Though if were going for this obsessive writing down all the message thing, 不過如果我們努力去回憶的話 [00:05.06]some American girl called Anna called a few days ago. 幾天前有個叫安娜的美國姑娘來過電話 [00:12.6
          • 聽電影學英語-諾丁山4 [00:02.14]Have a seat. 請坐 [00:02.70]Well, did you enjoy the film? 你喜歡這部片子嗎? [00:06.22]Yes, enormously. 是的,非常喜歡 [00:09.26]-Well, fire away. -Right. -請提問吧 -好的 [00:11.66]Did you enjoy making the film? 拍片期間
          • 聽電影學英語-諾丁山5 [00:07.18]Oh, Belle. 哦,貝爾 [00:09.50]Cest la vie. (鬼話^_^) [00:14.22]Still, um, were lucky in lots ofways. 但我們還是很幸運的 [00:17.34]But surely thats worth a brownie. ( Chuckling ) 這無疑值得上一塊蛋糕 [00:22.98]Well, I
          • 聽電影學英語-諾丁山6 [00:03.22]( Men Laughing ) Where did you get that from? 你從哪聽來的? [00:06.34]And Anna is your definitive actress, 而安娜就是你專用的女演員 [00:10.14]someone really filthy you can just flip over and start again. 你可以猥褻地對
          • 聽電影學英語-諾丁山7 [00:02.30]Ah. Oh, right. 啊,哦,是的 [00:06.98]Right. 是的 [00:08.66]So, um, these carrots? 那么,這些胡蘿卜呢? [00:11.34]-Have been murdered, yes. -Murdered. -是被謀殺的 -謀殺? [00:15.38]Poor old carrots. Thats-- 可憐的老胡蘿卜
          • 聽電影學英語-諾丁山8 [00:01.06]So what was a stupid... 所以那次拍照... [00:04.98]photo shoot, now looks like a porn film. 非常愚蠢,現在看來就象色情電影 [00:10.18]The pictures have been sold, and theyre just... 那些照片被公開出售,已經是...
          • 聽電影學英語-諾丁山9 [00:03.58]( Groans ) Please, sod off. 拜托,走開 [00:05.14]-Okay. All right. -No. No, no! -好的,好的 -不,不,不 [00:07.74]Wait! I thought you were, um, someone else. 等等,我以為你是,唔,另一個人 [00:13.98]I thought you were Spike.
          • 聽電影學英語-諾丁山10 [00:01.14]~ Aint no sunshine when shes gone ~ ~ 她離去時帶走了陽光 ~ [00:03.90]~ And shes always gone too long~ ~ 她總是去得那么遙遠 ~ [00:07.06]~ Anytime she goes away ~ ~ 每次當她離去 ~ [00:13.54]~ Aint no sunshine when shes
          • 聽電影學英語-諾丁山11 [00:06.54]Course. 當然 [00:15.10]Thanks. Ive got to, um-- 謝謝,我得-- [00:18.26]Any time. 隨時來 [00:29.62](Man ) Ladies and gentlemen, can we have you on your first marks? [00:30.86]On yourfirst marks! [00:46.02]Uh, I-I do hate to disturb y
          • 聽電影學英語-諾丁山12 [00:04.60]Oh, sod a dog. Ive made the wrong decision, havent I? 哦,真是愚蠢,我作了錯誤的決定是不是? [00:11.50]Yeah. 是的 [00:12.90]Max, how fast is your car? 馬克,你的車有多快? [00:18.14]~ Hey ~ ( Horn Honks ) [00:19.86]-Goo
          • 聽電影學英語-諾丁山13 [00:04.46]~ The meaning ofmy life is ~ ~ 這意味著我的一生只有 ~ [00:08.26]~ She ~ ~ 她 ~ [00:10.78]~ She ~ ~ 她 ~ [00:15.54]~ Oh, she ~~ ~ 哦,她 ~ [00:29.58]~ Its in the wayyou are ~ [00:35.66]~ Youve got a way with me ~ [00:40.02]~ Som
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