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          • 聽電影學英語-朋友一場 01 [00:45.08]Dear Jamie, when were together, 親愛的潔蜜,當我們在一起時 [00:47.44]I feel like were not in high school, 我覺得我們不是在上高中 [00:51.92]but in our own little Chris-and-Jamie world. 而是在我們自己的二人世界
          • 聽電影學英語-朋友一場 02 [00:01.16]# When Jam-- # [00:03.60]Hold on. 等等 [00:07.80]# When Jamie-- # [00:10.76]Hes crazy. 他瘋了 [00:11.96]# When Jamie... # [00:13.28]God damn it! Come on, Dusty! 該死! 行了,達斯??! [00:16.32]Dusty, come here. 達斯丁,過來
          • 聽電影學英語-朋友一場 03 [00:03.92]- Chris Brander. - Im Mandy. - 克里斯 布蘭德 - 我是曼蒂 [00:06.44]Of course you are. You know, I know a song called Mandy. 當然你是 我知道一首歌就叫曼蒂 [00:08.52]Oh! 哦! [00:12.48]He shoots, he scores. 他出手就
          • 聽電影學英語-朋友一場 04 [00:01.16]Cut! cut! 卡!卡! [00:04.04]Okay, Ron, which jokester changed the key on me? 好了,羅恩,誰改了我的調子? [00:07.48]No one, Samantha. 沒人改,薩曼沙 [00:08.56]Its been the same key for the last 43 takes. 43次錄音都
          • 聽電影學英語-朋友一場 05 [00:04.40]Be right down. 馬上就好 [00:24.80]# La da da, da da # [00:26.96]# La da da da # [00:32.16]# La da da, da da # [00:35.36]# La da da da # [00:38.40]# La da da, da da # [00:41.20]# Da da da da. # [00:52.60]I do not remember Jersey being th
          • 聽電影學英語-朋友一場 06 [00:03.44]wha-- like what happened? Where did you go? 發生--發生了什么? 你去哪了? [00:06.40]Hey, you know-- just migrated west. 嘿,你知道--只是搬去西部 [00:09.40]You know, Im living the dream out there, I guess. 我猜我追逐
          • 聽電影學英語-朋友一場 07 [00:01.84]After all, theyre the ones whore gonna be buying your album. 畢竟,他們是要買你專輯的人 [00:05.72]The problem is where in New Jersey are we gonna find 問題是我們在新澤西哪里可以找到 [00:07.72]a proper cross-secti
          • 聽電影學英語-朋友一場 08 [00:03.52]- Thanks again for lunch. - Oh, Ill get your door. - 再次感謝你的午餐 - 噢,我給你開門 [00:05.80]Oh. Okay. 噢,好 [00:08.20]Shit. 該死 [00:13.88]- Whew! - Yeah. - 唔! - 嗯 [00:19.24]Well, it was great seeing you agai
          • 聽電影學英語-朋友一場 09 [00:01.84]- I thought you hated ice skating. - I used to, - 我還以為你討厭滑冰 - 那是過去 [00:03.12]but you know, Im actually pretty damn good now. 但你知道,我現在滑得還不錯 [00:06.00]Im the MVP in my league, in fact. 事實上
          • 聽電影學英語-朋友一場 10 [00:09.08]Suckster! Suckster! 笨蛋!笨蛋! [00:13.80]Suckster! Suckster! Suckster! 笨蛋!笨蛋! 笨蛋! [00:14.24]Suckster! Suckster! 笨蛋!笨蛋! [00:16.88]- What a schmuck. - Dont worry, Chris. Youre gonna be fine. - 真夠笨的
          • 聽電影學英語-朋友一場 11 [00:01.08]Late 20s. male Caucasian 晚了20分鐘 高加索人男性 [00:03.36]with multiple lacerations on lower mandible and possible concussion. 下顎骨有多處損傷 可能有腦震蕩 [00:07.32]Transport en route, over. 送診途中 完畢 [0
          • 聽電影學英語-朋友一場 12 [00:03.56]- Ha, you look like a doofus! - Doofus! - 哈,你看上去像個白癡! - 白癡! [00:07.64]Doofus! Doofus! 白癡!白癡! [00:08.52]Doofus! Doofus! Doof-- 白癡!白癡! 白-- [00:15.88]Chris? 克里斯? [00:16.68]Mommy. 媽媽
          • 聽電影學英語-朋友一場 13 [00:01.36]a little corny, maybe even a little femme, 有點天真 或許還有點女性化 [00:03.36]but I find something so resplendent 但是我找到一些燦爛的東西 [00:07.32]in the simplicity of Nicholas Sparks writing, you know what I mean
          • 聽電影學英語-朋友一場 14 [00:02.40]# Christmas, Christmas, the happiest day of the year... # [00:05.28]Kudos on the Christmas cookies, Mom. 謝謝圣誕蛋糕,媽媽 [00:07.72]Thanks, pumpkin. Ill be back in an hour. 謝謝,小南瓜 我一小時后回來 [00:08.20]# Whe
          • 聽電影學英語-朋友一場 15 [00:02.36]But Samantha, What about the words to your song? Forgiveness! 但是薩曼沙,你唱的那首歌呢? 寬??! [00:06.44]Forgive this, asshole. 寬恕這個吧,笨蛋 [00:08.24]Oh... 哦... [00:12.92]I hate this town! 我恨這個鎮子
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