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             《全民情敵》是威爾·史密斯出演的第一部愛情喜劇電影。制片人詹姆斯·拉斯特(James Lassiter)說:“很多年以來,我們一直沒有停止嘗試尋找適合威爾·史密斯出演的愛情喜劇,找到合適的劇本并不容易。”制片人們相信《全民情敵》的劇本具備讓威爾·史密斯發揮表演天賦的足夠空間,他會將善于周旋在女人周圍具有超凡魅力和自信的希什刻畫得出神入化。。。。。。




          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—全民情敵 01 [00:22.70]Basic principles: 基本原則 [00:24.30]No woman wakes up saying: 沒有女人起床時會說 [00:24.62]God, I hope I don't get swept off my feet today. 希望今天不會有帥哥追我 [00:30.54]Now, she might say, This is a really bad t
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—全民情敵 02 [00:01.34]But what I can tell you, is that it happens in the blink of an eye. 我只能告訴你 愛總是發生在轉眼之間 [00:06.90]One moment, you're enjoying your life. 這一刻你還在享受人生 [00:08.58]And the next, you're wondering h
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—全民情敵 03 [00:02.98]I don't know, it's kind of ridiculous and vaguely pathetic. 我不知道,那有點荒唐 還有點可悲 [00:15.30]Yeah, I see what you mean. That's pathetic. 是啊,我明白你的意思 那真可悲,太可悲了 [00:21.34]So, how'd
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—全民情敵 04 [00:15.90]Well, it looks like I'm still rich. 看來我還是很有錢 [00:19.62]But what I would really like, and what I was wondering is... 但是我在想 [00:27.18]if I could have $500,000 to invest on my own. 我想做一個五十萬的投資 [0
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—全民情敵 05 [00:11.42]And call me Allegra. 還有,叫我艾琳就好 [00:16.66]- You're done. - Goodbye. 沒你的事了 再見 [00:21.82]Good job. 干得好 [00:26.50]Oh, damn. 不會吧 [00:47.58]She's some kind of newspaper columnist. Comes in here once in
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—全民情敵 06 [00:04.02]Wow, you're the... 你就是那個 [00:05.94]- Can I get you something to drink, Mr... - No, I'm fine, thank you. 要不要來杯飲料 不用,謝了 [00:12.30]So, tell me about her. 談談她的事吧 [00:14.66]Have you ever met someone.
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—全民情敵 07 [00:02.78]Lt'll be awful cold out there without it. 在水里沒穿這個會凍死 [00:04.34]- Good morning. - Good would have been at 10:00. 早安 早上十點才是說早安的時候 [00:13.50]You're a lot taller than I remember. 你比我記得的還
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—全民情敵 08 [00:01.34]No. You know, I was just thinking... 沒什么 我只是在想 [00:04.82]you can't really know where you're going until you know where you've been. 要面對過去才能昂首未來 [00:08.70]- Ain't that right, Larry? - Amen, brother. 對吧
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—全民情敵 09 [00:02.54]Well, great. Then I will put you back on with my... 好極了!我把你轉接給我秘書 [00:02.66]Yeah, definitely. 是啊,當然 [00:25.94]- Allegra, over here, please. - Miss Cole, this way. 艾莉桂,看這里 珂兒小姐,看這
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—全民情敵 10 [00:06.46]Don't ever... 不準再這樣 [00:12.30]do that again. 跳舞了 [00:14.50]Do you hear me? 聽清楚了? [00:16.50]- Just expressing myself. - No. 我只是表達自我 不行 [00:17.86]Not like that, you're not, all right? 那樣根本不是
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—全民情敵 11 [00:01.63]Look, it says here the tickets went to some guy named Alex Hitchens. 票是給一個叫秦圣的 [00:05.80]What? 什么? [00:16.10]Machine. 答錄機 [00:23.52]Hi, it's Sara. 你好,我是莎拉 [00:28.40]I just wanted to say thank you.
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—全民情敵 12 [00:02.00]- What's wrong, pumpkin? - I'm so stupid. 怎么了? 我真蠢 [00:02.52]not? 凄慘了 [00:08.20]I ignored your advice. I went on that date. 我不聽你勸,跑去跟他約會 [00:08.68]With who? 跟誰? [00:10.68]Not the lingerie gu
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—全民情敵 13 [00:04.44]- How'd you get my card? - Albert Brennaman. 你怎么拿到我名片的? 亞伯特布列曼 [00:07.80]- Great guy, isn't he? - Excellent guy. 他人很不錯吧? 超正點的 [00:10.80]You sure you want to do this? 你確定你要寫?
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—全民情敵 14 [00:01.64]Nothing a front-page story can't cure. 頭版報導就是證明 [00:03.52]So that's what this is all about? 原來是這么一回事 [00:03.64]Albert and Allegra on the front of your crap-ass newspaper? 原來是亞伯特跟艾莉桂的新聞
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語—全民情敵 15 [00:02.56]I like you. 我喜歡你 [00:08.20]- That sounds good to me. - True, you can't tell them you like them. 我覺得很棒 不能跟女人說你喜歡她們 [00:09.00]- I tried that. It didn't go well. - I've crashed and burned on that. 我試過
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