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            根據邁克爾·劉易斯的作品《弱點:比賽進程》而改編的電影,影片講述了今年美國國家橄欖球聯盟(National Football League)首批被選球員邁克爾·奧赫的不凡經歷,他是一個孤兒,在領養家庭長大,在從事體育職業之前,他度過了一段從現實到理想的艱難過程。




          • 聽電影學英語-弱點 01 [00:32.06]Theres a moment of orderly silence [00:34.10] [00:34.10]before a football play begins. [00:35.85] [00:35.90]Players are in position, linemen are frozen, [00:38.87] [00:38.92]And anythings possible. [00:40.35] [00:45.04]Then, like a traffic
          • 聽電影學英語-弱點 02 [00:03.78] [00:05.40]when the armies of emotion [00:09.18] [00:10.95]go out to fight [00:14.02] [00:16.75]but while the earth [00:19.62] [00:21.23]sinks to its grave [00:24.45] [00:27.12]you sail to the sky [00:30.38] [00:31.17]on the crest of a wave
          • 聽電影學英語-弱點 03 [00:02.38] [00:02.43]Mike, just take any empty seat. [00:04.98] [00:08.18]This is a quiz based on the information you learned last year [00:12.72] [00:12.78]In your science curriculum. [00:14.93] [00:14.98]Dont worry. Its not gonna be graded. [00:17.
          • 聽電影學英語-弱點 04 [00:01.80] [00:01.89]And that let them know youre their friend. [00:04.69] [00:08.81]Youre big Mike, right? [00:10.96] [00:11.43]Im Sean. But everyone calls me SJ. [00:14.39] [00:14.90]Its for Sean Junior, [00:16.38] [00:16.43]My fathers name is Sean
          • 聽電影學英語-弱點 05 [00:04.69]What is he wearing? [00:06.64] [00:07.43]Its freezing. [00:08.92] [00:09.40]Whats his name again? [00:10.66] [00:10.71]Big Mike. [00:12.21] [00:12.83]Wheres he going? [00:14.88] [00:16.18]Hey, Big Mike! Where you headin? [00:18.78] [00:19.5
          • 聽電影學英語-弱點 06 [00:02.01]Mike? [00:03.51] [00:13.08]Big Mike?! [00:14.58] [00:15.79]Mike? [00:17.29] [00:30.51]Big Mike! [00:32.01] [00:40.58]Youre gonna make me walk the whole way? [00:42.98] [00:43.10]Alright then. [00:44.85] [00:45.54]Where are you going? [00:47
          • 聽電影學英語-弱點 07 [00:02.82]Right? [00:03.93] [00:04.05]Savi. Savi, give it to me... [00:06.79] [00:06.90]Shes just the ... [00:08.54] [00:08.62]-Hey, B.J. -Hey. [00:10.80] [00:12.14]-Thats nice -Yo. Check it. [00:13.30] [00:13.35]-Yay. -S7. [00:15.22] [00:15.81]-For
          • 聽電影學英語-弱點 08 [00:01.94] [00:02.28]I had to join a gym the day I got back. [00:05.28] [00:07.14]Any of yall spent much time on the other side of town? [00:09.69] [00:09.74]Where exactly are you talking about? [00:11.57] [00:11.57]Alabama Street... Hurt village. [0
          • 聽電影學英語-弱點 09 [00:01.10] [00:01.15]Ho! Ho! Hey! Im working even when Im not working. [00:04.98] [00:06.21]What? [00:07.33] [00:07.38]And yall eat at those places for free? [00:09.41] [00:09.46]All you want. Its awesome. [00:11.54] [00:11.59]What do yall do with th
          • 聽電影學英語-弱點 10 [00:05.80] [00:06.83]You knew I was multi-tasker when you married me, right? [00:10.01] [00:10.06]-I sure did. -Alright. Okay. [00:13.41] [00:17.79]Okay. Tuohy family. Big smiles everyone! [00:21.69] [00:22.92]And, one , two, three... [00:26.32] [00:
          • 聽電影學英語-弱點 11 [00:01.75] [00:35.57]-Where are you going? -Collins? [00:37.97] [00:50.14]Quit looking at me like that. [00:52.59] [00:52.64]I mean, we study together at home. [00:55.34] [01:12.19]You know how much those things weigh? [01:14.54] [01:14.54]This kids
          • 聽電影學英語-弱點 12 [00:03.18]Mrs. Tuohy? [00:04.28] [00:04.33]I hear Mrs. Tuohy I look over my shoulder for my mother-in-law. [00:07.91] [00:07.96]Call me Leigh Anne or Mama or almost anything else. [00:11.41] [00:14.15]-Can you help me get something? -What? [00:17.15]
          • 聽電影學英語-弱點 13 [00:06.64]Hows my boy? Hows big Mike? [00:09.53] [00:10.10]Hes fine. Hes doing really well. [00:12.67] [00:13.89]We might have some wine in the kitchen, if you... [00:16.32] [00:16.37]Oh, no, no, no. Thats really kind. [00:18.67] [00:19.01]When did y
          • 聽電影學英語-弱點 14 [00:02.20]Right here. [00:03.70] [00:07.63]We got a couple of steps. [00:09.07] [00:09.12]-Watch your big foot. -One more. [00:11.37] [00:12.24]One more. There we go. [00:14.27] [00:15.84]Alright. Take off the belt. [00:17.88] [00:22.25]Well, thats t
          • 聽電影學英語-弱點 15 [00:02.33] [00:08.10]-Holding ... left tackle. -Michael! Come on! [00:11.51] [00:12.15]Oher? Come here, Son. [00:14.80] [00:16.36]You got to hold it. Hold it inside here, between the tits. [00:18.70] [00:18.71]You got it?! [00:20.46] [00:20.74]Would
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