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          • 聽(tīng)電影學(xué)英語(yǔ)—泰坦尼克號 01 [01:36.60]【鐵 達 尼 號】 [02:18.36](Sonar Pings) [02:21.60]Man: 13 meters. You should see it. 距離13公尺,應該看得見(jiàn)了 [02:33.84](Sonar Pings) [02:38.52]Okay, take her up and over the bow rail. 越過(guò)船頭的欄桿 [02:39.20](Over
          • 聽(tīng)電影學(xué)英語(yǔ)—泰坦尼克號 02 [00:06.20]- All right, tether out. - Man: Tether out. 放出纜繩 [00:06.68]放出纜繩 [00:09.80]Man (Over Radio): Okay, Brock, we're dropping down along the hull. 布洛克,沿船艙往下放 [00:14.64]沿著(zhù)一等艙登船口下去 [00:15.28]R
          • 聽(tīng)電影學(xué)英語(yǔ)—泰坦尼克號 03 [00:03.28]Hey, Dave, Barry, hi. Look, it wasn't in the safe 戴夫,巴瑞 [00:05.40]but hey, hey, don't worry about it. 不在保險箱里,但別擔心 [00:07.32]There's still plenty of places it could be. 可能在其他地方 [00:09.52]Hell yes
          • 聽(tīng)電影學(xué)英語(yǔ)—泰坦尼克號 04 [00:02.20]Yes. 有 [00:03.88]I would like to see my drawing. 我想看看我的畫(huà)像 [00:17.36]Brock: Louis XVI wore a fabulous stone 路易十六世有顆王冠碧鉆 [00:21.36]that was called the Blue Diamond ofthe Crown [00:23.88]which disappeare
          • 聽(tīng)電影學(xué)英語(yǔ)—泰坦尼克號 05 [00:01.28]什么都可以 [00:02.28]Do you want to hearth is or not, Mr. Lovett? 你到底要不要聽(tīng),羅威特先生 [00:11.36]It's been 84 years... 已經(jīng)八十四年了 [00:15.20]and I can still smell the fresh paint. 我仿佛還聞得到油漆的
          • 聽(tīng)電影學(xué)英語(yǔ)—泰坦尼克號 06 [00:05.44]- Come on. Come on. Here. - Fabrizio: Andiamo. 快走! [00:07.52]We're riding in high style now. We're a couple of regular swells. 這下可風(fēng)光了 [00:08.60]我們要上船跟富人一起了 [00:12.68]We're practically goddamn royalty,
          • 聽(tīng)電影學(xué)英語(yǔ)—泰坦尼克號 07 [00:37.28]21 knots, sir. 時(shí)速二十一節,長(cháng)官 [00:46.40]Hey, look, look, look! Look, look! 快看 [00:51.44]See it? 看到?jīng)] [00:54.60]There's another one. See him? 又來(lái)一只,看到?jīng)]? [01:07.56]Look at that one. Look at him jump! 看,
          • 聽(tīng)電影學(xué)英語(yǔ)—泰坦尼克號 08 [00:12.40](Laughs) [00:13.32]- Do you mind? - I hope you're proud of this. 別那樣好嗎? [00:14.04]你八成很得意 [00:21.08]I saw my whole life as if l'd already lived it-- 我當時(shí)覺(jué)得自己的生活了無(wú)生趣 [00:25.48]an endless para
          • 聽(tīng)電影學(xué)英語(yǔ)—泰坦尼克號 09 [00:02.92]I guess I'm kind of hoping you'll come back over the rail 所以,我希望你下來(lái) [00:04.68]and get me off the hook here. 別讓我為難 [00:07.52]You're crazy. 你瘋了 [00:08.64]That's what everybody says, but with all due respect,
          • 聽(tīng)電影學(xué)英語(yǔ)—泰坦尼克號 10 [0-1:59.82]此后我就孤伶伶的一個(gè)人 [00:02.46]And I had no brothers or sisters 沒(méi)有兄弟姐妹 [00:04.14]or close kin in that part of the country. 在家鄉也無(wú)親無(wú)故 [00:04.62]So I lit on out of there and I haven't been back since. 從
          • 聽(tīng)電影學(xué)英語(yǔ)—泰坦尼克號 11 [00:02.30]Hello, girls. I was hoping I'd catch you at tea. 我還正想跟你們喝茶呢 [00:04.58]We're awfully sorry you missed it. 抱歉,我們正要到甲板上散步 [00:06.26]The countess and I werejust off to take the air on the boat deck.
          • 聽(tīng)電影學(xué)英語(yǔ)—泰坦尼克號 12 [00:07.18]Good evening. 晚安 [00:13.02]Man: Hello. [00:17.58]Cal: Do you know that there are several thousand tons 這船用了很多我們家的鋼鐵 [00:21.30]of Hockley steel in this very ship? 用在什么地方? [00:23.38]- Ruth: Hmm. Which
          • 聽(tīng)電影學(xué)英語(yǔ)—泰坦尼克號 13 [00:01.14]Got air in my lungs and a few blank sheets of paper. 我有個(gè)健康的身體以及作畫(huà)用的紙 [00:03.66]I mean, I love waking up in the morning not knowing what's going to happen 我喜歡在一早起來(lái)時(shí) [00:06.78]or who I'm going t
          • 聽(tīng)電影學(xué)英語(yǔ)—泰坦尼克號 14 [00:04.66](Whooping) [00:15.62]-Jack: Yeah! -Jack, no! 杰克,不要 [00:19.30]Whaaa! [00:19.62](Squeals, Giggling) [00:22.14]...jurisdiction of the Sherman Act so my lawyers will argue. 反托拉斯法也管不著(zhù) [00:25.62]That's what Rockefeller
          • 聽(tīng)電影學(xué)英語(yǔ)—泰坦尼克號 15 [00:01.78]Our memories scattered to the winds? 家里一無(wú)所有嗎? [00:13.14](Sighs) It's so unfair. 好不公平 [00:19.14]Of course it's unfair. 當然不公平 [00:22.42]We're women. 我們是婦道人家 [00:24.34]Our choices are never easy.
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