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          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-偉大辯手 01 [00:31.32]## (Fast gospel) [00:41.64]片名:偉大辯手 [00:45.64](Man) # My soul is a witness # [00:48.96]# Soul is a witness # [00:49.76]- # My soul is a witness # - # Yeah, yeah # [00:51.64]- # Soul is a witness # - # Oh, yeah # [00:53.12]- # B
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-偉大辯手 02 [00:11.56]## (Ends) [00:18.56]1935年 德克薩斯州 馬歇爾市 [00:42.32]Come on, now! Give it back! 行了,把它還給我 [00:43.56]- Give it back! - To our precious Hamilton... - 還給我 - 給我們珍愛的漢密爾頓... [00:44.28]This i
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-偉大辯手 03 [00:03.12](Professor) Of the 360 students here at Wiley College, 在威利學院的360名學生中 [00:06.72]only 45 of you were brave enough to try out for the debate team. 只有45個人能夠進入辯論選拔隊 [00:08.56]Of that 45, only four of
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-偉大辯手 04 [00:01.56](Whispers) I love D.H. Lawrence. Have you ever read... 我喜歡D.H.羅倫斯,你有沒有讀過... [00:04.04]Mr. Farmer. 法默先生 [00:05.72]Yes, sir? 是的,先生? [00:08.40]I have eyes in the back of my head and ears on both si
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-偉大辯手 05 [00:01.76]Yes, sir. 是的 [00:02.44]## (Woman singing opera) [00:11.16]My daddy owns a grocery store that has apples, bananas, cookies, 我爸爸開了一家雜貨店 里面有蘋果,香蕉,餅干 [00:14.16]doughnuts, eggs, figs, 油炸圈,雞蛋
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-偉大辯手 06 [00:02.40]Because he decides who wins or loses, not my opponent! 因為他能決定誰勝誰負,而不是我的對手 [00:03.96]Why is he God? 為什么是上帝? [00:06.72]Who's your opponent? 誰是你的對手? [00:08.12]He doesn't exist! 根本
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-偉大辯手 07 00:04.84]Shh! 噓! [00:09.48](All shouting) [00:25.48](Neigh) [00:42.72]Come on! 快! [00:49.28](Man) Let's get out of here! 我們快離開這兒! [00:52.56]This way! This way! This way! 這邊!這邊!這邊! [00:55.80]Come on! 快點!
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-偉大辯手 08 00:01.84]Like you apologized to that pig farmer? 就像你跟那養豬的農民道歉一樣? [00:02.56]What did you say, boy? 你說什么?孩子 [00:10.00]You go to your room. 回你的房間去 [00:16.84]Okay, Junior... 好了,小詹 [00:29.0
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-偉大辯手 09 [00:01.52]A nation as desperate as this is a danger to itself. 一個國家如此絕望 這就是個威脅 [00:04.40]- (Applause) - (Audience member) That's right. 沒錯 [00:09.72]Once, 曾經 [00:10.00]a Roman general brought peace to a rebellious
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-偉大辯手 10 [00:04.72]The debate will take place at an off-campus site. 辯論賽會選擇在校外舉行 [00:06.80]Wait. An off-campus site? Why? 等等,校外?為什么? [00:07.88]Because sometimes, Mr. Lowe, 羅先生,因為有時候 [00:10.40]you hav
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-偉大辯手 11 [00:01.56]It's a silly waste of money, time, and temper 強迫大多數人去做他們 [00:05.72]to try and compel a powerful majority 不打算做的事情 [00:06.52]to do what they are determined not to do. 實在是件浪費金錢、時間和耐性的
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-偉大辯手 12 00:01.08]He's going to join us later. 他一會兒再過來 [00:02.28]He just has to clean his house, that's all. 他得把屋子收拾一下 [00:07.44](Sigh) [00:23.64]Great news. Great news. Great news! 好消息,好消息! [00:27.24]My phone h
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-偉大辯手 13 [00:07.36]That pig wasn't worth $25. 那只豬不值25美元 [00:10.72]What? 什么? [00:11.84]You owe my father some money. 你欠我父親錢 [01:11.68]Have a seat, Mr. Farmer. 請坐,法默先生 [01:14.96]Oh, Lord. 天啊 [01:19.16]Um... 呃.
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-偉大辯手 14 [00:14.12]Hey. 嘿 [00:14.52]Honey. 親愛的 [00:15.80]Hi. 嗨 [00:17.60]Mmm! [00:17.88]Oh! 哦! [00:20.88]So? 怎樣? [00:24.48]We lost. 我們輸了 [00:25.88]Oh. I'm sorry. 真遺憾 [00:27.96]Uh, this came. 這封信來了 [00:33.52]Harvard.
          • 英語聽力:聽電影學英語-偉大辯手 15 [00:02.08]I can't accept that, sir. 我不能接受,先生 [00:04.68]It would be inappropriate. 這很不合適 [00:13.72]It would be inappropriate. 這很不合適 [00:14.52](Laughing) [00:16.32]Who's it from? 誰寫的? [00:17.48]It's from Harv
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