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          • 英語聽力 聽電影學英語:一個購物狂的自白 01 [00:28.76]When I was a little girl, 當我還是一個小女孩的時候 [00:31.76]there were real prices and mom prices. 買的東西有兩種價格,原價和母親價 [00:33.40]Real prices got you shiny, sparkly things that lasted three weeks, 用原
          • 英語聽力 聽電影學英語:一個購物狂的自白 02 [00:01.44]You do not need a scarf. 你也不需要這條圍巾 [00:06.56]Then again... 再問一次... [00:08.00]...who needs a scarf? ...誰需要一條圍巾? [00:11.68]Wrap some oId jeans around your neck, that'II keep you warm. 圍那些老款的牛
          • 英語聽力 聽電影學英語:一個購物狂的自白 03 [00:03.20]Mm-mm. Yeah, no, not me... Bye. 嗯,嗯,是的,不,不是我...再見 [00:06.08]Sorry about that. Right, um, Rebecca... 對不起 好的,嗯,Rebecca... [00:10.56]- Ah! We met! - Hi! We did. Thank you. - ??!我們見過面!
          • 英語聽力 聽電影學英語:一個購物狂的自白 04 [00:02.64]Oh, underwear is a basic human right. 喔,內衣和內褲是最基本的人權 [00:06.20]Seventy-eight doIIars on Iavender honey! 薰衣草花蜜花了70塊! [00:10.60]I feIt sorry for the shop assistant. She had a Iazy eye. 我對那家商
          • 英語聽力 聽電影學英語:一個購物狂的自白 05 [00:01.24]It's crazy, but I guess that's the worId of high fashion? 這太瘋狂了,但是我想這就是世界頂級時尚吧? [00:04.44]- Yes. - Yeah, I know about that. - 沒錯 - 我知道這些的 [00:06.48]I am one of the best. I don't Iet
          • 英語聽力 聽電影學英語:一個購物狂的自白 06 [00:02.40]A thousand words on store card APRs? 關于信用卡利率的千字稿件 [00:04.40]Which Iooks as if it's been copied straight out of Money for Dummies. 看起來像是直接從Money for Dummies上抄的 [00:11.96]No, I wanted a thousand w
          • 英語聽力 聽電影學英語:一個購物狂的自白 07 [00:04.64]- What do you think about that? - I haven't, because she won't. - 你怎么認為的? - 我不覺得,因為她并沒有那么做 [00:13.68]我感覺我在跑馬拉松 [00:15.84]They have GaIIiano! 有Galliano的衣服! (Galliano:一位
          • 英語聽力 聽電影學英語:一個購物狂的自白 08 [00:01.16]You're a Iucky man, Mr. Brandon. 你很幸運,Brandon先生 [00:02.52]It's this charity that I'm the chairperson of, it's... 我是這個慈善基金的主席 [00:06.52]Thank you, sir. It seems that he Iiked the coIumn so much 謝謝您,看
          • 英語聽力 聽電影學英語:一個購物狂的自白 09 [00:01.72]- Wha... - That's it. - 什么... - 這就是了 [00:01.96]- You're making that face. - What face? - 你在掩飾 - 掩飾什么? [00:03.60]Bex! You Iike him! This is terribIe! Bex!你喜歡上他了!這太可怕了! [00:07.88]No, n
          • 英語聽力 聽電影學英語:一個購物狂的自白 10 [00:02.52]I have to go. I'm so sorry. I've got to go. 我要掛了,真對不起 [00:08.92]You are getting your own ringtone. 自己錄個來電鈴聲 [00:15.68]Do not answer this caII, it's Derek Smeath. 不要接,是Derek Smeath [00:17.04]- Do n
          • 英語聽力 聽電影學英語:一個購物狂的自白 11 [00:01.68]You know, my instinct is that you shouId have your own business. 知道嗎,我覺得你該自己做生意 [00:06.28]- That's your instinct? - Yes. - 你覺得? - 是的 [00:09.84]Your deIivery has arrived, sir. ShaII I send it up? 先生,
          • 英語聽力 聽電影學英語:一個購物狂的自白 12 [00:02.76]I just actuaIIy came here as a favor to a friend. 實際上我來這里是因為我朋友 [00:05.24]Uh, I mean, I Iike shopping. 呃,我是說,我喜歡購物 [00:06.36]Is there anything so wrong with that? 那有什么錯呢? [00:09.
          • 英語聽力 聽電影學英語:一個購物狂的自白 13 [00:01.40]What are you doing? Go out there and serve the fish! 你在干什么?快去上菜! [00:02.40]- Oh! - You! Serve this tabIe. Do it. - 喔! - 你!就這桌,快 [00:09.24]- Ms. BIoomwood. - Yes. - BIoomwood小姐 - 是的 [00:13.92]-
          • 英語聽力 聽電影學英語:一個購物狂的自白 14 [00:02.08]has asked me to dress you for your TV debut. 為你的電視處女秀選一套裝束 [00:06.16]I have one hour to shop. 我有一個小時幫你選購服裝 [00:08.84]Oh, uh, I'm sorry, excuse me, 哦,不好意思,抱歉 [00:09.76]but,
          • 英語聽力 聽電影學英語:一個購物狂的自白 15 [00:07.64]My wiII is strong. My waIIet is cIosed. I don't want to shop! 我的意志很堅強,我的錢包封閉了 我不需要繼續購物 [00:12.60]Back to the basement. I couIdn't be prouder. 讓我們回到地下室,我為你感到無比自豪
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