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            主人公尤里奧洛夫(Yuri Orlov)在少年時跟隨家人從歐洲移居美國。在其面對無聊的生活時,無意間目睹了一次黑幫間的暗殺,從而對武器產生了興趣。便做起了地下黑槍的生意。并在此期間,遇到了一見鐘情的女人——埃娃?;氐矫绹?,尤里勸說弟弟維塔利加入了他的軍火生意,兩人開始靠倒賣地下軍火賺錢。。。。。。





          • 聽電影學英語-戰爭之王 01 [00:59.58]在這世界上 There are over 550 million firearms [01:01.85]全世界一共有5億5千萬支軍火 in world-wide circulation. [01:04.48]那就是說每12個人 Thats one firearm for every [01:06.05]就有1只槍 twelve people on the plane
          • 聽電影學英語-戰爭之王 02 [00:06.15]在我生命的前二十幾年里 For the first twenty-odd years of my life... [00:08.35]小奧德薩對我來說 就像對這列火車一樣 ...Little Odessa was to me what it is to the Q train... [00:12.28]是終點站 ...the end of the l
          • 聽電影學英語-戰爭之王 03 [00:01.62]也許你生來就是一條狗呢? What if thats the best part of you? The dog part. [00:05.52]其實我們就是兩條腿的狗 What if youre really just a two-legged dog? [00:10.18]你得去看心理醫生了 You need to see somebody. [
          • 聽電影學英語-戰爭之王 04 [00:03.58]英鎊...這些才是最好的 ...drachmas, rubles, rupees, and pounds-fucking-sterling. [00:07.32]當然,美國陸軍也插了一腳 Of course, the U.S. Army got a piece of the action. [00:10.35]80年代陸軍薪資很低,即使現在也
          • 聽電影學英語-戰爭之王 05 [00:01.05]我常更換船和飛機注冊的名字 Id often changed the registration of a ship or a plane... [00:04.32]但從來沒有這么急過 ...but never on such short notice. [00:09.88]媽的,來得真快! Damn! Theyre hauling. [00:12.75]什么
          • 聽電影學英語-戰爭之王 06 [00:01.92]的確為我帶來可觀的利潤 netted me a healthy profit. [00:04.05]要不是半途丟了一公斤 It would have been even better, [00:05.35]利潤會更可觀 except one kilo never made it back. [00:07.98]維塔利? Vitaly? [00:10.41]維
          • 聽電影學英語-戰爭之王 07 [00:01.01]至少原來是這么安排的 At least, that was the plan. [00:02.81]攝影師被困在邁阿密了 I guess the photographer got stuck in Miami. [00:05.45]說有颶風,但新聞上只字未提 Hurricane. Though theres nothing on the news
          • 聽電影學英語-戰爭之王 08 [00:02.38]現在只好拼命想辦法 which she had thanks largely to me [00:04.88]才能維持她以往的生活水平 become accustomed. [00:06.05]艾娃 Ava [00:07.35]艾娃,這太貴重了 Ava, this is too much. [00:09.11]尤里很寵愛你的
          • 聽電影學英語-戰爭之王 09 [00:03.05]你的庫存少得危險 Your stocks are dangerously depleted, Dmitri. [00:05.88]你該去向工廠訂貨了 You should order more from the factory. [00:08.85]有人會追查的 Someone will work it out. [00:12.18]那時怎么辦? What ha
          • 聽電影學英語-戰爭之王 10 [00:01.88]就算它被泥土或者沙子覆蓋 It will shoot whether its covered in mud [00:03.65]它還是可以正常的開火 or filled with sand. [00:05.25]它的使用非常簡單 就算一個小孩都可以使用它 Its so easy, even a child ca
          • 聽電影學英語-戰爭之王 11 [00:29.21]喂 Hello. [00:30.11]艾娃? Ava? [00:30.98]親愛的 Hi, baby. [00:33.85]你知道現在幾點了嗎? You forgot what time it is? [00:35.88]對不起... Sorry, I... [00:37.95]你的面試怎么樣? How was that your audition? [00:41.75
          • 聽電影學英語-戰爭之王 12 [00:02.31]你必須買下它 Well now youre gonna have to buy it [00:04.38]它已經被你用過了 Its a used gun. [00:07.51]我怎么能賣掉用過的槍 How can I sell a used gun? [00:11.88]一把用過的槍 A used gun. [00:14.41]一把用過的槍
          • 聽電影學英語-戰爭之王 13 [00:01.84]賄賂別人的錢也很多 Not to mention bribes. [00:03.81]不賄賂別人 You cant get a nut and bolt out [00:05.01]你根本無法進入邊界 of the Eastern Bloc without a bribe. [00:06.91]給那個瘋子一筆賄賂 Theres one bribe f
          • 聽電影學英語-戰爭之王 14 [00:03.68]為什么? Why? [00:06.95]啥? Why? [00:09.58]為什么? Why? [00:11.78]啥為什么? Why what? [00:13.84]為什么? Why? [00:14.91]為什么? 我不知道 Why? I dont know. [00:15.78]為什么? 我不知道 Why... I dont know
          • 聽電影學英語-戰爭之王 15 [00:01.41]抱歉打你這個號碼 I Sorry to call you on this number. [00:02.58]國際警察纏上我了 But Ive got Interpols all over my ass. [00:04.44]我現在不能講話... I cant know you right now. [00:06.05]時機不對 Its uh, not a good t
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