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          • 托福聽力短文 I-01-1 (man) Community service is an important component of education here at our university. We encourage all students to volunteer for at least one community activity before they graduate. A new community program called One On One helps elementary studen
          • 托福聽力短文 I-01-2 (woman) I hope you've all finished reading the assigned chapter on insurance-so that you're prepared for our discussion today. But, before we start, I'd like to mention a few things your text doesn't go into. It's interesting to note that insurance
          • 托福聽力短文 I-01-3 (man) Located at the NASA Research Center in Iowa is a 5,000-gallon vat of water, and inside the tank is an underwater treadmill designed by Dava Newman, an aerospace engineer. For four years Newman observed scuba divers as they simulated walking on
          • 托福聽力短文 I-02-1 (man) Welcome to Everglades National Par. The Everglades is a watery plain covered with saw grass that's home to numerous species of plants and wildlife. At one and a half million acres, it's too big to see it all today, but this tour will offer you
          • 托福聽力短文 I-02-2 (woman) Thank you. It's great to see so many of you interested in this series on Survival in Outer Space. Please excuse the cameras - we're being videotaped for the local TV stations. Tonight I'm going to talk about the most basic aspect of survival
          • 托福聽力短文 I-02-3 (woman) Good evening. My name is Pam Jones, and on behalf of the Modern Dance club, I'd like to welcome you to tonight's program. The club is pleased to present the TV version of The Catherine Wheel, Twyla Tharp's rock ballet. This video version of
          • 托福聽力短文 I-03-1 (woman) In our lab today, we'll be testing the hypothesis that babied can count as early as five months of age. The six babies here are all less than six months old. You'll be watching them on closed-circuit TV and measuring their responses. The exp
          • 托福聽力短文 I-03-2 (woman) Before starting our tour of Monticello, I'd like to give you some historical facts that might help you appreciate what you see today even more. Monticello was the very much loved home of Thomas Jefferson for over fifty years. Jefferson, who
          • 托福聽力短文 I-03-3 (man) Now that we've all introduced ourselves to the new members, let's get down to work. As the committee in charge of this year's tree-planting project, we have several items on our agenda. First, we have to review the budget. The president has in
          • 托福聽力短文 I-04-1 (woman) Welcome to the Four Winds Historical Farm, where traditions of the past are preserved for visitors like you. Today, our master thatchers will begin giving this barn behind me a sturdy thatched roof able to withstand heavy winds and last up t
          • 托福聽力短文 I-04-2 (man) A lot of people in the United States are coffee drinkers. Over the last few years, a trend has been developing to introduce premium, specially blended coffees --- knows as gourmet coffees --- into the American market. Boston seems to have been
          • 托福聽力短文 I-04-3 (woman) You may remember that a few weeks ago we discussed the question of what photography is. Is it art, or is it a method of reproducing images? Do photographs belong in museums or just in our homes? Today I want to talk about a person who tried
          • 托福聽力短文 I-05-1 (woman) So, uh... as Jim said, James Polk was the eleventh President, and... uh... well, my report's about the next President --- Zachary Taylor. Taylor was elected in 1849. It's surprising because... well, he was the first President that didn't hav
          • 托福聽力短文 I-05-2 (man) I want to welcome each and every balloon enthusiast to Philadelphia. Thank you for coming here this morning to commemorate the first balloon voyage in the United States. On January 9, 1793, at ten o'clock in the morning, a silk balloon lifted
          • 托福聽力短文 I-05-3 (man) I'm glad you brought up the question of our investigations into the makeup of the Earth's interior. In fact --- since this is the topic of your reading assignment for next time --- let me spend these last few minutes of class talking about it.
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