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          • 聽力每日練習 lesson 40 18 DEGREES BELOW ZERO laurance--Did you hear how cold it got last night? soony--I heard the radio announcer say it was 18 degrees below zero. laurance--That's cold.I could hardly start my car,it was so cold this morning! soony-My car didn't want to
          • 聽力每日練習 lesson 41 In a Department Store 1--Yes, madam. Can I help you? 2--Yes, please. Yesterday my daughter bought this skirt from this shop. I'd like to change it. Here, I've got the receipt. 1--What's the problem? 2--I'm afraid it doesn't fit. It's a size 12 and i
          • 聽力每日練習 lesson 42 Applying for a job 1--Good morning. My name's James Goodman. 2--Ah, good morning, Mr Goodman. Nice to meet you. I'm Peter Banks from Personnel. Do sit down. 1--Thank you very much. 2--Now, have you brought your curriculum vitae with you? 1--Oh, my C
          • 聽力每日練習 lesson 43 An Appointment 1--Good afternoon, sir. 2--Good afternoon. I have an appointment with Mr Blake. My name is Ahmed Ali. 1--Ah yes, your appointment is at 4:15. Can you wait a moment, please, Mr Ali? 2--Yes, of course. ==================================
          • 聽力每日練習 lesson 44 No Student politics 1--But what about the future after University? What do you want to do? 2--Well, firstly I'm interested in getting a degree and that takes three or four years, remember. 1--Work all the time? No student politics or anything? 2--We
          • 聽力每日練習 lesson 45 I Intend to Go to University 1--You've just left school, haven't you, Sheila? 2--Yes, I finished last Friday. 1--You sound relieved. 2--Well, yes. I don't mind admitting that I am. I enjoyed school. But I did object to having to go in every day once
          • 聽力每日練習 lesson 46 Talking About Films 1--What a pity we couldn't see Star Wars last night! 2--Yes, it was a pity. I've always wanted to see it. Everyone says it's really great film. 1--What sort of films do you like best? 2--Horror films and thrillers--and science--f
          • 聽力每日練習 lesson 47 Learning to Play the Guitar 1--I have started learning to play the guitar. 2--Have you? 1--And I've always been intereste in... I've never had the time, and... 2--So you've bought a guitar? 1--I have. 2--And are you taking lessons? 1--Not taking les
          • 聽力每日練習 lesson 48 Talking About Music 1--Do you want black or white coffee? 2--White, please. 1--Look! There's a folk concert tomorrow evening. Do you want to go? 2--I don't like folk music very much. 1--What kind of music do you like? 2--I like classical music. Do y
          • 聽力每日練習 lesson 49 Talking About Computers 1--Do you know much about computers? 2--Not a great deal. 1--I've just been reading an article about them. They are used for all sorts of things now. 2--For accounting systems and things you mean? 1--Yes, but they're used for
          • 聽力每日練習 lesson 50 The First Gliding Lesson 1--What was your first gliding lesson like? 2--If was very interesting. 1--How did you start? 2--Well, the instructor showed me the controls. 1--What happened next? 2--The instructor showed me how to use them. Then we went f
          • 聽力每日練習 lesson 51 Goiing to School 1--Go really fast,Cindy! 2--I can'. The speed limit here is thirty miles an hour. 1--What a pity! I love going fast. 2--How do you usually get to school? 1--We never go by car! We usually walk or go by bus. 2--How long does it take
          • 聽力每日練習 lesson 52 About School 1--How many hours a week do you work, Sue? 2--We have to start at nine o'clock in the morning. but I'm always at school by a quarter past eight, in fact. Erm, we finish at four o'clock 4 days a week, and I usually do go home at four o'c
          • 聽力每日練習 lesson 53 Benefits of Having a Student Card 1--Do English students have to pay for their education? 2--No, the fees are usually paid by the state. 1--Do they get a grant as well? 2--Yes, most of them get a grant. 1--Can they live on it? 2--It's very difficult
          • 聽力每日練習 lesson 54 Education in Britain 1--At what age do children start school in your country? 2--At five. 1--Do boys and girls go to school together? 2--Yes, they do. 1--Do you think this is a good idea? 2--Yes, I do. 1--Do some children go on to university? 2--Yes
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