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          • 聽力文摘:超市的數字把戲 The Supermarket Numbers Game Have you ever gone to the store just for milk, but walked out with eight sale-priced cans of something youd never tasted and eight candy bars? How does that happen? Dr. Brian Wansink of the University of Illinois Food amp
          • 聽力文摘:驚天內幕,醫生不洗手! The Surprising Truth: Doctors Are Not Washing Their Hands Since the beginning of time, or at least for a good long while, mothers have exhorted their kids to wash their hands. Its a lesson most of us learn and carry with us into adulthood. And youd t
          • 聽力文摘:巖石怎么會出現在你的花園? How Rocks Appear In Your Garden I wonder how many of us went out this past spring to get our gardens ready for planting, smug in the thought that last year we got rid of all the rocks. Theres that nice big mound of them in the corner of the garden wh
          • 聽力文摘:利刃特別在何處? Whats So Special About A Sharp Knife? Everyone knows that a sharp knife cuts better than a dull one, but do you know why, exactly? The purpose of the cutting edge of a knife is to concentrate the force thats being applied at the handle. When you push
          • 聽力文摘:暴力電玩會改變我們的大腦嗎? Do Violent Video Games Change Our Brains? Video games are a huge industry kids and young adults spend more time playing them than watching movies or TV. And some of the most popular video games are ultra realistic war and fighting games featuring mas
          • 聽力文摘:你的瞳孔出賣了你! What Do Pupils Tell Us? The size of our pupils can give clues to our interest, emotions, attitudes, and thought processes. If youve seen a magician tell which card someone picked from a deck, youve probably been amazed. Well, the pupils often open up
          • 聽力文摘:在大腦和內臟之間有聯系嗎? Is There A Connection Between The Brain And The Gut? 在大腦和內臟之間有聯系嗎? Most people realize there is a brain gut connection. Nervous tension can aggravate irritable bowel syndrome and common dyspepsia, or stomach upset. 大多數人
          • 聽力文摘:什么是氨基丁酸化學物質? What Is The GABA Chemical? 什么是氨基丁酸化學物質? What would it be like if wearing a soft cotton t-shirt felt like your skin was being scrubbed with a Brillo pad? For people who suffer from a condition called central pain, such pain is
          • 聽力文摘:科學家用遠古貝殼了解過去 Scientists Use Ancient Shells To Learn About The Past 科學家用遠古貝殼了解過去 If you were traveling from the United States to Singapore, a guide book could tell you what sort of climate to expect. But if, like paleontologists and geologi
          • 聽力文摘:氣球不見之后發生了什么? Fairs, carnivals, festivals or anywhere you can buy helium-filled balloons, youre sure to see at least one balloon rising into the sky after someone accidentally lets it go off. 在集市,嘉年華,節日聚會還有任何其他地方你都能買到
          • 聽力文摘:運動會引發頭痛嗎? Does Exercise Trigger Headache? 運動會引發頭痛嗎? Dear A Moment of Science, 親愛的片刻科學家, I like to exercise, but I suffer from migraines and worry that getting my sweat on at the gym could trigger a headache. Am I right to be
          • 聽力文摘:為什么高海拔會引起頭痛? Why Does Altitude Cause Headache? 為什么高海拔會引起頭痛? Mountain climbers face many dangers as they brave the cold winds and icy slopes and jagged cliffs of the peaks they climb. But one of the most serious dangers they face is all in
          • 聽力文摘:短信脖子病 Beware Of Text Neck! 小心短信脖子 Remember when the Blackberry was all the rage, and people worried about straining their thumbs typing on that tiny keyboard? 還記得黑莓很流行的時候,人們擔心在那個小小的鍵盤上拉緊拇指
          • 聽力文摘:什么是鮮奶油? What Is Whipped Cream? 什么是鮮奶油? It adorns ice cream sundaes, pumpkin pie, gingerbread, and hot chocolate. Its sweet creaminess tantalizes taste buds and sends dieters running from the scale. Did you ever wonder why heavy cream whips into
          • 聽力文摘:糜鹿也有關節炎? Did You Know That Moose Can Have Arthritis? 糜鹿也有關節炎? Its easy to tell, even at a glance, that people and moose are pretty different. Moose, at least males, have big, wing shaped antlers. People have no antlers. Moose are herbivores, e
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