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          • 外貿英語一點通第1期:客戶會議(1) 能言善辯 ▲Is this what we decided?這是我們說定的嗎? ▼I think so. Because we have talked about this last week.是的,我們上周已談過這個問題。 ▼Not yet, we just start to discuss this issue.還沒有,我們才開始談這
          • 外貿英語一點通第2期:客戶會議(2) Organize a client meeting 組織客戶會議 A: Hello, John. Please invite all our clients to the conference next week. B: How should I get their contact info? A: Get the clients' contact info from my Rolodex. B: Where should I put them up? A: How ab
          • 外貿英語一點通第3期:客戶會議(3) Meet with customers 客戶會談 A: Susan, can you tell me in a nutshell what the retail market is like in China? B: Well, as per capital income goes up and up, the growth sector seems to be in the high-end. A: Retail is going upscale here? China is
          • 外貿英語一點通第4期:客戶會議(4) Talk about job A: Jane, the meeting is scheduled from 1:00 this afternoon. Have you made the necessary arrangements? B: Yes, Mr. Miller. We'll use the conference room on the third floor for the meeting. A: That's right. The meeting is very important.
          • 外貿英語一點通第5期:外貿談判 能言善辯 ▲ What about the price? 對價錢有何看法? ▼ The price you provided is much higher than market price. 你們提供的價格遠遠高于市場價格。 ▼ The price is quite fair. We'll think it over. 價格還算公道,我們會
          • 外貿英語一點通第6期:合同簽訂(1) 能言善辯 ▲ Im glad that we have finally come to an agreement. 很高興我們終于達成了協議。 ▼ The same to me. 我也很高興。 ▼ Congratulations on our success. 祝賀我們的成功。 ▼ Good luck for our cooperation. 祝我們
          • 外貿英語一點通第7期:合同簽訂(2) Sign a contract 簽訂合同 A: Can you tell me what the unit price of such carpet is? B: Of course, here is the catalogue and the price list. You can have a look. We also have many other kinds of carpets. A: The price seems accecptable for me. But I
          • 外貿英語一點通第8期:合同簽訂(3) Check term 商定條款 A: Wed like to buy 2000 tons of rice from your company. Can you give me an indication of your prices? B: With pleasure. Youll find that we have given you the most favorable price in our business. A: OK, let me have a look. We
          • 外貿英語一點通第9期:合同簽訂(4) Explanation 說明解釋 A: I think these patterns are quite good. Can you give me a price indication of these? B: Of course, its my pleasure. Well quote you the lowest price prevailing. A: Thank you very much. If your price is suitable, then we can
          • 外貿英語一點通第10期:合同簽訂(5) Ask for details 詢問細節 A: Ive just visited your showroom. You surely get a lot of fancy bedsheets, I like them very much. B: Im glad you like them. They are all made of silk. Here on display are all the most popular and favorite products. What
          • 外貿英語一點通第11期:價格談判(1) 能言善辯 △What do you think about the price?這個價格你覺得怎么樣? ▽It seems acceptable. 這個價格我可以接受。 ▽I cant acceptable. 我無法接受。 ▽Its too high. 這個價格太貴了。 ▽Im afraid I cant agree
          • 外貿英語一點通第12期:價格談判(2) Payment term 付款條件 A: We are interested in your pure silk, but Im wondering about the price. How much will you possibly offer us? B: Its $ 120 per yard, including a 5% discount. A: Thats much higher than I expected. Can you come down a bit? B:
          • 外貿英語一點通第13期:價格談判(3) Discount 折扣 A: We can offer you 5% discount. B: Your price is rather out of line, much higher than we expected. We cant buy with your offer. A: Well, what do you suggest then? How about 8%? B: When we say your prices are much too high, we dont me
          • 外貿英語一點通第14期:價格談判(4) Reasonable prices 合理價位 A: We're thinking of ordering fifty refrigerator. But there's one problem. B: What's that? I thought our negotiation went very well. A: The only problem is the price. It's not possible for us to make any sales at this p
          • 外貿英語一點通第15期:價格談判(5) Compromise 折中 A: We're considering of ordering 200 computers, but I'm wondering about the price you'll possibly offer. B: Our price will be not less than $ 5000. A: Your price is higher than I expected. Could you give us a little discount? B: Thi
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