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          • 《新福爾摩斯》精講 It's a bit different from my day. 有點時過境遷的感覺 You've no idea. 豈止如此 Mike, can I borrow your phone? No signal on mine. 邁克 能借你手機用下嗎 我的沒信號 Well, what's wrong with the landline? 你不能用固話嗎 I
          • 《新福爾摩斯》精講 02 Taxi! 的士 Okay, you've got questions. 好吧 我知道你一肚子問題 Where are we going? 我們這是去哪兒 Crime scene. There's been a murder. Next? 犯罪現場 發生了一起謀殺案 下一個呢 Who are you? What do you do? 你是誰 做
          • 《新福爾摩斯》精講 03 Hello, freak. 你好 怪胎 I'm here to see Inspector Lestrade. 我找雷斯垂德探長 Why? 來干嘛 I was invited. 我是受邀前來 Why? 為什么 I think he wants me to take a look. 我想是他要讓我來看下 Well, you know what Ithink, do
          • 《新福爾摩斯》精講 04 Sherlock, two minutes, I said. I need anything you've got. 夏洛克 我說了給你兩分鐘 告訴我你的發現 Okay, take this down. 好吧 寫下來 Just tell me what you've got. 告訴我就是 I'm not going to write it down. 我不要自己寫
          • 《新福爾摩斯》精講 05 He's gone. 他走了 What, Sherlock Holmes? 夏洛克福爾摩斯嗎 He just took off. He does that. 對 他剛走 他總這樣 Is he coming back? 他還會回來嗎 Didn't look like it. 估計不會 Right. 好吧 Right, yes. Um, sorry, where am I? 對
          • 《新福爾摩斯》精講 06 Where are we going? 我們現在去哪里 Northumberland Terrace is a five-minute walk from here. 諾森伯蘭大樓 離這五分鐘路程 What, you think he's stupid enough to go there? 你真認為他會蠢到單刀赴會嗎 No, I think he's brilli
          • 《新福爾摩斯》精講 07 I'll get you a candle for the table. It's more romantic, hmm? 我給你們拿蠟燭來 讓氣氛浪漫點 I'm not his date! 我們沒在約會 You may as well eat. We might be waiting a long time. 你也吃點吧 我們可能得等上一段時間 Hmm
          • 《新福爾摩斯》精講 08 No sign yet then? 還沒動靜嗎 I suppose it is a long shot, we have to be realistic. 本來就希望渺茫 我們得做好心理準備 You said before you didn't know who the killer was but you knew what. 你說你不知道兇手是誰 卻知道他是
          • 《新福爾摩斯》精講 09 What's he doing? 他在搞什么 Sherlock's on the case. 夏洛克開始破案了 Bad news for bad people. 罪犯們可要遭殃了 Hey, hey, come on! 喂 別這樣 Sorry mate, off duty. 抱歉伙計 我下班了 221B Baker Street. 我要去貝克街
          • 《新福爾摩斯》精講 10 I know who you are, Mr Holmes. 我知道你是誰 福爾摩斯先生 The moment you said your name, I knew. 你一說你的大名我就知道了 Sherlock Holmes! 夏洛克福爾摩斯 I've been on your website loads of times. 我經常上你的網站
          • 《新福爾摩斯》精講 11 Is this what you did? 這就是你的做法嗎 To all of them? 用這個對付他們 You gave them a choice? 讓他們自己選擇 You've got to admit, 你也得承認 as serial killers go, I'm verging on nice. 作為一個連環殺手 我還算厚道了
          • 《新福爾摩斯》精講 12 How did you choose which ones? 你怎么選擇受害人 Anyone who didn't know where they were going, 所有迷失方向的人 cause they were drunk or lost or new in town. 或是醉了或是初來乍到的人 Anyone I could walk through the wrong do
          • 《新福爾摩斯》精講 13 You make the slightest move towards that phone, I'llkillyou. 你要敢靠近那電話一步 我就殺了你 Oh, I don't think so. 你才不會 Not your kind of murder. 這可不符合你的手法 Youwantto risk it? 你想冒那風險嗎 Wouldn't you
          • 《新福爾摩斯》精講 14 Why have I got this blanket? They keep putting this blanket on me. 為什么給我毛毯 他們老是給我披這條毛毯 It's for shock. 為防你受驚嚇 I'm not in shock. 我沒有受驚 Yeah, but some of the guys want to take photographs. 知道
          • 《新福爾摩斯》精講 15 Sergeant Donovan's been explaining everything to me, it's... 剛剛多諾萬警佐都跟我說了 And the two pills, dreadful business, dreadful. 那個真假毒藥 這游戲真可怕 心驚肉跳呀 Where is it? 在哪兒 Where's what? 什么在哪兒
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