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          • 校園英語 unit 1 校園英語口語 Unit1 That pen is blue. This ball-pen is red. That ball-pen is purple. This brush is yellow. That brush is black. My pencil-box is orange. How nice! My eraser is rose. How nice! My brush is violet. How odd! How nice the classroom is! I
          • 校園英語 unit 2 校園英語口語 Unit2 Can I ask some questions about this school? Sure. Go ahead, please. How many grades are there in this school? There are nine grades. How many classes in each grade? Eight classes. Then how many students in each class? It all depen
          • 校園英語 unit 3 校園英語口語 Unit3 Excuse me Yes? Where is class Three? Which Grade? Oh, I'm sorry. Grade Four. On the left. Thank you. No thanks. Excuse me, sir. Yes? Can you tell me where the library is? Just at the end of the road. On the left or on the right? I
          • 校園英語 unit 4 校園英語口語 Unit4 I'm new here. Welcome Would you show me around the campus? I'm glad to. Is the campus large? Yes, you can find a lot of buildings. What's that building on the right? It's our main teaching building. It's such a large building. You
          • 校園英語 unit 5 校園英語口語 Unit5 What do you like best? best Your favorite books? Science fiction Is it exciting? Yes, I think so. What's your favorite hobby? I like sports best. What sport do you like best? I like ping-pong best. Do you think it easy to play? No
          • 校園英語 unit 6 校園英語口語 Unit6 You seem excited I'm too excited! What happened? I passed the exam. No wonder! You look nervous. Yes, I am. What's wrong with you? Mr.Li asked me to his office. Did you do well in the exam? No, I was unlucky this time. No wonder y
          • 校園英語 unit 7 校園英語口語 Unit7 Let's learn throw. All right. Follow me. All right. Excuse me. Yes? Would you pronounce this word? ...hundred...Would you follow me? I'm afraid I can't. Listen carefully!... hundred ... I beg your pardon? ...hundred..., read after
          • 校園英語 unit 8 校園英語口語 Unit8 Have you a knife? Yes, I have. Can I borrow it? Here you are. Thank you. What do you need it for? For cutting the paper. I wonder if you have a bicycle. Yes, I have. Can I borrow it for a while? Of course Thank you very much. What
          • 校園英語 unit 9
          • 校園英語 unit 10 校園英語口語 Unit10:Can I borrow this book? Can I borrow this book? Of course. How long can I keep it? One month. It's such a short period. I'm afraid I can't finish reading it in so short time. Can I renew? Sure. Where can I find English novels?
          • 校園英語 unit 11 校園英語口語 Unit11:Are you free tonight? Are you free tonight? Yes. What are you going to do? I have no idea. How about going to the cinema? That's a good idea. Have you got the ticket? No, I haven't. What a pity! Maybe there are no more tickets fo
          • 校園英語 unit 12 校園英語口語 Unit12:Bad news Bad news! What's going on? The movie is cancelled. Why? There's meeting. Is the meeting very important? Yes, of course. otherwise the movie will not been put off. Been put off? Yes. And we will see the movie on next Sund
          • 校園英語 unit 13 校園英語口語 Unit13:How do you keep fit in your spare time How do you keep fit in your spare time? No way. I never do any exercise. Really? That's not good for your health. Can you give me some suggestions? You can do some aerobics. How do you keep
          • 校園英語 unit 14 校園英語口語 Unit14:School is over School is over. Let's play basketball. Sounds nice. But the court is not free. What a pity! Do you want to play basketball? Yes. Join us, ok? I'd love to. You are so tall. Are you a center? No, I'm a forward. And y
          • 校園英語 unit 15 Hello. Hi! You look so tired. Really? Yes. What's in your hands? A football. So dirty! Played it just now? Yes. We had a match with Class Two. Really? What was the result? 3:0. We won the match Wonderful! Call me next time, ok? No problem. Have you
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