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             希拉里.拉丹.克林頓,一位影響美國政壇,甚至是世界時局的女性;她剛毅果決,勇於面對人生的一切,冷靜理性的處世態度,造就她希拉里式的傳奇。她是第一個在白宮西廂擁有自己辦公室的第一夫人,也是第一位將自己幕僚 "借" 給總統,并代表總統與敵對陣營協商的第一夫人。




          • 希拉里有聲自傳Hillary Rodham Clinton01 In 1959, I wrote my autobiography for an assignment in Mrs. Kings sixth grade. In twenty-nine pages, most half-filled with earnest scrawl, I described my parents, brothers, pets, house, hobbies, school, sports and plans for the future. Forty-two yea
          • 希拉里有聲自傳Hillary Rodham Clinton02 I wasnt born a first lady or a senator. I wasnt born a Democrat. I wasnt born a lawyer or an advocate for womens rights and human rights. I wasnt born a wife or mother. I was born an American in the middle of the twentieth century, a fortunate time
          • 希拉里有聲自傳Hillary Rodham Clinton03 Neither was willing to care for their children, so they sent their daughters alone on a 3-day train trip from Chicago to Alhambra in California to live with their paternal grandparents. My mother's grandfather, Edwin Sr., a former British sailor, le
          • 希拉里有聲自傳Hillary Rodham Clinton04 Each summer, as children, my brother and I spent most of August at the cottage Grandpa Rodham had built in 1921 about twenty miles northwest of Scranton in the Pocono Mountains overlooking Lake Winola. The rustic cabin had no heat except for the cas
          • 希拉里有聲自傳Hillary Rodham Clinton05 Like so many who grew up in the Depression, his fear of poverty colored his life. He could not stand personal waste. If one of my brothers or I forgot to screw the cap back on the toothpaste tube, my father threw it out the bathroom window. We would
          • 希拉里有聲自傳Hillary Rodham Clinton06 What you dont learn from your mother, you learn from the world is a saying I once heard from the Masai tribe in Kenya. By the fall of 1960, my world was expanding and so were my political sensibilities. John E Kennedy won the presidential election,
          • 希拉里有聲自傳Hillary Rodham Clinton07 I clearly expected to work for a living, and I was lucky to have parents who never tried to mold me into any category or career. In fact, I dont remember a friends parent or a teacher ever telling me or my friends that girls cant do this or girls sh
          • 希拉里有聲自傳Hillary Rodham Clinton08 I arrived at Wellesley carrying my fathers political beliefs and my mothers dreams and left with the beginnings of my own. I didnt hit my stride as a Wellesley student right away. My struggles with math and geology convinced me once and for all to g
          • 希拉里有聲自傳Hillary Rodham Clinton09 I had applied for the Wellesley Internship Program in Washington, D.C., and though dismayed and unnerved by the assassinations, I was still committed to going to Washington. The nine-week summer program placed students in agencies and congressional
          • 希拉里有聲自傳Hillary Rodham Clinton10 My decision to go the Yale law school was an expression of my belief that the system could be changed from within. When I entered Yale in the fall of 1969, I was one of twenty-seven women out of 235 students to matriculate. This seems like a paltry
          • 希拉里有聲自傳Hillary Rodham Clinton11 Bill Clinton was hard to miss in the autumn of 1970. He arrived at Yale Law School looking more like a Viking than a Rhodes Scholar returning from two years at Oxford. He was tall and handsome somewhere beneath that reddish brown beard and curly man
          • 希拉里有聲自傳Hillary Rodham Clinton12 In between cramming for finals and finishing up my first year of concentration on children, we spent long hours driving around in his 1970 burnt-orange Opel station wagon―truly one of the ugliest cars ever manufactured―or hanging out at the beach
          • 希拉里有聲自傳Hillary Rodham Clinton13 After school ended in the spring of 1972, I returned to Washington to work again for Marian Wright Edelman. Bill took a full-time job with the McGovern campaign. My primary assignment in the summer of 1972 was to gather information about the Nixon A
          • 希拉里有聲自傳Hillary Rodham Clinton14 Soon after we returned from Europe, Bill offered to take me on another journey―this time to the place he called home. Bill picked me up at the airport in Little Rock on a bright summer morning in late June. We made our way through the Arkansas Rive
          • 希拉里有聲自傳Hillary Rodham Clinton15 The forty-four attorneys involved in the impeachment inquiry worked seven days a week, I was twenty-six years old, awed by the company I was keeping and the historic responsibility we had assumed. Doar was committed to running a process that the publ
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