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          • 新奇事件簿 劍橋大學招聘巧克力研究員 Cambridge University needs chocolate researcher 劍橋大學招聘巧克力研究員 The job of a lifetime is currently on offer for those with a sweet tooth. Cambridge University in the U.K. has just posted a position on its careers website advertis
          • 新奇事件簿 16歲一級方程式賽車手 In most countries around the world, 16-year-olds have to wait for another two years to be able to drive a car. Not so for 16-year-old Max Verstappen. He has just been signed up to drive for a Formula 1 racing team. He will become the youngest ever F1
          • 新奇事件簿 假期拒收工作郵件 It is becoming more and more difficult for workers to switch off from work. Many workers answer or write e-mails on the train to and from work, during lunchtime and at home after work. A lot of people even check their work e-mail when they go on vaca
          • 新奇事件簿 司機因拍攝車禍現場而遭到起訴 British police are prosecuting four motorists for slowing down on a busy highway to take photos of a crash scene. It will be the first time for drivers in Britain to face prosecution for rubbernecking the act of looking back at a grisly scene, usuall
          • 新奇事件簿 阿聯酋提醒公民在倫敦要當心 The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has advised its citizens to avoid certain dangerous areas in central London. The UAE's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released a map highlighting areas they deem to be crime hotspots. Most of the areas are around Londo
          • 新奇事件簿 委內瑞拉的購物者需要按指紋 There are many food shortages in Venezuela. Many Venezuelans cannot buy basic goods. This problem is made worse because people buy too much of something when they see it in the stores. It's a kind of panic buying. President Nicolas Maduro has started
          • 新奇事件簿 冰桶挑戰有利于慈善事業 You have probably seen videos on social media of your family and friends pouring a bucket of ice-cold water on their heads for charity. They have taken part in the Ice Bucket Challenge, the latest viral campaign to emerge on Facebook, YouTube, Twitte
          • 新奇事件簿 錯誤的刷牙方法 Scientists say we clean our teeth the wrong way. Researchers from University College, London found that most of the advice that dentists give us is very different. They add that we have been cleaning our teeth the wrong way. The researchers looked at
          • 新奇事件簿 美軍空襲伊拉克 The USA has started targeting forces of the Islamic State (IS) in northern Iraq. Several US air strikes have taken out heavy weaponry that the Islamic State captured from the Iraqi army. President Obama said the new attacks are to protect American re
          • 新奇事件簿 科技發展 睡眠時間縮短 People in Britain now spend more time watching TV, gaming, and using their mobile phones and computers than sleeping. Research by the British communications agency Ofcom found that Britons use technology for 20 minutes longer than they spend sleeping
          • 新奇事件簿 孩子去美術館純屬浪費時間 One of Britain's more thought-provoking artists has said taking children to art galleries is a total waste of time. Jake Chapman made his controversial comments in an interview with the Independent newspaper. He also made other comments that might an
          • 新奇事件簿 印第安女子搏殺美洲豹 An Indian woman has killed a leopard that attacked her near her village. Kamla Devi, 56, was on her way to fetch water from a canal in India's northern Uttarakhand state when the big cat jumped on her. She fought the animal for 30 minutes and finally
          • 新奇事件簿 Hello Kitty不是貓,是小女孩 The creators of one of the world's most widely-recognised cartoon characters have set the record straight. Japanese toymaker Sanrio have declared that its iconic creation Hello Kitty is not a cat. The bombshell came to light following publicity for a
          • 新奇事件簿 英國藍色眼睛最普遍 Scientists have made a map of the eye colour of people in Britain. They found out that the most common colour is blue. The scientists say that thousands of years ago, all British people's eyes were brown. The researchers found that 48 per cent of Bri
          • 新奇事件簿 頂拳比握手更衛生 A new(ish) and alternative form of greeting and showing respect has been found to be more hygienic than shaking hands. We have all seen it on TV. Basketball and baseball players do it after a teammate scores. Rock stars and actors do it onstage at aw
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