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          • 想說就說(二)01添加文本 01 stating Opinions表達看法 giving opinions. 提供意見 What do you think about violence in movies?你對電影的暴力情節有什么看法? movie theater 電影院 Personally, I'm not for it. I feel it's bad for kids to watch.我個人并不
          • 想說就說(二)02 會話急救包: What do you think about her?你對她有什么看法? How do you feel about it?你的感覺如何? Personally,I'm not for it.我個人并不特別喜歡。 To be honest,I don't like it.老實說,我不喜歡。 I'm not in favo
          • 想說就說(二)03 section 2. offering views and comments. The boss announces the pay raise today,right?How much do you think we'll get?老板今天不是要宣布加薪嗎,你覺得我們會加多少? No idea. Your guess is as good as mine.完全沒概念,我猜的
          • 想說就說(二)04 會話急救包: I'm expecting the pay rise this month.我認為這個月會加薪。 Your guess is as good as mine.我猜的又不會比你準。 You tell me.你告訴我。 I've no idea.我不知道。 Beats me.我被打敗了。 You'd better be....最好是這樣。 You'd better be early.你
          • 想說就說(二)05 agree (表示同意) 1.So, are we all behind this new project? 這么說大家都支持這個新案子了? I'm in favor of Maggie. 我同意麥琪。 Ditto, it doesn't look too expensive either.我也是,看起來這個案子也不會花太多錢。
          • 想說就說(二)06 會話急救包 Are we all behind this?大家都支持嗎? We all for it.我們都支持。 I'm in favor.同意。 Count me in.我同意。 Ditto.我也是。 It looks good.看起來很好。 You look sad.你看起來很悲傷。 Give it a try!就放手
          • 想說就說(二)07 section 4 agree to...2 I feel like going for a drink, it's been a long day. great idea! Peter, I could use the drink. How about the new bar across road? Sounds good. The food there is fantastic too. I agree, I had lunch there last week. excellent! T
          • 想說就說(二)08 會話急救包: I don't feel like eating.我不想吃東西。 It's been a long day.我今天忙了一整天。 I could use a drink.我想去喝一杯. Great idea.好主意。 Why not?有何不可? That's fine with me.我可以。 Excellent.好極了
          • 想說就說(二)09 section 5 disagree 1 表示不同意 I'm afraid we can't increase salary this year ,money is just too title. 我們今年恐怕不能加薪了 預算很緊。 I'm not sure I can't agree ,dan 我恐怕不能同意,dan Why not? 為什么? Surely,th
          • 想說就說(二)10 會話急救包: I'm afraid we can't.恐怕我們不能。 I get rised last month.我上個月加薪。 I'm not sure i can't agree.我恐怕不能同意。 I'm not sure about that.我不確定那樣是不是好。 There must be some other ways.一定有其他的方法吧。 Surely you remenber h
          • 想說就說(二)11 Disagree2 表示不同意2 Hi Joe. You met my new assistant, right?嗨,Joe.你見過我的新助理了吧? Emm...yes. But I wasn't too impressed.嗯沒錯。但是我覺得她不怎么樣。 I found her a little stuck up.我覺得她太自以為是
          • 想說就說(二)12 會話急救包 Are you sure? 你確定嗎? Really? 真的嗎? Are you serious? 你是認真的嗎? Is that right? 真的嗎? Do you really think so? 你真的這么覺得嗎? He is quite yong, isnt he? 他還很年輕,不是嗎? Its a
          • 想說就說(二)13 Section 7,Asking for clarification? 請對方進一步說明。 Excuse me, How do I get to the Grand hotel? 對不起,請問到圓山大飯店怎么走? I am sorry , I didnt catch what you said. Could you repeat it please? 對不起,我沒聽懂你
          • 想說就說(二)14 會話急救包: I'm not sure about that.我想不大可行吧。 I wouldn't say that.我不贊成。 I 'm not sure that the case.我不確定是否是那樣。 Why not?為什么不? It may not be that simple.問題可能沒那么簡單。 I don't often use them.我很少使用。 I Wouldn't re
          • 想說就說(二)15 section 8:stating intentions or plans.闡述,談論計劃 What are you doing over the weekend ,?你周末要做什么? I'm planing to go balling tonight.Tomorrow I was hoping to see a movie.What about you ?今天晚上,我打算去打保齡球。明天我希望可以去看電影,你
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