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          • 許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 1增加文本 Lesson 1Phonetics語音元音:[i:] [e] 輔音: [p] [b] [p] [b] [p] [b] [pi:] [bi:] [pe] [be] [t] [d] [t] [d] [t] [d] [ti:] [di:] [di:] [ti:] [i:t] [pet] [bi:d] [bed] [m] [m] [m] [m] [mi:] [mi:t] [met] [em] [bi:m] [ti:m] [n] [n] [n] [n] [n] [ni:d]
          • 許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 2 WORDSa pen pens map mapspeasant peasants spade spadesa pen pensa map mapsa peasant peasantsa spade spadesei pei peidmei meitdei deitnei neim
          • 許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 3 Lesson Three Words this 這個 pencil 鉛筆 is 是 desk 書桌 that 那個 table 桌子 Is this?這是不是。。。。。。? pick 鎬 Is that?那是不是。。。。。。? Text This is a pen. Is this a pen? That is a pencil. Is that a
          • 許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 4 Lesson 4 wordlist yes it green red no isn't these are they aren't those knife knives 1 Is this a pen? Yes, it is. It is a green pen. Is that a pencil? Yes, it is. It is a red pencil. 2 Is this a desk? No, it isn't. It is a table. Is that a pick? No,
          • 許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 5 Lesson 5 wrod list what book notebook I am student you teacher he she doctor nurse we one What is this? It is a book. What is that? It is a notebook. What are these? They are books. What are those? They are notebooks. Two I am a student. You are a te
          • 許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 6 Lesson 6 Wordlist Good morning. good morning Good afternoon. afternoon Good evening. evening Good night. night Good bye. open your close read stand the they text write down sentence let's our and English lesson monitor up comrade sit please now have
          • 許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 7 Lesson 7 word list any brother two sister haven't has Jean and three but no Jackson the Jacksons children child some daughter my home in Shanghai father teacher teach mother also work nursery physics think stick clearly eighteen eleven seven school f
          • 許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 8 Lesson 8 word list classroom there there is/are blackboard door for chair some picture wall slogan near window clock many room six class grade five big fifteen among them party member eight monitor league secretary help each other Test 1 This is our
          • 許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 9 Lesson 9 Word list how how many who name old how old is he? twenty where to be from classmate nineteen Peking workers family studies everybody says Text 1 How many classes are there in grade one? There are five. How many students are there in class t
          • 許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 10 Lesson 10 Word list time o'clock water past half twenty to seven when do get up at six breakfast lunch supper go go to bed to dialogue class every day week well most of Tuesday Text 1 What time is it? It is six o'clock. What time is it? It is a quart
          • 許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 11 Lesson 11 word list Sunday Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday do homework copy spelling exercise review grammar hole spring gain with flower sun summer hot long automn rich fruit grain winter brings snow new year again text 1 The days of the w
          • 許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 12 Lesson Twelve season month January6 February March April May June July August September October November December make four near north pole the North Pole night for more than can't sun even noon at noon never set tropics rainy rainy season dry dry se
          • 許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 13 Word list college early dress wash out fresh air then most attend lecture practice after library take nap take a nap newspaper hour for run round track play ball game play ball games often walk go for a walk garden sometimes listen to broadcast prepa
          • 許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 14 Lesson 14 Word list letter friend dear fly already seventh busy life hear interesting so thing learn like much also Chinese history communist after all kind activity farm usually meeting report film dance best warm sunny plan outing next still harves
          • 許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 15 Lesson 15 Word list: Neighbourhood service centre look man mend shoe counter right woman women show towel soap see door sew by make shirt other pair trousers a pair of trousers help housework ntighbour way play to play a part (in) important people li
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