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          • 《新烏龍女?!肪v 01歡迎來到地獄 This is creepy, Daddy. Where is everybody? 爸爸 ,這里陰森森的。人都哪去了? I'm sure they're all hard at work, darling. 寶貝,大家都在努力學習呢。 Come on. 進去吧 This is so unbelievably low rent. 這里可真寒酸 G
          • 《新烏龍女?!肪v 02廢物學校 Hello, Camilla. Mr Darcy, stop that at once. 你好,卡米拉。埃希先生,安靜一會好嗎? Go to your happy place. 乖乖聽話 Carnaby Fritton. Oh, I haven't heard a word from you in over 15 years. 卡耐比弗里敦。我們已經有15年
          • 《新烏龍女?!肪v 03我被賣了 Here is a breakdown of the school fees. Whisky? 這是學校收費的詳細條目。來點威士忌嗎? There seems to be some kind of mistake. 看起來好像有點問題 The Bursar never makes mistakes about money,unless it's for tax purposes. 會計
          • 《新烏龍女?!肪v 04離家千里 Your old man's Roller looks like it's seen better days. 你老爸的破車看上去不錯。 No. 那不是破車。 It's aclassic. 那是經典款。 Daddy's an expert on the finer things. 爸爸是精品方面的專家。 He has an art gallery in Ma
          • 《新烏龍女?!肪v 05眾生眾相 What are you bogging at ... Ugly Betty? 你在看什么,丑女貝蒂? Know where my bed is? 你知道我的床在哪里嗎? You saying I nicked your bed? 你說我偷了你的床? Is that what you 're saying? 這是你剛才說的吧? I 'll g
          • 《新烏龍女?!肪v 06想逃離這個鬼地方 And oh, my God, I can not believe it. 噢 我的上帝 我簡直不敢相信 I 've never been this far away from home. 我從來沒有在離家千里的地方待過 And oh, my God, I can not believe it. 噢 我的上帝 我簡直不敢相信 I 've ne
          • 《新烏龍女?!肪v 07加入曲棍球隊 Annabelle Fritton! 安娜貝爾弗里敦。 Uh... er... 啊啊... I can't believe what you just did. 我簡直不敢相信你能這么干。 I'm sorry, miss. 對不起,小姐。 I don't know what came over me. 我不知道自己怎么了。 I've be
          • 《新烏龍女?!肪v 08弗萊士來了 h, my gosh, my days are getting longer 我的天 我的一天真難熬 And there's no turning back, I'm working the nine to five 我要從早工作到晚 Just to keep my contract 就為了履行工作合同 Did I say nine? I meant 1:30 我說了是九點
          • 《新烏龍女?!肪v 09弗萊士喜歡凱莉? You wanted a word, Flash? 你有話要說嗎 弗萊士 Ooh, yeah. 哦 是的 All right, girls. 姑娘們 快去繼續做你們的事 Yeah, well, carry on. 加油干 Yes. 我確實有話說 Um ... I was wondering if you could have a word with the Math
          • 《新烏龍女?!肪v 10給新老師的下馬威 And there's no turning back, I 'm working the nine to five Just to keep my contract ... Nice work on the paint job. 我要從早到晚的工作 就是要履行我的合同 做得很好 Night, Flash. 晚安 弗萊士 Auf Wiedersehen, girls. 再見 姑娘
          • 《新烏龍女?!肪v 11這樣歡迎新老師 Beverly. 貝弗利 Sorry, Miss Fritton. 對不起 弗里敦小姐 She does not look like she's got a pot in which to piss. 她看著一點不像急著上廁所的樣子 That's better. 那樣就好 Ah, Miss Fritton, my references and qualifications. 弗
          • 《新烏龍女?!肪v 12滴酒不沾的老師 You must try my latest concoction. It's a real beauty. 你一定要嘗嘗我新調的飲料 棒極了 I call it The Gerald. 我管它叫吉爾德 The Gerald. 吉爾德 After my first husband. 在我第一任丈夫之后 Cheap, bitter and completely a
          • 《新烏龍女?!肪v 13要整頓烏龍女校 Badly behaved children don't need an arm around the shoulder. 表現糟糕的孩子不需要被擁抱 They need a good kick up the arse. 他們需要被好好的教訓 May we say shot in the arm, sir? For the tabloids? 先生 我們對小報說一點點
          • 《新烏龍女?!肪v 14教育部長來訪 Right. On my command, unleash hell. 好 聽我命令 瘋狂進攻 Daddy! 爸爸 Hello, darling. 嗨 寶貝 Daddy, look! 爸爸 快看 They're bloody animals. 他們是禽獸 Animals! I'm going to kill them! 禽獸 我要殺了他們 Try to remember w
          • 《新烏龍女?!肪v 15老相識 Geoffrey. 杰弗里 Miss Fritton. 弗里敦小姐 So you have met? 那 你們見過面 University. 在大學 We were the toast of the dramatic society. 我們是戲劇協會的名人 Oh, Geoffrey. 杰弗里 Another time... 另一個時間 Another Cou
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