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          • 應急英語口語-電話不通 DORIS: You're late. LEO: I know I'm late. I'm sorry. I tried to call you to tell you, but your phone seems to be disconnected. DORIS: My phone? LEO: Yes. An automatic message says your phone is not in service. DORIS: Really? I had no idea. Let me ch
          • 應急英語口語-龍卷風 ELIZA: There is a tornado warning on. My mother just told me she heard it on the radio. LEE: What is a tornado warning? ELIZA: It means that a tornado has been seen somewhere in the area. LEE: Really? In New Berlin? ELIZA: No. Not necessarily in tow
          • 應急英語口語-找保姆 SALLY: Listen, Karen, I need your help. I don't know anyone here yet. KAREN: I'm glad to help you. What's wrong? SALLY: My mother-in-law just went into the hospital in L.A. Hank and I will be flying there tonight. KAREN: I'm sorry to hear it. What's
          • 應急英語口語-得了流行感冒 KELLY: Hello. Is this Ann? ANN: Yes, it is. Kelly? KELLY: Yes, it's me. ANN: Do you have a cold? KELLY: No. Worse than that. I have a flu. I'm in bed with a fever. ANN: Oh, no! What about your presentation today? KELLY: I'd like to do it, of course.
          • 應急英語口語-停電 STEVE: Ah! No! Damn it! DEREK: It's a blackout. Now I can't see Seinfeld. STEVE: So what? I just lost one hour's worth of work. DEREK: Really? How could you do that? Don't you save every couple minutes? STEVE: No, I didn't save this time. Damn it! A
          • 應急英語口語-被困 TOM: What are we going to do? I can't get the car out of this ditch. I'm stuck! SUE: I'm worried, Tom. I haven't seen any other cars for almost an hour. TOM: I know. This is terrible. What can we do? This snow doesn't stop falling! SUE: I told you w
          • 應急英語口語-我被騙了 ALLEN: Oh, my God! I've been cheated! SARAH: What? What did you buy? ALLEN: It's a brick! I can't believe how stupid I was. Damn it! SARAH: What is it? Why did you buy a brick? ALLEN: There was a guy on the sidewalk. He had three new boxes, Panasoni
          • 應急英語口語-有人闖進我們家 SUE: Oh, my God! What's this? ALLEN: What? SUE: Look! This window is open. ALLEN: Did you open it before we left? SUE: Are you kidding? It's winter. Why would I open it? ALLEN: I don't know. Wait. Is this yours? SUE: No! Oh, my God! Someone has brok
          • 應急英語口語-急救 ADAM: Ah! It hurts. Don't touch it. SCOTT: What part hurts? ADAM: The shoulder. SCOTT: Well, maybe you broke it. But what I'm worried about is this cut. ADAM: It's not a cut. It's a gash! It's bigger than a cut! Ah! I need a doctor. SCOTT: C'mon. Ju
          • 應急英語口語-在藥房 IVY: Excuse me. I need to refill this prescription. KAREN: It says on the bottle here that you can have two refills. IVY: Yes, I need to refill it today. KAREN: Alright. I'm sorry, Miss. According to our file, this prescription has already been refi
          • 應急英語口語-有人跟蹤我 CAROL: Doris, I'm glad you're home. I'm terrified. I don't know what to do! DORIS: What is it? What happened? CAROL: I think someone is stalking me. DORIS: No, it can't be. Really? Who? CAROL: I don't know. I saw him the first time Tuesday. He was a
          • 應急英語口語-失火 STEVE: Did you smell something out here? SUE: Yes, I was in the kitchen. I thought I could smell smoke. STEVE: Me too. Where is it coming from? SUE: I can't see anything. Wait! What's that over there? STEVE: It's smoke. Whose house is that? SUE: Tha
          • 應急英語口語-車禍 TOM: Why don't you watch where you're going? CARL: Me? You're the one who pulled out in front of me! TOM: There was plenty of room for me to pull out. You didn't have to stay in the lane you were in. CARL: Hey, listen. I had every right to stay in t
          • 應急英語口語-迷路 TRISH: Well, I'm glad you're finally back. I was wondering what happened. SARAH: I feel kind of stupid. TRISH: Why? SARAH: We got lost coming back. I guess I don't really know this town yet. TRISH: You got lost. You're kidding! SARAH: No. We took a
          • 應急英語口語-丟失皮夾 CARL: Hello. Excuse me. SALLY: Yes. Can I help you? CARL: Do you remember me? I just had lunch here a half hour ago. SALLY: Of course I remember you. CARL: I think I lost my wallet here. SALLY: Oh, no. Really? I didn't see anything. CARL: Really? Yo
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