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          • 神秘的月球 第1期 1972 was the year a great love affair ended. 一段美麗的愛情在1972年走到終點 The human race fell out of love with the moon. 人類對月亮的愛意蕩然無存 It was a classic case of familiarity breeds contempt. 這是因了解而分開的
          • 神秘的月球 第2期 The stones seem to be arranged so they track the movements 立石的排列 of the moon through the sky from month to month. 似乎逐月追蹤著月亮在夜空中的位置 Nowadays we're not really fully aware of 其實我們現在并不知道 what
          • 神秘的月球 第3期 The full moon triggers a frenzy of activity. 滿月會引發一連串狂亂的事件 It is the time of the highest tides. 海水在此時達到滿潮 And in the oceans the full moon's bright light 在海中,滿月明亮的朧光 is a mating call fo
          • 神秘的月球 第4期 At the time, 當時 the Church insisted that all heavenly bodies were perfect, 教會堅稱所有天體都是完美無瑕的圓形 unblemished spheres, and that the earth 地球是宇宙間 was the only body in the universe that was flawed. 唯一有缺
          • 神秘的月球 第5期 When the images were transmitted back to earth they had their answer. 影像回傳至地球時,謎底終于揭曉 The far side was actually just the same as the near side. 月球的背面其實和正面沒什么不同 But the lack of surprises didn
          • 神秘的月球 第6期 This transmission is coming to you approximately half way 我們現在差不多位于 between the moon and the earth. 月球至地球的中途點 Back on earth, people watched and waited and listened. 地球上的人們滿心期待地收看任務實況
          • 神秘的月球 第7期 But on that night, 但那天晚上 people all over the earth looked up at the night sky 世界各地的人仰望夜空時 and knew that there were two men up there, 都知道月亮上正有兩個人 looking back at them. 回望著他們 I remember th
          • 神秘的月球 第8期 It was a barren and bleak place. 月球是個荒涼、嚴酷的地方 A dead rock in the sky. 是一顆空中的死寂巖石 We'd built it up in our imagination 千百年來我們用想像力 for tens of thousands of years; 美化月球 and the disap
          • 神秘的月球 第9期 The moon was an ancient, fossilised world. 月球是個古老的化石世界 Its rocks hadn't changed for billions of years. 它的巖石數十億年來沒有改變 Scientists were thrilled. 科學家喜出望外 Basically the surface of the moon kin
          • 神秘的月球 第10期
          • 神秘的月球 第11期 As the moon pulls away it will put an end 隨著月球日漸遠離 to one of nature's most glorious spectacles; 自然界中最壯麗的奇景也將畫下句點 a total solar eclipse. 那就是日全食 The moon is 400 times smaller than the sun. 月球
          • 神秘的月球 第12期 And the answer that occurred to me first, 我首先想到的是 was it looked like another moon peeking out behind lo. 它看起來像是從木衛一后方露出來的另一個衛星 But when she looked closer she realised it 但仔仔觀察后她才發
          • 神秘的月球 第13期 he people who, who work on the origin of life 今天研究地球生命來源的專家認為 on earth today seem to have come to the conclusion 海底的高熱火山口 that the most likely place for life to have begun 是最可能開始出現生命的地
          • 神秘的月球 第14期 So in 1994 a small unmanned orbiter Clementine 于是柯蕾曼堤號無人太空船 was sent back to the moon, 在1994年再度前往月球 the first spacecraft to make the journey in more than 20 years. 這是20多年來首度展開這趟旅程的太空
          • 神秘的月球 第15期 And it'll be a permanent presence 這將會是長程計劃 where each mission adds more capability and eventually 每次登月任務都會增強我們在月球上的作業效能 we'll just have people living there. 最后會有人住在月球上 This
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