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          • 英文演講錄 拉什米卡:保持微笑的魔力(1) Hello. How are you? All good? Congratulations to all the winners. Super, super proud. 大家好,一切都還好嗎?恭喜所有的獲勝者,真的超級為他們感到自豪。 I'm nobody to tell this. But thank you so much for all your hard wo
          • 英文演講錄 拉什米卡:保持微笑的魔力(2) I mean cry on screen, I'm sorry. So yeah, I think that is the one thing I can't do. 對不起,我是說在屏幕上哭。 所以,我認為這是我唯一不能做的事。 But I don't know, I don't know, I don't know what to say nowadays I see wo
          • 英文演講錄 比爾·克林頓:點燃世界(1) You are graduating in the most interdependent age in human history. 你們都將畢業于人類史上最相互依賴的時代。 Interdependent with each other, within your community, your state, your nation and the world. 你所在的社區、州、國
          • 英文演講錄 比爾·克林頓:點燃世界(2) There are so many people who feel that they're losing out in the modern world, because people either don't see they more, they see them only as members of groups that they feel threatened by. 有太多的人覺得他們在現代世界中迷失了自己
          • 英文演講錄 比爾·克林頓:點燃世界(3) Do you really see everybody who works in a restaurant where you'll go after here to have a celebratory meal? 你在一個餐館吃完慶功宴要離開時,你真的會看這里工作的每一個人嗎? Do we see people that we pass on the street,
          • 英文演講錄 比爾·克林頓:點燃世界(4) I will say this again. On every continent, think of the struggles in Latin America; think of the political struggles and social and economic struggles in America; think of what's going on in Asia; think of what's going on in Africa; 我再說一遍。想
          • 英文演講錄 艾德·希蘭:缺點不可怕 This is the second award I've ever got in America, so that's pretty nice. 這是我在美國獲得的第二個獎項,真是太棒了。 I didn't actually know I was getting an award tonight, because I didn't expect one. 我其實并不知道我今晚
          • 英文演講錄 帕魯爾·班賽爾:剃完光頭的我(1) I used to love taking showers until October 20, 2017. 在2017年10月20日之前,我一直很享受洗澡。 I remember that day. 我永遠記得那一天。 Because on that day, as I was washing my hair and pulled my hand away from my head, there
          • 英文演講錄 帕魯爾·班賽爾:剃完光頭的我(2) I was forced to examine all of me with a bald head. 我不得不光著頭審視自己。 Do I look feminine? Am I Indian?. 我看起來有女人味嗎?我是印度人嗎? Am I even attractive? Do I fit in? 我到底有沒有吸引力?我能適應
          • 英文演講錄 妮可·基德曼:我的演藝生涯(1) Over 70 performances you've had, of characters that you've played to me when I look at some of this stuff, and obviously, this year you have two films, Boy Erased and Destroyer, which you guys are lucky enough to be going to see after we finish chatt
          • 英文演講錄 妮可·基德曼:我的演藝生涯(2) But I'm also just, I'm still very curious. 但我也只是好奇。 I'm still, I still have this passion for the work and for being on the set, and that time between action and cut, it is still extraordinary to me. 我仍然對工作和在片場拍攝有
          • 英文演講錄 妮可·基德曼:我的演藝生涯(3) I mean, that's what you do as an actor. 這是作為演員應該做的。 I don't like focusing on the hair and the makeup and all of those things, because I still believe in the mystery of the performance. 我不喜歡把注意力放在發型、化妝
          • 英文演講錄 安妮·海瑟薇:力挺同性戀者(1) Thank you for this tremendous honor. 感謝你們給予我如此巨大的榮譽。 You guys, you keep rewarding me for things I don't think need rewarding. 多少讓我覺得有點擔當不起。 I am just living the values my parents gave me. 我只是
          • 英文演講錄 安妮·海瑟薇:力挺同性戀者(2) This myth is wrong, but this myth is too real for too many. 這是錯誤的,但這個神話對太多人來說太真實了。 It is ancient, so it is trusted. 它很古老,所以是值得信賴的。 It is a habit, so it's assumed to be the way th
          • 英文演講錄 薩拉·阿里·汗:真誠做自己(1) I am very, very overwhelmed to be. 我對此感到非常非常不知所措。 I didn't expect this at all. And it's really nice. 我完全沒想到。真的很棒。 So, thank you so much for having me. 所以,非常感謝你們邀請我。 You kno
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