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          • 英語詞匯實用小百科 肥皂劇soap opera 介紹: XH:曉華 JA:John Artman XH: During this weeks Round Table, we got to discuss a really popular South Korean TV drama, 來自星星的你. During the discussion, we got to talk about what exactly a soap opera is. Cuz obviously John, you do
          • 英語詞匯實用小百科 對口型lip synch Xiaohua: Welcome to RoundTables Word of the Week.歡迎來到圓桌議事RoundTable的詞匯小百科欄目。This week were going to talk about the word lip sync. John: Yeah, so lip sync. Actually, lip sync can be spelled a few different ways. Obvio
          • 英語詞匯實用小百科 兩會two sessions Xiaohua: Hello and welcome to Round Tables Word of the Week. 歡迎來到RoundTable的詞匯小百科欄目。And today, were gonna talk about the Two Sessions 兩會, since its on going. John: This is, as most of you already know, the NPC and CPPCC
          • 英語詞匯實用小百科 飛機應答機transponder Xiaohua: 歡迎來到這一期的詞匯小百科。Now, in this edition well be talking about the word transponder, 應答機. This word kept popping up when the media reports the incident of the missing Flight MH370. John: Right. So, what happened w
          • 英語詞匯實用小百科 第一夫人First Lady 3月20日,美國總統奧巴馬夫人米歇爾奧巴馬抵達北京,開始對中國進行為期7天的訪問。我們都知道,總統夫人在英語里是First Lady。這個詞是什么時候產生的呢?你知道第一位在世的被稱作Fi
          • 英語詞匯實用小百科 白領white collar Xiaohua: 又到了RoundTable詞匯小百科時間了。這周我們來談談白領--white collar. Because previously, we had a topic talking about the new standard for white collar. Apparently, its so complicated. It includes salary, where you live,
          • 英語詞匯實用小百科 自閉癥autism Xiaohua: Welcome to Round Tables Word of the Week. This week we are talking about autism as this past Wednesday, April the 2nd, was International Autism Awareness Day. John: Thats right. So generally speaking, autism is a developmental disorder that
          • 英語詞匯實用小百科 中國式過馬路Jaywalking John: Welcome to this weeks edition of Round Tables Word of the Week. Im John Artman ZHY: 大家好,我是赫揚,又到了一周一次的英語詞匯小百科板塊了。這個禮拜我們要聊一聊jaywalking, jaywalking中文應該叫中國式過
          • 英語詞匯實用小百科 第9期:無線網路Wifi John Artman: Hello and welcome to this weeks Round Tables Word of the Week. Im John Artman. Zhou Heyang: 我是赫揚。歡迎來到這周的英語詞匯小百科板塊。這周我們來聊一聊Wifi這個詞。 John: The term Wi-Fi actually was comm
          • 英語詞匯實用小百科 全科醫生general practitioner HY: Hello, and welcome to this week's edition of Round Table, word of the week. I'm Heyang. XH: And this is Xiao Hua. 這周我們討論的詞匯呢跟醫療有關,because we previously talked about the underdeveloped situation of China's community
          • 英語詞匯實用小百科 別墅villa Xiaohua: 歡迎來到本周的詞匯小百科,RoundTables Word of the Week. This week, we are talking about villa. The reason is that in our show we were talking about some of the Chinese rich people who want to buy these fake castles. John: Right.
          • 英語詞匯實用小百科 畢業論文thesis XH:Welcome to Round Tables word after week. This week were talking about 畢業論文, but exactly how do you say 畢業論文? John:Well, actually its a very good question, and you know I was under the impression that thesis could apply to high sc
          • 英語詞匯實用小百科 性取向LGBT XH: Hello and welcome to Round Tables Word of the Week. This week, were talking about the word LGBT and John, obviously, theres an expansion form of it which I cannot say. John: Its not necessarily a word. I think in English, we would usually call it
          • 英語詞匯實用小百科 見義勇為Good Samaritan Xiaohua: 歡迎來到本期的RoundTable詞匯小百科欄目,and Mark is joining us this week, as we talk about Good Samaritans. Mark: Yeah. Its a phrase that we hear a lot, I think, Good Samaritan. If we go back to the origins, like many of these
          • 英語詞匯實用小百科 世界杯World Cup Xiaohua: Hello and welcome to the roundtables word of the week. 那世界杯已經開賽了,今天就由我跟John兩位非球迷來大家介紹一下一些專業的足賽用語。 John: But actually, we are good at research. We are good at explain
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