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          • 《永遠的北極熊》精講 01 Amen 阿門 Amen 阿門 Amen. 阿門 My father was diagnosed manic depressive in 1967. 我爸爸于1967年被診斷出 患有躁狂抑郁癥 He'd been going around Cambridge in a fake beard 他曾經帶著假胡子 在劍橋亂竄 calling himself Jes
          • 《永遠的北極熊》精講 02 Mommy's gonna be so happy I kept you out of school. 我們沒讓你們去上學 媽媽一定會很開心的 Get in the car, girls. 上車 孩子們 Maggie! Where are you going? What are you doing? 瑪姬 你去哪 你在干嘛 What's with the suitcas
          • 《永遠的北極熊》精講 03 Dear Daddy, I took a walk through the woods today and said goodbye. 親愛的爸爸 今天我去了森林里散步 并道別 Mommy had to sell the car, but we got to go to Dairy Queen. 媽媽不得不把車給賣了 但我們 可以去冰雪皇后了
          • 《永遠的北極熊》精講 04 I want to be home with my family. 我想和家人回家 You Will, Daddy. 你會的 爸爸 I love you. 我愛你們 We love you. I love you too, Daddy. 我們也愛你 我也愛你 爸爸 Love you too. Thank you. 我也愛你 謝謝 The lights on the
          • 《永遠的北極熊》精講 05 My plan is... to get out of this halfway house. 我的計劃是...離開這個小旅館 That's... that's number one. I like it. 這是 這是第一條 我喜歡 Then I'll get a job and an apartment. 然后找份工作 找間公寓 And then you girls
          • 《永遠的北極熊》精講 06 How's the job? 工作的怎么樣 Oh, the job. 噢 那份工作 I can't believe I'm doing this. 真不敢相信 我在做這種工作 Oh. Oh! Forgot the laundry. We'll get it! 噢 噢 你們忘了洗衣服 我們懂了 Faithie! And creamy spinach. I
          • 《永遠的北極熊》精講 07 Seconds, anyone? 有人想來第二份嗎 Thank you, Cam, for this delicious dinner. 卡姆 謝謝你做了這么美味的晚餐 It could be like this every night. 每晚都可以這樣啊 Yes, that would be nice, but I need a husband, not a wife. 對
          • 《永遠的北極熊》精講 08 Sleeping bags, pyjamas, stuffed animals, books, changes of clothes what am I forgetting? 睡袋 睡衣 毛絨玩具 書 換洗的衣服 我還忘了什么沒 Toothbrushes. I bought toothbrushes. 牙刷 我買了牙刷 They can keep 'em at my apartmen
          • 《永遠的北極熊》精講 09 I can get my MBA in 18 months, and then I come back to Boston, I get a job and I move back in. 如果我不能在18個月內拿到MBA 那我就回波士頓來 找份工作 搬回來 But... but... but... I mean, yes. Yes. I know it is a lot. No, no, n
          • 《永遠的北極熊》精講 10 I'm afraid we need to intervene on our son's behalf and say no. 恐怕我們需要 代表我們的兒子說不 He's not up to the task. I know he can do it. 他擔負不起這個任何 我知道他能做到 The doctor says I need more responsibilitie
          • 《永遠的北極熊》精講 11 So we have something to remember your mother by when she's gone. 說點什么 當她不在的時候 能讓你們想起她的話 Faithie, listen to your mother. Everyone smile. Hey! 費瑟 聽你媽媽的 大家都笑 嘿 You're saying goodbye to your
          • 《永遠的北極熊》精講 12 We can go catch a movie. 我們可以去看一部電影 We could drive out to Plum Island and look for sea glass. 還可以開車去普拉姆島找海玻璃 We could go to the Museum of Fine Arts 我們還可以去美術館 And look at GreatGrandpapa
          • 《永遠的北極熊》精講 13 My greatgrandmother grew up in this house, and... 我祖上曾在這里生活過 然后... I wanted to show it to my girls. 我希望帶我的女兒們看看 I'm sorry, Mr Stuart. This is my home. I don't give tours. 抱歉 斯圖亞特先生 這是我
          • 《永遠的北極熊》精講 14 I love you. We love you too. 我愛你 我們也愛你 'Bye, girls. 'Bye. 拜 姑娘們 拜 Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! 爸爸 爸爸 爸爸 Daddy, wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Daddy! Wake up! 爸爸 醒醒 醒醒 醒醒 爸爸 醒醒 We slept too long and we
          • 《永遠的北極熊》精講 15 When I get that engine fixed, 等我修好那發動機 we're driving that thing to Mexico. 我們就要開著那東西去墨西哥 Who's that? RuthAnn. 那是誰 安阿姨 Please don't introduce yourself. 請別自我介紹 Why not? 'Cause you talk t
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