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              英語大贏家前半部分針對曾經學過英語,但長期不用,需要掌握日常生活及簡單溝通的英語,或有英語學習熱情的社會人群,以及欲參加各類英語口語等級考試(PETS, GESE)初級的社會考生或青少年。


          • 英語大贏家 上冊 001.Topic 1看電視 Watching TV Watching TV(看電視) 節目介紹 Goals 在這一個場景中,我們將學到: 1. 前元音 /i:/ 、/i/ 和 /e/ 、// 2組發音 2. 表達感情的單詞 3. 表達問候的句型 4. 美式和英式時間的表達方法 對話原文 看電視是好
          • 英語大贏家 上冊 002.Topic 2奧運夢 Olympic Dreams 對話原文 May:Hi,Daniel. 阿美:嗨,丹尼爾。 Daniel: Hi,May. Is dinner ready? 丹尼爾:嗨,阿美。晚飯準備好了嗎? May:Whats up? 阿美:怎么了? Daniel: Im hungry, and I can eat a horse. 丹尼爾:我餓了,我
          • 英語大贏家 上冊 003.Topic 3客人來訪 Visitors 利薩是丹尼爾家的遠房親戚,彼此有三年時間都沒見過面了。她現在是北京大學一年級的學生,利用課外時間去拜訪丹尼爾一家。 對話原文 Benjamin: Lisa, Im so glad to see you. How are you doing? 本杰明
          • 英語大贏家 上冊 004.Topic 4激勵 Encouragement 利薩離開之后,阿美和媽媽聊起了利薩,利薩取得了英語口語競賽的一等獎,而阿美卻想哭,為什么呢? 對話原文 May:Lisa wins the first prize in the English speech contest of her college. 阿美:利薩在她大
          • 英語大贏家 上冊 005.Topic 1社區布告欄 Bulletin 節目介紹 經典語境背誦 May: When blackout happened in our community my little brother Daniel couldnt watch his favorite cartoon Ultraman, and my Dad couldnt watch American Idol either. So they would say blackout is a diseaster. But for me it
          • 英語大贏家 上冊 006.Topic 2天氣 Weather 在這個節目中我們將學到: 經典語境背誦 Daniel: My sister May and I play with Barbie out in our neighborhood every day in summer. The weather outside would be cool. Mom and Dad would sometimes go out with us too. But actually, I like
          • 英語大贏家 上冊 007.Topic 3寵物 Pets 節目介紹 經典語境背誦 Daniel: Pig Tom is Toms nickname. He is my good friend, actually, but I like messing with him from time to time. He is dull sometimes, but he makes a good friend. There is a cat in his home, he thinks cat is very gentl
          • 英語大贏家 上冊 008.Topic 4體育活動 Sports Activities 經典語境背誦 Tom: My name is Tom, Im Daniels classmate and good friend. He likes playing football very much, but I like playing badminton. I usually play it with my parents. My parents think that I am good at badminton. Im proud of it so Im w
          • 英語大贏家 上冊 009.Topic 1逛菜市場 Food Market 節目介紹 經典語境背誦 Daniel: My Mom and I sometimes goes to the Food Markettogether. Ive learnt something about vegetables in school but when it comes to the real thing, its not so easy for me to tell their exact names. Mom would help me w
          • 英語大贏家 上冊 010.Topic 2買賣 Buying and Selling 媽媽準備買幾樣蔬菜和肉回家做晚飯,選好以后和店員討價還價。媽媽的砍價技術如何,我們來看看吧。 Mom: Excuse me, how much is the spin age? Vendor: 3 Yuan per kilogram. Mom: That's too expensive. What about th
          • 英語大贏家 上冊 011.Topic 3識別顏色 Colors 節目介紹 經典語境背誦 Daniel: Sometimes my Mom askes me some questions about the color of things. I think its a stupid. I am not a child any more. I am a grown-up. To tell you the truth, my favorite color is blue. Thats the color of sky. I
          • 英語大贏家 上冊 012.Topic 4營養 Nutrition 節目介紹 經典語境背誦 May:Mom cooks carrots for us very often. I like them very much and they contain much Vitamin C which is really good for my health. So I enjoy eating them from time to time.But Daniel just doesnt like them at all. Ins
          • 英語大贏家 上冊 013.Topic 1洗菜 Washing Vegetables 節目介紹 經典語境背誦 Mom:On Womens Day, Id have a break from my housework. My husband Ben would cook for the family.But I would wash and chop the vegetables before hand by myself. You know its not really wise for you to trust the guys wi
          • 英語大贏家 上冊 014.Topic 2烹飪 Cooking 節目介紹 經典語境背誦 Daniel: My Dad is not good at cooking. Everytime he tries to cook something hed need me to be around for help. Most of the time,I can be really helpful since Ive seen Mom cook for many times. So my father trusts me ver
          • 英語大贏家 上冊 :015 廚具 Cookers Listen Read Learn Daniel: Dad, when will you finish your cooking? Dad: Several minutes. Daniel: So what should I do now? Dad: Then, pass me a bowl for the soup. Daniel: Where's the bowl gone? Dad: Look for it yourself, please! Kinda busy here, Daniel
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