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          英語(yǔ)?英語(yǔ) 日語(yǔ)?日語(yǔ) 韓語(yǔ)?韓語(yǔ) 法語(yǔ)?法語(yǔ) 德語(yǔ)?德語(yǔ) 西班牙語(yǔ)?西班牙語(yǔ) 意大利語(yǔ)?意大利語(yǔ) 阿拉伯語(yǔ)?阿拉伯語(yǔ) 葡萄牙語(yǔ)?葡萄牙語(yǔ) 越南語(yǔ)?越南語(yǔ) 俄語(yǔ)?俄語(yǔ) 芬蘭語(yǔ)?芬蘭語(yǔ) 泰語(yǔ)?泰語(yǔ) 泰語(yǔ)?丹麥語(yǔ) 泰語(yǔ)?對外漢語(yǔ)
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          英語(yǔ)會(huì )話(huà)速成

             《英語(yǔ)會(huì )話(huà)速成》是有心學(xué)好英語(yǔ)的最佳教材,其基本特色是純正的美語(yǔ),用詞很簡(jiǎn)單,能讓你用早已學(xué)會(huì )的英語(yǔ)基本單詞,在最短時(shí)間內,開(kāi)口表達你的意思
             《英語(yǔ)會(huì )話(huà)速成》歸納了實(shí)際生活的各種場(chǎng)合中最常用的1000句以上的美語(yǔ),將每一句的使用時(shí)機、使用方法、注意要點(diǎn),以最精致、最容易學(xué)習的方式表現出來(lái),讓你的每個(gè)30秒都能真正學(xué)到有用的美語(yǔ),并且能夠舉一反三,隨心所欲地造句。


          求助英語(yǔ)會(huì )話(huà)

          即學(xué)即用英語(yǔ)會(huì )話(huà)

          • 英語(yǔ)會(huì )話(huà)速成 Unit 01 dialogue 1: W:Hey!John!How are you? M:Not so good! W:Why is that? M:Well, my mom is sick.I don't have enough money to buy her any medicine. W:I could let you borrow some money if you like. M:That would be great!Thanks a lot! dialogue 2: M:Hey!Mary!
          • 英語(yǔ)會(huì )話(huà)速成 Unit 02 Hello, my name is John. Hi, I'm Marry. Are you new in town? Yeah, I'am just being here. Where are you from? I grew up in Beijing, but I was in New York for a couple of years. Well, It's good to meet you. Welcome to Los Angeles. (Now, listen and repe
          • 英語(yǔ)會(huì )話(huà)速成 Unit 03 Dialog 1 Pardon me? Do you have the time? It's 8:05. Do you know when the bus for Dulles leaves? It leaves at 8:20. I'm taking that bus also. Good, I thought I was late. I'm meeting my wife at 9 o'clock. I think you'll be just fine. (Now listen and
          • 英語(yǔ)會(huì )話(huà)速成 Unit 04 Dialog 1 Well, Tom, I hope you have a good time in America, I'll miss you. I'll miss you too. You mean a lot to me. All right if you will. You bet. Here's two thousands dollars for the trip, you some of them for stamps. Thanks a lot, bye. (Now liste
          • 英語(yǔ)會(huì )話(huà)速成 Unit 05 Unit 5 Dialog 1 W: Thanks a lot for having us. We had a good time. M: I'm glad you came. You're welcome any time. W: Congratulations again on your promotion. You deserve it. M: Thanks. I'll see you Moday at the office. W: Ok. By the way, tell your w
          • 英語(yǔ)會(huì )話(huà)速成 Unit 06 Hi, Mum Hi, John, how was school? It was fun, Mrs Lee showed us how to do science experiments. Wow, what did you do? We did an experiment with water, we boiled it and it evaporated. It was neat. Well, that sounds like fun. I am glad you liked it. (n
          • 英語(yǔ)會(huì )話(huà)速成 Unit 07 Dialog 1 Hey, Marry, What's up? Not much, How was your trip? Pretty goog, But I got caught in a traffic jam in Atlanta. I'm really glad to see you. Yeah, it's been a long time. Too long, have a sit and I'll get you a drink. (Now listen and repeat) D
          • 英語(yǔ)會(huì )話(huà)速成 Unit 08 Chapter 2 Unit 8 Dialog 1 Marry, I'm Dr. Lin, I'm leading the class in english this semester. Hello, sir, It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm originally from China, but I have travelled all of the world. I haven't travelled much, so I know I have a lot
          • 英語(yǔ)會(huì )話(huà)速成 Unit 09 Yes, please 8 and 9. 8 is A, 9 is D. Thank you. (Now, listen and repeat) Sentences I'm sorry I'm not with you I didn't get that. I didn't catch that. I lost you. Pardon me? I don't understand. Hold on, I missed that. I beg your pardon. Beg your pard
          • 英語(yǔ)會(huì )話(huà)速成 Unit 10 Dialog 1 Hi, David, this is Marry. Hello. John and I would like you to come over this Saturday for a party. Ok, I'd love to come. Great, it's this Saturday at 8, see you there. Sounds good, I'll be there at 8. (Now listen and repeat) Dialog 2 Marry,
          • 英語(yǔ)會(huì )話(huà)速成 Unit 11 Dialog 1 Mary, would you like to come over tomorrow? Er, tomorrow? I have a doctor's appointment in the afternoon. When is that? At 3, but I have to leave by 2:30 to get there on time. I guess I'll have to pass. Well, maybe you could come next week
          • 英語(yǔ)會(huì )話(huà)速成 Unit 12 Dialog 1 John, Thanks a lot for the camera. It would definitely come in handy. Sure thing, you really need a camera when you're on vacation. I wonder what type of film will be the best. I would get cold at gold one hundred film since you going to Ha
          • 英語(yǔ)會(huì )話(huà)速成 Unit 13 Dialog 1 Mary, your hair looks great, did you go to a salon? No, I fixed it myself. You did? that looks incredible. Thanks, I want to look good for my brother's wedding. Well, it worked. You look really good. Thanks a lot. Dialog 2 This cake is grea
          • 英語(yǔ)會(huì )話(huà)速成 Unit 14 Dialog 1 Excuse me, Mr Lin. Yes, What can I do for you? I need some batteries for my clock. Are they out of power? No, the batteries are missing. Maybe they got lost while we were moving our supplies. Ok, check with time, he has the batteries. Thank
          • 英語(yǔ)會(huì )話(huà)速成 Unit 15 Chapter 3 Unit 15 Dialog 1 Thank you for calling to movies six, can I help you? What time does star track start? 6:00 and 7:40 How much are tickets? For the early show, they are 2 dollars and 50 cents, and for the late show, they are 3 dollars and 2
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