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          • 英語六級聽力對話練習題 01 Q: why didn't the geology class meet today? A)The class thought the demonstration was too complex. B)Too many students showed up. C)The professor didnt show up. D)The professor cancelled it. 聽力對話原文 W: Why didn't you have your geology clas
          • 英語六級聽力對話練習題 02 Q: Why does the woman come back late now? A)She goes home for lunch. B)She spends her time shopping. C)She gets interested in what she is reading. D)She doesnt wake up in time. 聽力對話原文 M: You have been getting back from lunch later every d
          • 英語六級聽力對話練習題 03 Q: Which of the following statements is true? A)He was talking in a newspaper advertisement. B)He was talking to a newspaper salesman. C)He was talking at a newspaper office. D)He was talking at a car dealers. 聽力對話原文 M: Hello, I want to p
          • 英語六級聽力對話練習題 04 Q. What did the man say about the lunches? A)It involved a few lunches. B)There were free lunches. C)There were three lunches. D)There are more than free lunches. 聽力對話原文 W: I can sorry I am having truble reading my notes. Did you say thre
          • 英語六級聽力對話練習題 05 Q: what do we learn about Mary? A)That Mary is going to Hawaii. B)That Mary has traveled all over the world. C)That Mary likes postcards. D)That Mary is going on vacation. 聽力對話原文 W: I guess Ill send Mary a postcard from haw when I go ther
          • 英語六級聽力對話練習題 06 Q: What is a demonstrator? A)A new car. B)A car shown to and driven by customers. C)A used car for sale. D)An old car shown to customers. 聽力對話原文 W: You can buy this one, which is a demonstrator or we can order one for you and have it here
          • 英語六級聽力對話練習題 07 Q: What are they talking about? A)A driving test. B)A traffic accident. C)A Police Movie. D)The best way to make signals. 聽力對話原文 M: If you had signaled your intention to turn a little sooner, this wouldnt have happened! W: But I signaled
          • 英語六級聽力對話練習題 08 Q: why is Harry being invited to the party? A)Because he is the mans friend. B)To make the woman wife. C)To please the mans wife. D)To please Hurry. 聽力對話原文 W: I really cant stand the way Harry dominates the conversation all the time. If h
          • 英語六級聽力對話練習題 09 Q: How do the Tailors feel about children? A)They have two children already. B)Mrs. Taylor wishes to have children, but her husband doesnt. C)They will start a family as soon as they get married. D)They dont want children for the time being. 聽力對話
          • 英語六級聽力對話練習題 10 Q: where does bob go to school now? A)Sebring High School. B)Clark High School. C)Melrose Community College. D)Enrold college. 聽力對話原文 M: I thought that you said that bob went to Searing High School W. No, he used to attend Clark High Scho
          • 英語六級聽力對話練習題 11 Q: What do we learn from the conversation? A)Many guests didnt give a performance at the party. B)Many guests didnt show their faces. They are masks. C)The party wasnt held, because many guests didnt come. D)The party was held last night, but many gu
          • 英語六級聽力對話練習題 12 Q: What did the man say about his camera? A)He enjoyed using his new camera. B)He left his camera in his friends car. C)He left his camera at the airport. D)He lost his camera on his trip. 聽力對話原文 W: you must have enjoyed using your new ca
          • 英語六級聽力對話練習題 13 Q: Why did the woman mention her dinner guests. A)To invite the man to join them. B)To suggest that he can make friends with them. C)To suggest politely that he leave. D)To encourage him to have another drink. 聽力對話原文 W: Well, Jack, I woul
          • 英語六級聽力對話練習題 14 Q: What did you learn about Mr. Graves? A)His project proved to be unsuccessful. B)He was unable to get sufficient money. C)Lack of land prevented his success. D)He was successful with his project. 聽力對話原文 M: how did Mr. Graves projects tu
          • 英語六級聽力對話練習題 15 Q: what does the woman mean? A)She prefers the stadium. B)She agrees with the man. C)The light isnt bright enough. D)The dining hall isnt large enough. 聽力對話原文 M: The light in this dining hall is a little too bright, dont you think? W: I s
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