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          英語?英語 日語?日語 韓語?韓語 法語?法語 德語?德語 西班牙語?西班牙語 意大利語?意大利語 阿拉伯語?阿拉伯語 葡萄牙語?葡萄牙語 越南語?越南語 俄語?俄語 芬蘭語?芬蘭語 泰語?泰語 泰語?丹麥語 泰語?對外漢語
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          • 60堂英語情景口語必修課 01添加文本 part one Daily lives Episode 1: School life Dialogue 1: Tom and Ed are hanging around their lockers almost late for class. (T:Tom E:Ed) T:Hi.Ed,what's up? E:Nothing. T:Doesn't look like it to me. E:Just get out of my face! T:Woo,easy. E:Leave me alon
          • 60堂英語情景口語必修課 02 Episode 2 Party Time Dialog 1 Henry and Jane are at David's house party. Henry: So Jane, how do you like this place? Jane : This place is so cool! Henry: I'm with you. They've done a good job. Jane : The decorations are so different. Henry: Sure are,
          • 60堂英語情景口語必修課 03 Episode 3 Show time Dialog 1 Sandy is at Jessica's apartment. They both want to go to the party, but are waiting for Paul. Sandy: Oh, hi, Jessica, are you going to see this movie too? Jessica: I'd love to, the movies are smash hit. Sandy: Then let's
          • 60堂英語情景口語必修課 04 Dialog 1 It's a raining Saturday, and there is nothing really going on. Marian and Jeanine hit the mall. Marian: Hoo, I'm getting tired, Jeanine, been a long day. Jeanine: I'm not quitting yet. You know my favourite slogan, don't you? Marian: Yeah, I
          • 60堂英語情景口語必修課 05 Episode 5 It's a new car Dialog 1 Bill and Mike are at the school parking lot. Mike is porting his new car around. Bill: Hi, Mike, what gives? [what gives? : 情況怎樣?] Mike: Hi, Bill, this is my new car. Bill: Hey, great set of wheels. Mike: You
          • 60堂英語情景口語必修課 06 Episode 6 Gym talk Dialog 1 Leslie and Joanne fitness enter the center to get a real work out. Leslie: Thanks for inviting me to work out with you, Joan. Joanne: Don't mention it, let's go in. Leslie: Yeah, this place looks great. Wow, look at her, s
          • 60堂英語情景口語必修課 07 Episode seven : Guest issues one Patrick and Alma are at Alma's apartment, talking over a draft of the engine bearer. Patrick: You look like a basket case [俚: 完全沒有希望的人.] Alma: I'm not surprised. Patrick: What's the problem? Alma: My
          • 60堂英語情景口語必修課 08 Episode 8 : Supermarket Dialogue One :Janice Goes to the New Grand Supermarket J=Janice S=Salesman M=Meara J:Excuse me, can you show me where ABC cereals are? S:Sorry,but we are fresh out of(be fresh out of: 賣完了) that brand. J:When? The meat
          • 60堂英語情景口語必修課 09 Episode 9 Restaurant Talk Dialogue One :Joe and Nally visit the new Multicolor Restaruant J=Joe N=Nally J:Hi, Nally, are you hungry? N:I'm starving. Let's go grab a bite(隨便吃點東西) J:Where to? N:How about Karlis? J:Are you kidding? That
          • 60堂英語情景口語必修課 10 Episode 10 To the Nightclub Dialogue 1 (Tom and Mike go out partying.) Tom: Mike, what are you doing tonight? Mike: Nothing special. I just want to get plastered. Tom: I don't feel like drinking tonight .I'm gonna hang out at YY's. Mike: YY's ? That
          • 60堂英語情景口語必修課 11 Episode 11 New neighbors Kelly and Teresa are on their porch talking and drinking lemonade. Kelly: Hey, Teresa, meet the new neighbors yet? Actually, i popped in them last night. Teresa: OK, let's cut to the chase. what are they like? Kelly: Well, th
          • 60堂英語情景口語必修課 12 Episode 12. In the hospital. Dialogue one. Woman: Edwards girlfriend is in a surgery room in Land Field Hospital. Doctor: Sorry sir. But you cant go into the OR. Man: All right, but tell me whats happening. Give it to me straight please. Doctor: It
          • 60堂英語情景口語必修課 13 60堂英語情景口語必修課 13
          • 60堂英語情景口語必修課 14 60堂英語情景口語必修課 14
          • 60堂英語情景口語必修課 15 60堂英語情景口語必修課 15
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