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          • 《至愛梵高·星空之謎》精講 打架的原因 He's always out for trouble, that one. 那小子就愛惹麻煩 So bad. 要打了夠他疼的 That's for my father. 這一拳是替我父親打的 Shows over. 好戲結束了 What's going on here then? 剛剛這是怎么回事兒 Sir. 長官 Was that
          • 《至愛梵高·星空之謎》精講 梵高的信 Causing trouble again I see. 看來你又惹事兒了 You dropped your letter outside. 你把信落在外面了 It's not my letter. 那不是我的信 It's Vincent's. 是文森特的 It's to Theo Van Gogh. 這信是給提奧梵高的 That's Vincent's
          • 《至愛梵高·星空之謎》精講 文森特帶來的改變 Vincent was all enthusiastic for his yellow house 當時文森特一心想把他的黃色小屋 to become this hostel for painters. 改造成畫家之家 And Gauguin would be the master. 讓高更來主管一切 Perfect. 太完美了 But when he fina
          • 《至愛梵高·星空之謎》精講 梵高的耳朵 Beverly. Hello Vincent. 蓋比 你好 文森特 I brought you a gift. 我有個東西要送給你 Have you been fighting? 你打架了嗎 Take good care of it. Sweet. 好好收著吧 你真好 Oh what... 哦 什么啊 Are you alright? 你沒事兒吧
          • 《至愛梵高·星空之謎》精講 這下他有麻煩了 The trial's next week. 下周就開庭審了 Did not think there were any left. 那就不剩什么人了 Evening gents, have you seen my son? 晚上好 兩位 你們看到我兒子了嗎 Ah Mr. Roulin, yes, you'll find him inside. 魯蘭先生 看到了
          • 《至愛梵高·星空之謎》精講 再堅強的人也會被生活擊垮 You're to convey deepest condolences from myself, your mother, and your brother. 代我 你母親 和你弟弟向他表示深切的悼念 Oh, and don't forget Little Marcel. 別忘了還有小瑪莎爾 She was his friend too. 她也是文森特的朋友
          • 《至愛梵高·星空之謎》精講 梵高割耳后的生活 After the ear, nobody would even give him a chance. 他割了耳朵后 大家再也沒有正眼看過他 Even kids were tormenting him. 連孩子們都去欺負他 Get out of here! Go on, get out of here! 快滾吧你 快 把帽子打飛 We are the k
          • 《至愛梵高·星空之謎》精講 送信的意義 But, what good will delivering that letter do now? 但是現在把這封信送過去還有什么意義 They were very close. 他們倆兄弟感情很好 Vincent would write his brother every day. 文森特給他弟弟寫信 幾乎每天一封 I know
          • 《至愛梵高·星空之謎》精講 送信找不到地址 Whoa, lunatic! 喔哦哦 你個瘋子 We could go to the Park. 我們可以去公園 Yeah, but it's probably still muddy. 可以 不過那邊的路可能會有爛泥 I heard you were Vincent's paint supplier. 我聽說文森特在您這兒買顏料 S
          • 《至愛梵高·星空之謎》精講 兄弟二人同心同命 Two hearts, 兄弟二人 one mind. 同心同命 that's what Vincent told me. 這是文森特這么告訴我的 Maybe that was the case after all 也許讓他給說中了 because after Vincent died, 因為文森特去世以后 Theo went into sharp dec
          • 《至愛梵高·星空之謎》精講 梵高的死因 So how did Vincent die? 那文森特是怎么死的 He shot himself 開槍自殺 in the fields above Auvers 在奧維爾附近的麥田里 by his easel doing what he loved painting to the end. 就在畫架邊上 開槍前就一直沉浸在自己最愛的
          • 《至愛梵高·星空之謎》精講 梵高的坎坷經歷 He struggled to be what they wanted him to be. 在事業上他努力遵循父母的心意 He joined his uncle's art dealership 他先是進入伯父經營的藝術經紀公司 and was thrown out in disgrace. 但隨后又被狼狽解雇 He tried for h
          • 《至愛梵高·星空之謎》精講 梵高來巴黎 So what happened then? 那后來怎么樣了 Paris happened. 他來巴黎了 He came here of course. 他當然來巴黎了 They all do. Everyone does. 只要是藝術家都會來這里 Monet, Toulouse, Seingnac, Bernard, Manet, everybody 莫奈 圖盧茲
          • 《至愛梵高·星空之謎》精講 再見梵高 I saw him once more after two years. 兩年后我又見到了他 He was calmer, more assured. 他更平和了 信念也更加堅定 Bye. Take good care. 再見 多保重 And, I thought this is a man whose story will end well. 我當時就想 這個人一
          • 《至愛梵高·星空之謎》精講 加歇醫生 I met him at the funeral. 我在葬禮上見到了他 There were just a few artists from Paris. 還有幾位從巴黎趕來的畫家 And him, 那個醫生 I could've thought he was Vincent's brother. 你會以為他是文森特的兄弟 He was the on
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