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          • 《再次出發之紐約遇見你》精講 01帶女兒參加會議 Where's Mom? 我媽媽呢 Where's my daughter? 我女兒呢 What do you mean? 你什么意思 Your mom has a deadline. 你媽媽趕著交稿 She asked me to watch you today. 她今天讓我帶你 Let's go. 走吧 So where do you want to go, 你想去哪
          • 《再次出發之紐約遇見你》精講 02跟不上時代的音樂人 Bands doing audio commentary on their own music 樂隊給自己的音樂做評論音軌 is so fucking lame, Saul, 真蠢 索爾 and you know it. 你自己也清楚 Ten years ago, man, you would've shit on that idea. 十年前你看都看不會這個想
          • 《再次出發之紐約遇見你》精講 03父女倆的談心 You want another one? 你還想再來一杯嗎 Um, I do, but I won't. 我想 但我不會 I mustn't. I can't. 我不應該 我不可以 How could he fire me when I set the whole fucking thing up? 他怎么能炒掉我這個創始人呢 Did you? 是嗎
          • 《再次出發之紐約遇見你》精講 04女兒的問題 Do me a favor, all right? Don't tell your mom I lost my job today. Listen to me... 幫我個忙,好嗎,別告訴你媽我今天失業了。聽我說... Thanks for a really normal day, Dad. 感謝你陪我度過這平常的一天,爸爸。 What?
          • 《再次出發之紐約遇見你》精講 05星探的真相 I'm in. 就是你了 What? 什么 I want to make records with you.I want to... I want to produce you.I want to sign you.We're meant to work together. 我想為你錄張唱片 我想當你的制作人 我要簽下你 命中注定我們要一起合作
          • 《再次出發之紐約遇見你》精講 06兩個喝酒的音樂人 Dan Mulligan. Born 1966.Headed A and R department at Island Records for two years. 丹穆里根 生于1966年 在島嶼唱片公司星探部待了兩年 Left to cofound indie label Distressed Records with Harvard classmate Saul Byron. 后與哈佛同學
          • 《再次出發之紐約遇見你》精講 07搬入新公寓 Hi! Dave? Yes. 你好 戴夫嗎 是的 Hi. I'm Jill. I work in hospitality at the label. 我是吉爾 唱片公司接待部的 Nice to meet you. Hello. Nice to meet you.I got it.You're welcome. 很高興見到你 你好 幸會幸會 不客氣 Right t
          • 《再次出發之紐約遇見你》精講 08幕后功臣 Hey! There he is. Big Dave.What's up, kid? How you doing, brother?Good to see you. Gretta?Nice to meet you. 終于來了 巨星戴夫 你好啊 戴夫 很高興見到你 格蕾塔 很高興見到你 Come on in, guys. 進來吧 大伙兒 Put Dave at t
          • 《再次出發之紐約遇見你》精講 09老友笑談 Oh my God! Hello! Look at you!Oh my God! 我的天啊 你好 看看你 我的天啊 He has the studio for three months, and then we go on tour,so I think we're staying for six? 他要錄三個月 然后我們去巡演 所以我們會待六個月 This
          • 《再次出發之紐約遇見你》精講 10格雷塔男友出軌 You're like a fucking mind reader. 你怎么什么都能看出來 Who is it for? 寫給誰的 Mim. 米姆 Mim from the label, Mim, Mim?Mim, who we met...one month ago? Mim, Mim? 唱片公司那個米姆嗎 米姆 米姆 就是上個月 遇見的那個米
          • 《再次出發之紐約遇見你》精講 11簽約 Hello? 喂 Hey. Were you serious last night about signing me? 喂 你昨晚說要簽我是真的嗎 Who is this? 你是哪位 Really? 不是吧 I'm joking. Yeah, I was serious. 我開玩笑呢 是 我是要簽你 I have all my suits here.Would you ge
          • 《再次出發之紐約遇見你》精講 12格雷塔未獲青睞 Thank you, Gretta. Thanks very much. Thanks for coming in. 謝謝 格蕾塔 謝謝你能過來 I'm just gonna take a moment to talk with Dan for a minute.Thank you. 我有點話和丹說一下 謝謝 I'm not into it, it's a little undercooked for me.
          • 《再次出發之紐約遇見你》精講 13城市就是錄音棚 So I've been thinking.Why do we even need to rent a fucking studio? 其實我在想 為什么一定要租錄音棚呢 Because... you need a desk,a live room and soundproofing. 因為我們需要桌子 混響室和隔音裝備 Laptop, Pro Tools,a coup
          • 《再次出發之紐約遇見你》精講 14新樂隊成員 I'll give you strings, but we definitely need piano.Fill in the guitars underneath.Got it. I love it. Done. Done. 吉他我可以彈 但也絕對要有鋼琴 再墊上吉他 懂了 就這么定了 定了 The world's first Jag mobile recording studio.
          • 《再次出發之紐約遇見你》精講 15救星來了 Ah, he's home. 他在家啊 Dano, what's up, man? 老丹 別來無恙 Troublegum, my brother. My troubles are over. 麻煩膠 好兄弟 我的救星來了 What say you give me some love? 快過來抱抱 This is it, gangsta paradise. 好地方 夢想家
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