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           《直捷英語》是為英語學習者專門設計的一套聽說強化教程,是《新概念英語》(New Concept English)的作者路易斯·亞歷山大(Louis Alexander)的又一經典作品。與《新概念英語》不同的是,《直捷英語》采用系列短劇的形式,將語言知識貫穿劇情之中。學習者通過模仿地道美語,達到強化英語聽說能力的目的。


          • 直捷英語(附mp3) Unit1:Talking about yourself 談論自己 [00:01.00]Unit 1 Lesson 1 Introductions I [00:27.41]1.Quercio? Yes.Q-U-E-R-C-I-O.Quercio. Oh yes,here it is. [00:44.40]2.Excuse me.Are you Tony Quercio? Yes I am. [00:49.58]Are you here for the American Library Association Conference? Yes. [00:53.47]
          • 直捷英語(附mp3) Unit2:How to say time 時間的表達 [00:20.00]Unit 2 Lesson 1 Baby talk. [00:10.90]Hi Sherise.Hello Sherise.Where's Sherise? [00:51.38]Has Sherise gone to the movies? No,she hasn't. [00:57.07]She's right here! Wuh-wuh-wuh... Excuse me? Oh! Good morning. [01:04.46]Good morning,Wendy. Fr
          • 直捷英語(mp3) Unit3:Likes and dislikes 喜歡和不喜歡 [00:20.00]Unit 3 Lesson 1 Out to lunch-decisions [00:30.10]1 Where can we eat? Someplace good. [00:33.38]Someplace cheap. but vegetarian. [00:36.58]You're vegetarian,are you? Yeah. [00:39.07]2. I like meat too much to be a vegetarian.And fresh fish.
          • 直捷英語(mp3) Unit4:Talking about yourself 談論自己 [00:07.00]Unit 4 Lesson 1 Checking in [00:10.30]1.Thank you so much for getting my bags back. We aim to plese. [00:16.58]Do you have my booking? Yamamoto? [00:19.37]How do you spell that,please? Y-A-M-A-M-O-T-O. [00:27.26]2.Here we are.That's a suite
          • 直捷英語(附mp3下載) Unit5:How to say time 時間的表達 [00:08.00]Unit 5 Lesson 1 City tour [00:11.40]1.Good evening.Welcome back. [00:15.07]Were you on a city tour today? Hm. [00:18.36]2.Did you go to the Public Gardens? And to Charles Street? [00:22.56]Did you go to City Hall? And to ... Oh,it was a big
          • 直捷英語(附mp3下載) Unit6:Likes and dislikes 喜歡和不 [00:08.00]Unit 6 Lesson 1 Market research [00:11.11]1.Dean,have you got a moment? [00:13.51]Sure. I'm on my way home. [00:15.70]I'm working on a scheme to attract younger customers. [00:19.68]To the restaurant? Yes. [00:21.67]2.Hm. Youth Market Trend
          • 直捷英語(mp3) Unit7:Nu La's interview [00:08.00]Unit 7 Lesson 1 Nu La's interview [00:10.51]Good morning... Nu La? Yes.Hello. [00:13.61]Please sit down. Thank you. [00:16.61]You're interested in a job here? As housekeeping Manager? Yes,thank you. [00:21.60]2.Where are you from,Nu La? [00
          • 直捷英語(mp3) Unit8:No problem [00:08.00]Unit 8 Lesson 1 No problem [00:10.80]1.Excuse me. Hi.Can I help you? [00:15.38]I have an appointment at the Blacksmith House Cafe in Cambridge. [00:18.67]How can I get there,please. [00:20.35]2.Do you know where in Cambridge? It's in Harvar
          • 直捷英語(mp3) Unit9:Dean's birthday present [00:08.00]Unit 9 Lesson 1 Dean's birthday present [00:10.20]1.I need to look for Dean's birthday present. [00:20.88]What does he like? [00:23.09]He likes computers,sports.The usual.Look at that hat. [00:33.89]It's beautiful. Do you want to try it on?
          • 直捷英語(mp3) Unit 10 ANNE:This won't take a minute ANNE:This won't take a minute. [00:10.70]JULIA:No problem.I need stamps anyway. [00:12.91]2 ANNE:Look.Here's the visa for my trip. [00:16.80]JULIA:Wow.Look at all the stamps. [00:18.98]ANNE:Yeah.I travelled so much in my previous job. [00:22.18]3 JUL
          • 直捷英語(mp3) Unit 11 ANNE:Debbie! Unit 11 1 ANNE:Debbie! DEBBIE:Right here. ANNE:Oh!Where is my laptop? There was a laptop computer on my desk this morning and it isn't here now. 2 ANNE:And the phone.I also had a mobile phone. Where is it?Things just walk out of this office and it ha
          • 直捷英語(mp3) Unit 12 KEVIN:Paulo!No walking tour today? KEVIN:Paulo!No walking tour today? [00:23.71]PAULO:Not for me. [00:25.39]KEVIN:Won't Didi miss you? [00:28.68]PAULO:Sh.Let them go. [00:31.49]2 KEVIN:What about all the sights? [00:39.98]PAULO:I've seen the sights.The gardens,the monuments,the famous
          • 直捷英語(附mp3和字幕) Unit 13 This is just what I nee MR.BIGELOW:This is just what I needed. [00:29.52]SIMON:It is a lovely park,isn't it [00:33.91]MR.BIGELOW:So tell me,Simon,how did you wind up here a restaurant manager in Boston? [00:39.38]SIMON:Ah!Well,that's a bit of a puzzle to me,as well. [00:42.
          • 直捷英語(附mp3和字幕) Unit 14 WILLIAM:Can I help you? WILLIAM:Can I help you? [00:14.30]GUEST I:Where can I get some medicine for an upset stomach? [00:17.11]WILLIAM:We have some over-the-counter remedies in the hotel shop. [00:21.22]And there's a pharmacy just down the street. [00:24.22]GUEST I:OK,Than
          • 直捷英語(附mp3和字幕) Unit 15 I used to rollerskte al HEATHER:I used to rollerskte all the time. [00:28.20]I loved it when I was little.Did you ? [00:30.98]KEVIN:No.I went straight from my pram to a surfboard. [00:35.57]I used to live in the ocean.No wheels required. [00:39.96]2 HEATHER:Well,you're the
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