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          • 中級英語聽力lesson 1 Part 1 'This Is Your Life' is one of the most popular programmes on British and American television. Every week a famous person is invited to a television studio, without knowing that he or she will b
          • listentothis 中級英語聽力lesson 2 Interviewer: Is film editing a complicated job? Film Editor: Oh yes, a lot of people probably don't know how complicated a job it can be. It's far more than just sticking pieces of film together. Inte
          • 中級英語聽力lesson 3 Clerk: Hello, sir. What can I do for you? Customer: Hi. Uh ... I have this ... uh ... cassette player (Mm-hmm.) here that I bought about six months ago. And it just ruined four of my favourite cassett
          • 中級英語聽力lesson 4 Announcer: And now over to Marsha Davenport for today's weather forecast. Marsha? Weather reporter: Thanks, Peter. Well, as you can see from the weather map, there's varied weather activity across the
          • 中級英語聽力lesson 5 Herbert Wilson and his wife went to the Isle of Wight for their summer holiday. But they were by no means pleased with their hotel. As soon as they returned home, Herbert decided to write to the Manag
          • 中級英語聽力lesson 6 Reporter: And now, Mrs. Skinner, can you tell us your story? What happened at your farm when the earthquake passed? Mrs. Skinner: Oh, it was terrible. I'll never forget it to my dying day. I hope I ne
          • listentothis lesson 7 Professor Ernest Watson was answering questions on a radio phone-in programme on the subject of learning a foreign language. Listener: Hello, Professor, can you hear me? Prof W: Yes, we can hear you f
          • listentothis2 lesson 8 Interviewer: We continue with the World of Investigation. Laura, an identical twin, has agreed to contribute to our investigations. I must apologize for the fact that Laura's twin cannot be here tonig
          • listentothis2 lesson 9 Catherine has just left school and she wants to find a job. She and her mother have come to speak to the Careers Advisory Officer. Listen to their conversation. Officer: Oh, come in, take a seat. I'm
          • 中級英語聽力lesson 10 Here's the news at 11:30. Thousands of people have marched through the centre of Corby in Northamptonshire to protest against plans to close the steel works, the town's major employer. The marchers de
          • 中級英語聽力lesson 11 Doctor: Well Mr. Thomson. The first and important thing I have to tell you is that ... mm ... there is really nothing seriously wrong with you ... physically that is. My ... er ... my very thorough re
          • 中級英語聽力lesson 12 Gentleman Jim has worked out a plan to rob a bank. He's telling his gang, Fingers Jones and Ginger Robertson about the plan. Listen to their conversation. Fingers: Let's see. You're going to walk up t
          • 中級英語聽力lesson 13 Lesley: Ah ... it's such a lovely day. It reminds me of last week, doesn't it you? Fiona: Oh don't! I mean that was just so fantastic, that holiday! Lesley: I love that city, you know. Fiona: I do too
          • 中級英語聽力lesson 14 Here is a summary of the news. No general election yet says the Prime Minister. Five people die in an earthquake in central Italy. And £ 1/4 million is stolen from a security van. In a speech in the
          • 中級英語聽力lesson 15 A: Did you hear on the news today about that ... uh ... murderer who was executed? B: I can't believe it. A: Yeah. That's the first time in ten years that they've used capital punishment. B: I just ca
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