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          • 《再見,克里斯托弗·羅賓》精講01 舞會 Do excuse me. 失陪 Poor Blue. Are you feeling odd? 可憐的布魯. 你感覺不自在嗎? Come on. I'll let you dance with me. 來, 跟我一起跳舞 Come on.You're the man. 來啊, 你是男人 Take the lead. 你來領舞 Damn it. I'm sorry. 糟糕
          • 《再見,克里斯托弗·羅賓》精講02 舞會講話 Right. 對 Where to start? 從那里開始呢? A few years ago in Sarajevo, one Archduke was shot. 幾年前一位大公在塞拉耶佛被槍殺 And the next thing we know, ten million non-archdukes are shot. 緊接著,一千萬士兵被槍殺 And fo
          • 《再見,克里斯托弗·羅賓》精講03 達芙妮生子 You know, if you don't think about a thing, then it ceases to exist. 有些東西不去想就不存在 It's true. I read about it. It's all in Plato. It's called philosophy. 真的,我讀過,柏拉圖的哲學 Oh, philosophy. 哦,哲學 Well, I hope
          • 《再見,克里斯托弗·羅賓》精講04 米恩的最新作品 Daphne. 達芙妮 Get him out. 他出去 Daph...I will not have him see me blubbing. 達芙... 我不要他看到我哭 Probably best, sir. 也許這樣最好,先生 Latest Milne production debuted at 20 past 6 this morning... 米恩的最新作品于今
          • 《再見,克里斯托弗·羅賓》精講05 男孩 Hello? 有人嗎? Hello? 有人嗎? Not completely sure which way up he should go. 我不肯定該怎樣放下他 Still alive. 還活著 You know, Daph, boys can be fun too, you know. 達芙,男孩也不差 I'm a boy. 我就是男孩 I just keep thin
          • 《再見,克里斯托弗·羅賓》精講06 照顧孩子的任務 His name is Christopher Robin, 他的大名是克里斯托弗羅賓 but we generally call him Billy. 但我們一般叫他比利 Oh. You thought he was a girl. 你會以為他是個女孩 So did we until he was born. 他出生前我們也以為他是女
          • 《再見,克里斯托弗·羅賓》精講07 米恩離場 Well, for all you cricket enthusiasts here in the audience... 在座的板球迷們 ...I'm sorry to report that rain has stopped play at the Oval. 抱歉地告訴你們橢園球場比賽因雨暫停 Here in the West End, 而在西區這里 of course,
          • 《再見,克里斯托弗·羅賓》精講08 米恩厭倦了取悅于人 Why doesn't anyone talk about it? 怎么沒人討論? Why does everyone act as though nothing happened? 怎么大家都裝作什么都沒發生過? Well, it is over. 戰爭已經結束了 And what am I doing about it? Nothing! 那我做了什么?什么
          • 《再見,克里斯托弗·羅賓》精講09 搬家 Not in the mud! Don't let them fall into the mud! 別掉在泥里!不要讓它們掉在泥里! Upstairs. Now where's the desk? 上樓,桌子在哪里? Up here. Up here. 在這上邊,在這上邊 Over there. Actually... 放這里,其實 I know you lik
          • 《再見,克里斯托弗·羅賓》精講10 迎接兒子 Oh, they're here. 哦,他們來了 Oh, where is it? It's here somewhere. 哦,在哪里?就在這附近的 Alan, where is it? Where's what? 艾倫,它在哪里? 什么在哪里? Mummy's here! Of course Mummy's here. 媽咪在這里! 媽咪當然在這里
          • 《再見,克里斯托弗·羅賓》精講11 整理行李 Do you have room for one very small piglet? 你有地方給一只小豬住嗎? Yes! 有! I have some very quiet friends. They'll be no trouble. 有些很安靜的朋友,他們不麻煩 Do you have any objection to tigers? 你會對老虎說不嗎? No
          • 《再見,克里斯托弗·羅賓》精講12 布魯開始與兒子玩耍 Madam. Thank you, Mrs. Penn. 夫人 謝謝你,賓太太 Shh. Daddy's working. 噓,爸爸在工作 Can't get you. 碰不到 Over here! 這邊! That was awfully good. 好極了 Bit higher! Come on, higher! 再高點!來,再高點! Hello the
          • 《再見,克里斯托弗·羅賓》精講13 布魯與兒子到樹林 All right,come on! Come on! 好了,快!快! Wait for me! 等等我! What are you doing here? 你在這里做什么? Sorry. I just... 抱歉,我只是... Nou will be wondering where you are. 諾會擔心你的行蹤 Shall I go back? 我該回
          • 《再見,克里斯托弗·羅賓》精講14 比利緩解布魯的焦慮 What? What can you hear? Is it a tiger? 什么?你能聽到什么?是老虎嗎? No. 不 Not here. 這里沒有 Just stay calm. 保持鎮定就好 Just stand still. 站著別動就好 Couldn't we just... 我們能否... Just stand still, I said.
          • 《再見,克里斯托弗·羅賓》精講15 比利與媽媽吵架 Well, I've chosen the material. All you have to do is run a few up. 我已經選好了材料,你只需要縫幾針 More smocks. Yes. 罩袍 對 Isn't he going to look such a chicken? Where is he? 他穿著很可愛,他去哪里了? He seems to have g
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