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          • 自考英語綜合二上冊課文 lesson 1 [00:00.00]Lesson One Text [00:04.10]Twelve Things I Wish They Taught at School [00:08.46]Carl Sagan [00:11.83]I attended junior and senior high school, [00:16.27]public institutions in New York and New Jersey,just after the Second World War. [00:23.6
          • 自考英語綜合二上冊單詞 lesson 1 [00:00.00]Word List [00:02.69]attend [00:04.31]vt.上學 [00:05.93]junior high school [00:07.92](美)初級中學 [00:09.90]senior high school [00:11.48](美)高級中學 [00:13.06]facility [00:14.48]n. (常用復數)設備,設施 [00:1
          • 自考英語綜合二上冊課文 lesson 2 [00:00.00]Lesson Two Text [00:04.41]Icons Heroes and Cultural Icons [00:11.36]Gary Goshgarian [00:14.84]If you were asked to list ten American heroes and heroines, [00:22.00]you would probably name some or all of the following: [00:27.32]George Washi
          • 自考英語綜合二上冊單詞 lesson 2 [00:00.00]Word List [00:02.69]cultural [00:04.27]adj.文化(上)的,人文的 [00:05.85]icon [00:07.17]n.偶像,崇拜對象 [00:08.49]heroine [00:10.17]n.女英雄,被崇拜的女人 [00:11.86]celebrated [00:13.28]adj.著名的遠近馳名的
          • 自考英語綜合二上冊課文 lesson 3 [00:00.00]Lesson Three Text [00:05.30]Go-Go Americans Alison R. Lanier [00:12.15]Americans believe no one stands still. [00:17.48]If you are not moving ahead, you are falling behind. [00:23.43]This attitude results in a nation of people committed to
          • 自考英語綜合二上冊單詞 lesson 3 [00:00.00]Word List [00:02.80]explore [00:04.27]vt.探索,探險 [00:05.75]element [00:07.47]n.要素,因素 [00:09.20]tangible [00:10.62]adj.有實體的,可觸摸到的 [00:12.04]budget [00:13.78]v.安排,計劃(時間等) [00:15.52]account [
          • 自考英語綜合二上冊課文 lesson 4 [00:00.00]Lesson Four Text [00:04.60]Take Over, Bos'n!Oscar Schisgall [00:11.26]Hour after hour I kept the gun pointed at the other nine men. [00:17.82]From the lifeboat's stern, where I'd sat most of the twenty days of our drifting, [00:24.16]I coul
          • 自考英語綜合二上冊單詞 lesson 4 [00:00.00]Word List [00:03.68]boatswain [00:05.15]n.水手長 [00:06.61]stern [00:07.99]n.船尾 [00:09.38]drifting [00:10.70]n.漂流 [00:12.02]at close quarters [00:13.70]非常接近 [00:15.39]glare [00:16.76]v.用憤怒的目光看,怒視 [00:18.
          • 自考英語綜合二上冊課文 lesson 5 [00:00.00]Lesson Five Text [00:04.88]Are You Giving Your Kids Too Much? [00:09.53]Benjamin Spock [00:13.19]While traveling for various speaking engagements, [00:18.83]I frequently stay overnight in the home of a family [00:23.67]and am assigned to on
          • 自考英語綜合二上冊單詞 lesson 5 [00:00.00]Word List [00:02.80]engagement [00:04.41]n.約請,受聘 [00:06.03]overnight [00:07.42]adv.整夜,通宵 [00:08.80]plaything [00:10.12] n.玩具 [00:11.44]kit [00:12.67] n.(一套)工具、用具等 [00:13.90]closet [00:15.33]n.(美
          • 自考英語綜合二上冊課文 lesson 6 [00:00.00]Lesson Six Text [00:05.59]Culture Shock [00:08.52]Cause and Symptoms [00:12.75]Kalvero Oberg [00:17.11]Culture shock might be called an occupational disease of people [00:25.44]who have been suddenly transplanted abroad. [00:30.28]Like most
          • 自考英語綜合二上冊單詞 lesson 6 [00:00.00]Word List [00:02.90]shock [00:04.22] n.沖突,休克 [00:05.54]symptom [00:06.86]n. 癥狀 [00:08.18]occupational [00:09.70]adj.與職業有關的,職業 [00:11.23]anxiety [00:12.90] n. 憂慮,焦慮 [00:14.58]symbol [00:15.86]n. 象征,標志
          • 自考英語綜合二上冊課文 lesson 7 [00:00.00]Lesson Seven Text [00:04.70]The Model Millionaire (I) Oscar Wilde [00:08.46]Unless one is wealthy there is no use in being a charming fellow. [00:15.83]Romance is the privilege of the rich, [00:20.66]not the profession of the unemployed. [0
          • 自考英語綜合二上冊單詞 lesson 7 [00:00.00]Word List [00:02.90]millionaire [00:04.32]n.百萬富翁 [00:05.75]wealthy [00:07.47]adj.富有的 [00:09.20]romance [00:10.87] n. 浪漫故事 [00:12.54]profession [00:14.32]n. 職業 [00:16.09]unemployed [00:17.67]adj.失業的 [00:19.25]
          • 自考英語綜合二上冊課文 lesson 8 [00:00.00]Lesson Eight [00:03.29]Text [00:05.85]The Model Millionaire(II) [00:10.29]Oscar Wilde [00:13.45]That night Hoghie went to a club about eleven o'clock, [00:20.30]and found' Trevor sitting by himself in the smoking room drinking. [00:27.95]We
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