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          自考英語綜合二下冊 課文+單詞






          • 自考英語綜合二下冊課文 lesson 1 [00:00.00]Lesson One Text [00:05.09]Courtesy: Key to a Happier World Dr.Norman Vincent Peak [00:14.24]Many years ago trying to help people with every kind of trouble [00:21.08]left me with one sure conviction: [00:25.65]in case after case the difficu
          • 自考英語綜合二下冊單詞 lesson 1 [00:00.00]Word List [00:02.90]conviction [00:04.34]堅定的信念,堅信 [00:05.77]arise [00:07.39]產生,出現 [00:09.01]politeness [00:10.45]禮貌,客氣 [00:11.89]tearful [00:13.17] 滿含淚水的,哭泣的 [00:14.45]confide [00:15.92]吐露(秘
          • 自考英語綜合二下冊課文 lesson 2 [00:00.00]Lesson Two Text [00:04.70]The Man Who Could Work Miracles [00:09.06]H. G. Wells Until he was thirty years old, [00:17.24]Fotheringay did not believe in miracles. [00:22.39]It was while he was asserting the impossibility of miracles [00:27.9
          • 自考英語綜合二下冊單詞 lesson 2 [00:00.00]Word List [00:02.69]assert [00:04.01]v.主張 [00:05.33]impossibility [00:06.86]n.不可能(性) [00:08.39]extraordinary [00:09.97]adj. 非凡的,驚人的 [00:11.55]oppose [00:12.88]v.反對 [00:14.21]monotonous [00:15.63]adj.單調的 [00
          • 自考英語綜合二下冊課文 lesson 3 [00:00.00]Lesson Three [00:03.89]Text [00:06.53]The Man Who Could Work Miracles (II)H. G. Wells [00:15.31]On Sunday evening Mr.Fotheringay went to church, [00:21.66]and Mr.Maydig preached about things that are not lawful . [00:29.70]Mr. Fotheringay s
          • 自考英語綜合二下冊單詞 lesson 3 [00:00.00]Word List [00:02.90]preach [00:04.48]布告;告誡 [00:06.06]consult [00:07.59]v.請教;找...商量 [00:09.12]tobacco jar [00:10.79]煙草缸 [00:12.46]violet [00:13.84]n.紫羅蘭花 [00:15.23]presently [00:16.55]adv. 一會兒 [00:17.87]
          • 自考英語綜合二下冊課文 lesson 4 [00:00.00]Lesson Four [00:03.08] Text [00:05.67]Zero Hour: Forty-Three Seconds over Hiroshima Peter Goldman [00:14.00]On a brilliant summer's morning in 1945, [00:19.44]Kaz Tanaka looked up into the sky over Hiroshima [00:25.08]and saw the beginning
          • 自考英語綜合二下冊單詞 lesson 4 [00:00.00]Word List [00:02.98]waken [00:04.26] v.醒來 [00:05.54]bothersome [00:07.00] adj.討厭的,麻煩的 [00:08.46]plant [00:09.80] n.工廠 [00:11.13]water [00:12.45] v.給...澆水 [00:13.77]wave [00:15.14] v.揮手 [00:16.51]gossip [00:17.9
          • 自考英語綜合二下冊課文 lesson 5 [00:00.00]Lesson Five [00:03.50]Text First Principles [00:08.67]Frances Gray Patton [00:13.53]No family had ever had a nicer Christmas, [00:18.99]Emily Wade thought happily [00:23.12]as she drove the children to school for the first time after the ho
          • 自考英語綜合二下冊單詞 lesson 5 [00:00.00]Word List [00:02.90]largely [00:04.43]adv. 主要地,很大程度上 [00:05.96]doings [00:07.48]n.所做之事 [00:09.01]dark-haired [00:10.70] adj.黑頭發的 [00:12.38]gratitude [00:14.41] n.感激 [00:16.43]vapor [00:18.51]n.蒸氣 [00:
          • 自考英語綜合二下冊課文 lesson 6 [00:00.00]Lesson Six [00:03.50]Text The Beauty of Britain J .B .Priestley [00:12.15]The beauty of our countryor at least all of its south of North Scotland [00:21.08] is as hard to define as it is easy to enjoy. [00:28.73]Remembering other and larger
          • 自考英語綜合二下冊單詞 lesson 6 [00:00.00]Word list [00:02.69]immensely [00:04.52]adv. 極大地,無限地 [00:06.35]varied [00:07.77]adj.各種各樣的,多變化的 [00:09.20]boundless [00:10.57]adj. 無邊無際的,廣闊的 [00:11.94]plain [00:13.17] n. 平原 [00:14.39]grandeu
          • 自考英語綜合二下冊課文 lesson 7 [00:00.00]Lesson Seven Text [00:04.88]Some Meanings of Authentic Love Gerald Correy Marianne Schneider Correy [00:13.71]So far, we've discussed mostly what we think love is not. [00:20.27]Now we'd like to share some of the positive meanings love has
          • 自考英語綜合二下冊單詞 lesson 7 [00:00.00]Word List [00:02.80]authentic [00:04.23]adj.真正的 [00:05.67]inconsistency [00:07.43]n.(原則,行為方面等)前后不一致,首尾不一 [00:09.20]flaw [00:10.62]n.缺點 [00:12.04]core [00:13.32]n.本質,精髓 [00:14.60]mask [00:16.
          • 自考英語綜合二下冊課文 lesson 8 [00:00.00]Lesson Eight [00:02.80]Text [00:05.43]How I Designed an A Bomb [00:09.59]in My Junior Year at Princeton John A . Phillips and David Michaelis [00:19.15]The first semester of my junior year at Princeton University is a disaster, [00:27.30]an
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