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          • VOA常速英語2022年 伊朗首次處決一名抗議者

            This is VOA News. 這里是美國之音新聞。 I'm Marissa Melton. 我是瑪麗莎梅爾頓。 Iran has announced the first execution of a protester convicted for his role in the ongoing wave of anti-government protests. 伊朗宣布首次處決一名...

          • VOA常速英語2022年 秘魯國會投票通過彈劾總統動議

            This is VOA News. 這里是美國之音新聞。 I'm Joe Ramsey. 我是喬拉姆齊。 Peru's Congress voted to oust President Pedro Castillo in an impeachment trial on Wednesday, hours after he said he would dissolve the legislature by decree and th...

          • VOA常速英語2022年 烏克蘭正在積極使用西方提供的防空系統

            This is VOA News. 這里是美國之音新聞。 Reporting via remote, I'm Jeff Caster. 杰夫卡斯特為您帶來遠程報道。 Ukraine's Air Force declined to comment on the exact extent of damage from alleged drone attacks Monday on two strategi...

          • VOA常速英語2022年 俄羅斯發動新一輪空襲

            This is VOA News. 這里是美國之音新聞。 I'm Joe Ramsey. 我是喬拉姆齊。 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says four people were killed in the aftermath of fresh Russian strikes, the latest attack to cause massive power disruption...

          • VOA常速英語2022年 美國國務卿對J街組織發表講話

            This is the VOA News. 這里是美國之音新聞。 I'm Marissa Melton. 我是瑪麗莎梅爾頓。 In remarks Sunday to the pro-Israel J Street organization, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the U.S. will continue to push for a two-state solu...

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